East Empire Company
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In addition to the main Bloodmoon quest, you can also join the East Empire Company faction on Solstheim, and found a colony, Raven Rock. In fact, you can only join the Company on Solstheim (in Bloodmoon). There are two quest-givers in this affair, and as you progress, you'll need to side with one or the other. Things start off the same no matter where your sentiments fall later.

Favored abilities: personality and willpower
Favored skills: armorer, block, blunt weapons, heavy armor, long blade, medium armor
Friends: Imperial Cult and Legion, Hlaalu, Blades; Mages' and Fighters Guilds, Redoran
Foes: Sixth House; Vampire Clans; Ashlanders, Telvanni

The East Empire Company is the merchants and trades people of the Empire. They travel, explore, and colonize, turning profits and running businesses. You can join the Company by talking to Carnius Magius upstairs in the Fort Frostmoth Imperial Cult Shrine. After joining, talk to him about "assignments" to get your first quest.

Bring the First Colonists to Raven Rock

Head down to the Frostmoth docks and talk to Gidar Verothan. Then take him and his friends to Raven Rock. You can walk them there, but that's ridiculous. Simply talk to Basks-In-The-Sun at the docks and he'll take you there by boat. Once in Raven Rock, talk to Falco Galenus. He'll be standing around north of the docks in what is a now mostly wilderness. Falco is your other quest-giver. When the time comes, you will choose between him and Carnius. For all intents and purposes, Falco is the good guy and Carnius is not. After checking in with Falco, he'll ask you to bring four pieces of ebony to Carnius. There are some ebony boulders just past Falco to the north. Bring the ebony to Carnius for a reward and an East Empire Company Stock Certificate (EECSC). This document will increase in value as the colony grows so don't lose it. You'll cash it in with Carnius later.

Make Hroldar Leave

Wait three days and talk to Carnius again. He'll send you off to the colony to talk to Falco. Falco will tell you that the Nord, Hroldar, is blocking the mine entrance. You have to try to make him leave peaceably. Won't work. Talk to Falco again and he'll allow you to fight Hroldar hand-to-hand. You'll want to have a hand-to-hand skill better than 20 to pull this off successfully. If you can't, you'll have to talk to Carnius, who will authorize the use of deadly force to remove the Nord. If you kill him, he will die in a burst of smoke and fire. Hmm… You are best off handling things Falco's way, but if you need to eliminate the Nord Carnius' way it will not have any significantly adverse effects on your relationship with Falco (and it will please Carnius). Report back to Falco and Carnius after dealing with Hroldar.

Locate the Supply Ship

Wait three days and talk to Carnius. He'll send you off to Raven Rock to check in with Falco about the Supply Ship. The ship is missing, but talk to Gamin Girith near the Mine Entrance about it and he'll direct you up the coast (north, that is). Sure enough, follow the coast north and you'll eventually come upon the ship. Kill the draugr that linger nearby. Next, jump or levitate onto the deck and enter the ship. There are six miner's picks aboard -- one in the cabin and five below the deck. Now hop down and rescue Apronia Alfena, i.e., escort her back to Falco. She'll thank you, Falco will thank you, and you can cash in on the pick axes -- Falco will give you 500 gp for each! You can go get some more cash from Carnius, too.

Make a Decision

Carnius is done with you now, but you are at the point where you're going to have to pick a side. Go talk to Falco and he'll tell you so. Falco will give you his story and then you can go to Carnius to get his. As I said before, Falco is basically the do-gooder here and Carnius is the more evil of the two. Decide who you want to work for and go back to that person and tell them so. Whomever you choose will be your quest-giver now, and will also issue your promotions. The next two quests are basically the same regardless of whose side you chose.

Choose a Merchant

Wait three days and report to your quest-giver. You will be told to decide if the town should have a smith or a trader. It really doesn't matter. You can poll 4 people in town for their opinions (Gamin Girith will suggest a smith, while the three original colonists you brought over will all vote for a trader). Falco seems to like the smith idea, but he doesn't dislike the trader idea. Carnius couldn't care less. There is no downside to either choice. Tell your quest-giver which one you want for the colony.

Handle Baro Egnatius

Talk to Falco or Carnius again and you'll find out that a new supply ship has arrived. The captain, Baro, is being difficult and making demands. He should be right down on the docks, but he has never spawned for me. If he does not appear on the docks after talking to Falco or Carnius, you can force him to spawn using your command console. Open the console and type in: PlaceAtPC "Baro Egnatius" 1,20,1 and hit enter. There he is! Anyway, you won't get anywhere with him, so talk to Falco about Elberoth, the captain of the first ship. Then go to Apronia and talk to her about Elberoth, too, and she'll give you Elberoth's Saber. Equip it for combat and now go talk to Baro and he'll change his tune. Report back to your quest-giver.

Ebony Thief

This is the first quest with two different versions. Always read the Falco side first regardless of whom you're working for, since I will use Falco's side as a reference for Carnius' side.

Falco Galenus

Ebony is being stolen from the mine. Take the key Falco gives you and check the chest in Uryn Maren's house. Nothing. Report back to Falco. Enter the mine to spy on Uryn. He'll be down the first corridor to your right within the mine. Don't let him see you, but you will have to get close enough to trigger him to get moving. Follow him without being seen and wait for him to enter the ebony storage area (he will wait for that room's sole occupant to leave, so be patient). Once he's all the way in, confront him and he'll implicate Carnius. Go to Falco and tell him, and then he will send you to confront Carnius, who will react with indifference. Report back to Falco.

Carnius Magius

Carnius wants you to get rid of the evidence (ebony) in Uryn Maren's chest. Take the key he gives you and bring the ebony back to Carnius. Now you have to distract the guard in the mine storeroom so that Uryn can continue to steal for Carnius. Go to the mine and talk to Uryn. He'll give you some flin to give to Aldam Berendus, the storeroom guard. Go to Aldam, give him the flin, and walk with him until he stops. Wait there until Uryn comes by and tell you to go see Carnius. Do so and get some money.

Seler Favelnim

Wait three days and then go to your quest-giver.

Falco Galenus

Seler is in the bar picking fights with everyone. You need to try to make him stop without resorting to violence. On the way in, his wife will implore you not to hurt him. You have to go in and just let him punch at you till he stops. Then talk to him, always choosing the second dialogue choice. After you leave, you can talk to his wife to get her thanks and then talk to Falco to get your reward.

Carnius Magius

You can handle things as described above or simply kill Seler. Easy enough?


Falco Galenus

The miners found the remains of a guy trapped in mystical ice. It's called stalhrim, but they don't know that yet. You have to go to Graring's House, which is right between where the two main rivers converge in the north-central area of the map. Have a nice trip. When you arrive, you'll see this Imperial woman attacking the Nords. Help them by killing her. Talk to Graring and he will give you an ancient Nordic pickaxe and ask you to prove yourself to him. Having this pickaxe in your inventory will allow you to open stalhrim-encased bodies like containers. Don't lose it because it's the only one in the game. Take the pickaxe back to the Raven Rock Mine, find the body encased in the stalhrim, remove the stalhrim, and take it back to Graring. For doing this he will allow you to talk to his two friends, who will be able to make stalhrim weapons and armor for you. Bring them any stalhrim you find, and Aenar can make you ice armor or Hidar can make you stalhrim weapons. Go tell Falco about all this and you're done.

Carnius Magius

Magius will send you to kill Graring, Aenar, and Hidar. You're to take the pickaxe from Graring and then take the stalhrim from the body found in the Raven Rock Mine. Do all that, and Carnius will be able to provide you with the same items Aenar and Hidar would have, but it will require twice as much stalhrim.

Note: if you've been working with Carnius, it is time to cash in your EECSC with him for 6,000 gp. It will never be worth more than this for you in his employ.

Note: Barrows are your only sources of stalhrim. You may visit a fair number of them over the course of questing, but there are some you'll never come across if you don't make it a point to do so.

You'll hit all these barrows if you do all the quests in the game:
Bloodskal -- you'll visit here to claim the Bloodskal Sword
Glenschul's Tomb -- you'll visit here during the Ritual of Gifts for the Wind Stone
Gyldenhul -- Thormoor will direct you here after you help him break his curse
Himmelhost -- this is the barrow where the skeleton pirates dwell
Hrothmund's -- you'll visit here to become chieftain of Thirsk and to retrieve an amulet for Louis Beauchamp in Ald'ruhn
Jolgeirr -- you'll visit this cave for Athellor in the Raven Rock Bar
Kolbjorn -- you'll retrieve Oddfrid Whitelip for Geilir the Mumbling from this barrow
The Tombs of Skaalara -- you'll be here during the main quest to either obtain or defend the Totem of Claw and Fang
Valbrandr -- you'll come here to help out Ingmar from the Skaal Village

The following barrows have no quests associated with them, but they do have stalhrim:
Connorflenge -- about halfway along the east coast on the coast
Eddard -- north of Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling and Brodir Grove
Frosselmane -- between the Mouth of the Iggnir River and the inlet to its west
Kelsedolk -- on the large south--pointing peninsula southwest of Raven Rock
Lukesturm -- west of the Connorflenge Barrow and a slight bit south
Skogsdrake -- just north of the Sun Stone
Stormpfund -- straight east inland from the tip of the peninsula Kelsedolk's on

Colony Status Report

Falco Galenus

This is a timed quest. You will have five hours to complete it. I recommend saving, and testing it out, as well as scooping out Carnius' location. You're to bring a report to Carnius for Falco. When you get to the Imperial Cult Shrine in Fort Frostmoth, Carnius will not be there. Talk to his associate, Constans Atrius, to find out that Carnius is either: near the old Raven Rock Supply Ship, in Brodir Grove, or slightly southeast of Valbrandr Barrow. Where Carnius shows up is supposedly randomly determined, but for me he's always been at the Supply Ship. But as you go to leave the charming company of Constans, you will be hit with a powerful trap spell that will burden you and reduce your speed and agility. The trap is in the rug, so if you can avoid touching it you'll be okay (jump, levitate, try to squeeze by on the side). If the spell hits you, you can try to dispel it or counter it with your own magic. Now go find Carnius. You should know where the Supply Ship is, Brodir Grove is just northeast of Raven Rock, and the stone arch over Valbrandr Barrow is straight north and a little east of the Sun Stone from the main quest (you'll see the arch from a distance). Once you find Carnius within the allotted time, give him the report and then go back to Falco.

Carnius Magius

You're going to "intercept" Falco's messenger who will be bringing the report to Carnius. Talk to Carnius for the details, and then go outside by the well and you'll see Hroldar there -- well, Hroldar is actually an agent for Carnius, and the whole Hroldar thing before was fabricated, too -- but anyway -- Hroldar will walk you out a bit and wait. He will have some wolves summoned and you're to lead the messenger into this trap -- letting the messenger get killed by the wolves so that Carnius can say that the report never got to him. Sigh. So complicated. Head to Raven Rock, leaving Hroldar and his wolves behind. You'll find Tirvel Balen (the messenger) at the eastern edge of the colony, waiting for your escort. Lead him to Hroldar's wolves. You can let him get attacked by other forest inhabitants along the way if you want to weaken him before reaching the wolves. Once he's dead, talk to Hroldar and he'll give you a note from Carnius. The note tells you to kill Hroldar. So kill him and report to Carnius.

Clear Roots from the Mine

This quest is going to play out the same for Falco and Carnius. It has a few stages. First you'll be told to eliminate the spriggans to the east of the colony. When you get there, you will encounter one. When you kill it, three more will spawn. Hack ‘em into kindling. Now go talk to Unel Lloran in the Raven Rock Bar. He'll have you go to the Mine, wherein you may speak to either Aldam Berendus or Gratian Caerellius to be directed even farther in, to the Abandoned Mine Shaft. Look at all those roots. Okay, now go back to Unel, tell him about the roots, and escort him down to the roots. He'll tell you to get 5 bittergreen petals to poison them with. There are none in Solstheim. They are in various places on the mainland (more than two dozen locations), but I'll give you two to choose from: in Suran, Ibarnadad Assirnarari: Apothecary or in Ald'ruhn, Cienne Sintieve: Alchemist. Bring the petals back to Unel and then you can report back to your quest-giver.

Hire Guards

This quest is going to be the same for both quest-givers, too. They'll tell you to hire guards for the colony. Enlist Afer Flaccus in the Raven Rock Bar, Gratian Caerellius in the Raven Rock Mine, and Garnas Uvalen, who is wandering around the east end of the colony near where the spriggans were. Now you can close this out with your quest-giver.

Note: if you have been working with Falco, it is time to cash in your EECSC with Carnius now -- it is worth 12,000 gp. This is the most it will ever be worth.


We're back to splitting up the quests again. For this one, you're either going to be the bodyguard or the assassin.

Falco Galenus

Leave the colony for two days and then return. Talk to Falco and he'll ask you to stand ready for an assassination attempt. An assassin will appear quickly, but he's just a distraction. Let the other guards handle him. Two more assassins will pop up immediately after the first -- one with a bow to the north, and one with a sword to the south. You and Falco have to handle these two. When all three are dead, talk to Falco and this will be put behind you.

Carnius Magius

Wait three days and then talk to Carnius. You're going to assassinate Falco. Carnius stocked the Raven Rock western guard tower with the tools you'll need for your hit. Sneak up there, equip the bow and arrow and then use the scroll. Ready the bow for firing and wait for another agent of Carnius', Baslod, to attack Falco first. This is your distraction. Once the guards have run off after him fire the arrow into the ground near Falco (it's an area effect arrow). Now you have to sneak out of there without being seen to go see Carnius for your reward.

Skaal Invasion

Falco Galenus

Wait two days and then check in. Falco will send you to Constans to pick up some silver longswords. When you get back, you'll find that Skaal warriors have taken over the mine and are holding two miners captive. Enter the mine and kill all 10 Skaal warriors. P.S.: they're not really Skaal -- they're disguised Imperials. Make sure to grab the note off of Toralf when he's dead, and of course, don't kill the miners by mistake. Go to Falco and he'll have you go right to Carnius to confront him, and when you do, Carnius will attack you. Take what you will from Carnius' corpse and head back to Falco to be made Factor of the colony.

Carnius Magius

Wait a day for your journal to update and then talk to Carnius. With Falco gone, it's time to destroy the colony. Yippee! First, you have to carry all the equipment in the sacks at the end of the hall to a rendezvous point east of the Iggnir River's Mouth. You'll probably have to make a few trips. Then, once it's all there, and night falls, 6 mercenaries will show up. Talk to the one named Toralf. You have to equip all of the men with the items. The last one you equip will be Toralf. Once he's equipped he'll reveal that their orders are to kill you. D'oh! That darned Carnius Magius! Now, why didn't you see this coming? Kill ‘em all, my friend, and then return to Carnius so that he can try to kill you as well. After he fails, Constans will name you Factor.

Build your Estate

Wait three days. If you sided with Falco, talk to him. If you sided with Carnius, talk to Constans. You'll be directed to speak to Aldam Berendus, still in the mine. He'll give you three spots to choose from for him to build your estate upon. The sites are marked with torches. Regardless of which you choose, the estate is going to look the same -- so don't over-analyze the situation. Once you picked your spot, go tell Aldam and escort him to the torch at the site of your choosing. Then talk to him to confirm the site and work will get underway. Leave the colony, wait five days, and return to your new home. Ta-da!

Congratulations, Factor.