Clan Quarra
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The Quarra are the warrior clan of vampires. Quarra vampires gain 20 points to their blunt weapons skill, and get additional 20-point increases to their hand-to-hand, heavy armor, and strength scores.

Favored abilities: endurance and strength
Favored skills: acrobatics, athletics, destruction, hand-to-hand, long blade, unarmored
Friends: none
Foes: other Vampire Clans, Ashlanders, Sixth House, Temple; Imperial Legion and Cult, Fighters Guild, Hlaalu, Redoran, Blades; Mages' and Thieves Guilds

Volrina Quarra, who is found on the lower level of Druscashti, an ancient dwemer ruin, leads them. To get to Druscashti, head northwest up the foyada from Maar Gan. The second dwemer ruin, on the eastern wall of the foyada, is Druscashti (the first ruin is Bthungthumz). The entrance to Druscashti (and Bthungthumz, too, for that matter) is on the other side of the foyada wall, meaning you will see the ruin, but not be able to enter without climbing out of the foyada.

Talk to Volrina about having a “use to me" and she'll set you on your way with your first Quarra quest:

Kill Irarak

Irarak is a Berne vampire who's in the Ginith tomb. Irarak has some non-hostile, non-vampire hangers-on around him, and is himself not hostile. You can talk to Irarak, and even get an option to extort him for 1,000 gold. However, your quest requires his death, so get to it. You'll have to kill his buddies, too, since they're not going to be too fond of you once you snuff their idol.

Once you tell Volrina the good news, she'll allow you to use Areas and Kjeld for your mercantile needs. You can also see about her next quest, as now your “use to me" is going to be to recover some “raw materials." The nice little amulets you get from the clans don't grow on tress, you know:

Get Materials for Amulet Making

Without much fanfare, this errand quest requires that you come up with the following ingredients for Volrina:

Daedra heart -- 1
Ectoplasm -- 1
Extravagant sapphire amulets -- 5
Skull -- 1
Vampire dust -- 1
Void salts -- 2

This shopping list is not easy to fill. While you can purchase the heart, ectoplasm, void salts, and vampire dust from mages and Telvanni (or find them as you kill things), and the skulls are part of many caves' and bookshelves' décor, the amulets are tough to collect. They are often part of random leveled loot and some can be purchased from clothiers, but they are also found on the following NPCs (I've tried to identify expendable NPCs -- this is not a comprehensive list): Domesea Sarethi (Ald'ruhn, Sarethi Manor), Ralam Vilas (Ald'ruhn, Venim Manor Entrance), Tunengore (Zaintiraris, Shrine), Camas (Almurbalarammi, Shrine), Selkirnemus (Molag Mar, The Pilgrim's Rest), Orns Omaren (Molag Mar, St. Veloth's Hostel), and Drelse Dralor (Vivec, Redoran Vaults).

For all your legwork, Volrina will give you one of the amulets you helped her create, and then leave you with your last Aundae quest:

Kill 12 Aundae and/or Berne Vampires

This is a straightforward directive, so what are you waiting for?

Aundae Clan locations: Ashmelech -- Aundae HQ -- Dhaunayne Aundae and 13 other named vampires
Aralen Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Aundae vampires
Dulo Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Aundae vampires
Sarethi Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Aundae vampires

Berne Clan locations: Galom Daeus -- Berne HQ -- Raxle Berne and 9 other named vampires
Andrethi Ancestral Tomb -- 5 Berne vampires
Drethan Ancestral Tomb -- Marara -- a Berne vampire
Ginith Ancestral Tomb -- Irarak -- a Berne vampire
Nerano Ancestral Tomb -- Calvario -- a Berne vampire
Othrelas Ancestral Tomb -- 3 Berne vampires
Raviro Ancestral Tomb -- 4 Berne vampires
Reloth Ancestral Tomb -- Merta -- a Berne vampire

As with the other two clans, successful completion of this quest will allow you to use the “cattle" in your HQ for your own vampiric needs.