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The Redoran are guided by philosophies of duty, honor, and hard work (think "Bushido Code"). This is the House of the soldier. Even more so than with House Hlaalu, you do not always have to do these quests in the exact order listed, but some quests require you to have a certain rank to be eligible, so I've tried to minimize the going back and forth between quest-givers. With House Redoran, you will usually inquire about your "duties" to be assigned quests, and like House Hlaalu, be sure to ask about advancement after completing a couple of quests. House Redoran has its code to observe, so you can't always just kill folks outright -- usually, they have to be dueled or taunted into attacking first -- assuming persuasion is not an option. Just do your duties the way you're told and you shouldn't have any problems. Now, shine those shoes, tuck that shirt in, and stand up straight.

Favored abilities: endurance and strength Favored skills: armorer, athletics, heavy armor, long blade, medium armor, spear Friends: Temple; Fighters Guild, Imperial Legion Foes: Nerevarine; Ashlanders, Vampire Clans; Camonna Tong, Hlaalu, Telvanni, Mages' and Thieves Guilds Stronghold: Bal Isra, between Mar Gaan and Ald'ruhn -- your stronghold will look like the buildings in Ald'ruhn (to me, they look like croissants) and it will be called Indarys Manor


Neminda can be found in the Redoran Council House, inside the Manor District Building, in the city of Ald'ruhn. Her 6 quests will result in your promotion to Kinsman.

Kill Hostile Mudcrabs

You will be asked to go to Drulene Falen's Hut and guar herd. If you drew a line between Ald'ruhn and Andasreth, Drulene's Hut would be on that line about 2/3 of the way to Andasreth. Once you get there, Drulene will point you in the direction of the hostile mudcrabs, of which there are two. Kill them, tell Drulene, enjoy the hackle-lo she offers you, and head back.

Deliver Cure Disease Potion

Now Neminda wants you to take a cure disease potion to Theldyn Virith, located inside the Outpost at Ald Velothi. Theldyn is a future quest-giver, so note his location.

Find Mathis Dalobar

This guy is a trader who wanders between Gnisis and Maar Gan. He's gone missing and Neminda wants you to find him. You can ask around either town if you like, but if you want to save some time, just head straight for the Rothan Ancestral Tomb. The tomb is just outside of Maar Gan, right off the road that connects Maar Gan and Gnisis. Dalobar ducked in there during the last ashstorm. You'll have to escort him to the shrine at Maar Gan.

Confront Alvis Teri

This clown stole a Redoran Founder's Helm, and he's strutting around Eight Plates in Balmora with it on. Neminda wants you to go there and get it back. You can either get Alvis' disposition over 75 to have him hand you the helm, or you can taunt him into attacking you so you can kill him. Retrieve the helmet and head back.

Kill Guar Bandits

Remember Drulene Falen? Poor girl's having trouble again. This time, bandits have stolen her guar. Go to her little hut and she'll direct you south to the bandit's location. Just south, over some hills, you'll see 2 guar chilling out just outside the Telvayn Ancestral Tomb. The bandits are inside, along with some rats. There are two of them (bandits, that is). Kill them. And no, you don't have to escort the guar back.

Guard Athyn Sarethi

Neminda's last quest asks you to protect Athyn Sarethi. He's inside the Sarethi Manor right here in the Manor District Building. Once you talk to him, two bad guys will spawn behind you and charge him (and you). Stop them, naturally. On one occasion, Neminda did not offer me this last quest. If she doesn't, it's a bug, and you fix it like this: open your console, click your mouse on Neminda, and type in: AddTopic"Athyn Sarethi". You're done with Neminda once you complete this little quest, so get advanced as far as she can advance you (Kinsman, the 5th rank), and then head back to Ald Velothi's Outpost to see what Theldyn Virith wanted.

Theldyn Virith

Theldyn's quests are pretty low-key, but there is one we'll have to come back for later.

Kill Old Blue Fin

There's a slaughterfish that goes by the name, Old Blue Fin -- because he's old and he has a blue fin (don't they all?). He's lurking in the waters of the Ald Velothi docks. Let's eat fish tonight. Go kill him.

Kill Diseased Shalk

There's a shalk that has disease, and he goes by the name, Diseased Shalk. He's infiltrated the Ashimanu Egg Mine. Let's eat beetle for breakfast. Go to the mine and kill it. The mine is far away, just off the road that connects Gnisis and Ald'ruhn (closer to the Ald'ruhn end). If you did the main quest, you were at Mamaea -- the mine is almost directly south of that cave. Tip: after you exit the mine, take the road that leads to Gnisis. There'll be a kagouti on the way -- it's very close to the mine. Kill it and you'll be a leg-up on the next quest.

Kill Kagouti

(Would I lie to you?) There's a kagouti that's been attacking travelers on the Ald'ruhn-Gnisis trade route. Kill it and we'll have a kagouti sandwich (sounds like a type of cheese -- think gouda + havarti = kagouti).

Get Shishi Report

Sheesh. No, Sheesh-ee. You're going to go to the former Telvanni Base of Shishi and get a report from Brerama Selas. Shishi is straight south of the Urshilaku Camp and straight west of Falasmaryon. These two landmarks form an "L" with Shishi at the junction. All the bad guys in Shishi are already dead -- you're just a courier. But wait, talk to Temis Romavel and he'll mention some noises from below. You can activate "a Breton skull" on the table to his right. This will reveal a secret trap door just down the stairs on the floor below you, leading to the Telvanni Sorcerer, Faves Andas. Kill the Telvanni, and go back to Theldyn.

Theldyn has one more quest for us, but we're not high enough rank to merit the assignment yet -- sorry to break the aesthetic here. What you're going to want to do is go to Athyn Sarethi in the Sarethi Manor in Ald'ruhn and do his quests.

Athyn Sarethi

Located in the Sarethi Manor of Ald'ruhn, this guy is going to be our sponsor. He'll give us quests, direct us to our other quest givers, and promote us up to House Brother by the time we're done with his quests.

Rescue Varvur

Note: if you did the main quest, and were named Redoran Hortator, this quest will have already been done, and you'll move directly to Athyn's second quest.

Athyn's son, Varvur, is held captive in the Venim Manor, accused of murder. Free the boy. Head to Venim Manor and enter the Right Wing. There's a guard there, as well as a note and key on a bench. You can try to avoid the guard if you want, but I'd recommend killing him, as well as the two in the entrance area as you leave the Right Wing. See, once you free Varvur and start to make your escape, these guys are going to attack you, and we don't want our boy to get hurt in the ensuing melee. Anyway, the note tells you where the boy is being held, and the key opens his cell. Convenient, eh? On your right as you came down the stairs into the Right Wing is a fresco with a wall rug. Behind this rug is a locked door, behind which is Varvur. Free him and head back to Athyn with the boy in tow, wary of any hostile guards.

Clear Varvur

Now that you freed his son, let's get him cleared of the murder (thank goodness we don't do it this way in real life). Here goes: Talk to Athyn about "Bralen Carvaren" and his son's "bad dreams." Then go to his son's room and find the ash statue he got. Talk to Varvur and then go back and talk to Athyn again. You'll be sent to Lloros Sarano in the Ald'ruhn temple, who will take the statue and clear Varvur of the murder. Lloros will be your next quest-giver after Athyn, and he'll have some follow-up work in this matter, but for now you can go back to Athyn and close out this quest.

Stop Slanderer

Ondres Nerano, at the Nerano Manor in Balmora, has been talking smack. Set things right by going there and confronting him about it. He will throw down the gauntlet right there and then, allowing you to beat him to death honorably.

Kill Bandits in Shurinbaal

Some smugglers in a cave called Shurinbaal need to be eliminated, namely their leaders, Daroder and Enjine. It's a small cave, and you should just kill them all. Why not, you know? Shurinbaal is on the island south of Andasreth and west of Caldera. The cave is on the western shore of the south end of the island.

Stop Arethan Mandas

Arethan Mandas is in a cave named Milk, from which he attacks travelers for a monetary tribute (milk money?). He isn't a bad guy, but he's gone crazy. You can just go there and kill him. But I'd rather you didn't. Let's make this complicated. Go to the Grand Council Chambers in Ebonheart and speak to Llerar Mandas (Arethan's dad) on the main floor (by the table to your left). He'll give you some background on the situation. Then head to the Tower of Tel Fyr and locate Delyna Mandas, Arethan's imprisoned daughter. All the action is on the main level, so there's no levitation required. You'll need to open a locked and trapped door, and there are guards, just like when you freed Varvur Sarethi, so you may need to eliminate them before you try to make off with their captive. All that done, talk to Delyna and she'll follow you out of the tower. Once out, she'll give you an amulet to present to her father as proof that she is okay. Now, let's go to Milk and find Arethan. Milk is just about straight west from the Manor District Building -- just a slight hitch north -- if you find the Salothran Ancestral Tomb, you went too far west and a notch too north. In Milk, Arethan's cronies will attack you as you weave your way through the cave, but Arethan is non-hostile and you should be able to give him his daughter's amulet. Good work. Now go back to Athyn Sarethi and tell him about your wonderful accomplishment.

Athyn's quests should have landed you at House Brother rank. If you recall from earlier, we're going to wrap up one last Theldyn Virith quest in Ald Velothi now that we're House Brother.

Theldyn Virith

Kill Gordol in Ashalmawia

Ashalmawia is the Daedric shrine just east of Ald Velothi. You're going to go inside to find Gordol. Inside the main shrine, there is a locked and trapped door to your right, and an open room to your left with a bad guy in it. In the room on your left, but not easy to spot, is the passage that you need to follow to get to the door leading to the Sunken Vaults. You'll find Gordol in the Sunken Vaults. Behind the locked and trapped door off the main shrine is a woman named Malexa who is part of a miscellaneous quest given by a guy named Sason near Khuul. You can just leave her there for now, since we're only about Redoran quests at this point. Once Gordol is dead, report back to Theldyn.

Now we'll move on to our next main quest-giver, Lloros Sarano.

Lloros Sarano

As you recall, Lloros is in the Ald'ruhn Temple. He's going to have us pick up where we left off with the ash statues and Athyn's son, Varvur.

Investigate Ash Statue

Lloros wants you to ask Varvur where he got that statue. Galtis Guvron at the Rat in the Pot Cornerclub gave it to him. Go there and talk to Galtis. Galtis will attack you, so end his life, and take the note from his lifeless corpse. It'll direct you to Hanarai Assutlanipal's house, also here in Ald'ruhn. Go there and talk to Hanarai. She will attack you, so end her life, and then look into her basement -- a little Sixth House Base. Go tell Lloros what you found.

Find Fedris Tharen

This guy went off on a Koal Cave pilgrimage, but hasn't been seen since. You can ask around in Gnisis if you like, but you can also just cut to the chase. You're gonna need a scroll or something to cure disease, then go to the Koal Cave. You'll see Fedris just above it. He's sick. Cure him and go tell Lloros. If you didn't have the means to cure him, you can still tell Lloros you found him and it'll still complete the quest.

Find Beden Giladren

Our next missing person is this dude. Vanished en route to Maar Gan. Talk to Tralas Rendas at the Maar Gan shrine for some info. Basically, this guy got captured by some Ashlanders who don't realize that he's not the important noble that they think he is. He's at the Mila-Nipal Camp, in Shimmabadas Manat's Yurt. This place was really tough for me to find: it's just one stinkin' little yurt in the mountainous area west of Maar Gan and then south along the mountains, northwest of Bal Isra. Moreover, when I got there, there was no door to activate to enter the yurt! Now, if you want to wander around and try to find this place on your own, be my guest. But you may find yourself unable to gain entry. If you don't like the first scenario, or you encounter the second, try this quick fix: open your console and type in: COC "Mila-Nipal, Manat's Yurt". This'll land you inside the yurt. Talk to Beden and he'll tell you how he lied about who he was, and then talk to Manat and pay 5 drakes to free him. You can exit the yurt from inside and make your way back to Lloros now.

Recover Banner Shields

Four Redoran soldiers went to Andasreth. None came back. Go there and locate the soldiers on the Lower Level, behind a locked door, all dead. Take their shields (4 of ‘em) back to Lloros. That's it for Lloros' quests.

Stronghold and Councilor Quests

Our next quests are going to have us bouncing around from one quest-giver to another as we work toward building our stronghold and getting the support of the various Redoran Councilors necessary for our next promotions. All this work will result in you being named Archmaster of Redoran with a groovy stronghold to show for it.

Stronghold Phase I

Go see Galsa Gindu in the Manor District of Ald'ruhn. She has a house inside the Redoran Council Hall, through the door on top of the northwest stairs. To start things off, you're going to talk to her about your stronghold and get referred to Duke Vedam Dren in Ebonheart, just like the other houses require. Bring the contract from Dren and 5,000 gp back to her to get the ball rolling. Then wait five days and your journal will update.

Stronghold Phase II

Talk to Galsa again and she'll tell you where it is (Bal Isra). Go there and talk to Bugdul gro-Kharbush, the foreman, and then report back to Galsa. Wait another five days (if it isn't obvious, you can do stuff -- you don't literally have to stand there and wait) and then talk to Galsa again.

Stronghold Phase III

Galsa will tell you that you need to protect your stronghold. Go talk to Percius Mercius in the Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild. With a name like that, he definitely got picked on in school. He'll help you out after you help him out -- the old "one hand washes the other" routine. Get yourself over to the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec, and locate the Treasury on the Waistworks level. Inside, find the Hlaalu Prison Cells. You need to free Frelen Acques. There's a guard and a key. Hmm. What do we usually do in these types of situations? (Kill the guard and grab the key.) You can either walk her out the door or just give her the key. Then go back to Percius and he'll send some of his boys over to your stronghold. Go tell Galsa. In another 5 days, you've gotten as far as you can get with your stronghold at your current rank. The only way to improve your rank and your stronghold at this point is to enlist the support of the other Redoran Councilors. So let's do that.

Get Brara Morvayn's Support

Inside the same Redoran Council Hall as Galsa are the Morvayn Quarters. Inside find Brara Morvayn, and she'll ask you to go to her former residence and find the ash statue within. Try not to trip over her dead husband as you find you way through the undead and up to the room upstairs with the statue. Bring the statue to Lloros in the Temple and then go back to Brara. That's one Councilor taken care of.

Help Hlaren Ramoran

Hlaren is in the Ramoran Manor inside the District Building. For him, you're gonna need to shuffle off to Gnisis and visit Hetman Abelmawia to collect the 60 gp he owes. He'll pay up and then you'll bring the money back to Hlaren. You get the odd option to not give Hlaren the full amount, but let's not be petty. You just shelled out 5,000 gold for your stronghold, so why on earth would you be tight about 10 gp that aren't even yours to begin with? Oh, by the way, we're not done with Hlaren yet.

Get Hlaren Ramoran's Support

Hlaren will ask you to find out what became of this girl he loved when he was younger, Nalvilie Saren. You can go and run around all you want, that's up to you. If you do, even when and if you find her, she won't be interested in him. So forget her -- I'll wrap this sucker up right quick. Talk to the guard right next to him -- Nalvyna Sarinith. Talk to her about Hlaren and his long lost flame and you'll see that she likes Hlaren. As in, "likes him" likes him. Score. Tell Hlaren about her feelings and he'll forget all about his old flame, give you his support on the council, and we can all get on with our lives.

Help Garisa Llethri

Garisa is in the Llethri Manor. He'll have two closely related quests for you before he'll give you his support. He wants you to look into some goings-on at the Caldera Ebony Mine to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. It isn't, but you don't have to do much investigating if you don't want to. Skip the mine and go to the Governor's Hall in Caldera and take the far right staircase. Behind a door on the 2nd floor is Odral Helvi. In the next room is a locked and trapped chest. In it is the Secret Caldera Ledger, which is all you'll need to present to Garisa for him to know that there's corruption in the Caldera Mine.

Get Garisa Llethri's Support

Garisa will want you to shut down the ebony mine now that he knows it's corrupt. The mine is southeast of Caldera. Head into the Caldera, Mining Guard Tower outside the mine and pick up the slave key on the top floor. Then head down to Slave Shack Two and free the slave named Dahleena. That will effectively shut down the mine. Go tell Garisa and you'll clear up his quests and get his endorsements.

Get Miner Arobar's Support

Miner is his name, not his profession. Miner is in the Arobar Manor. He has no interest in helping you and has no quest to give you. Whaaat? Go tell Athyn Sarethi. Talk to Athyn about duties to trigger the conversation. He'll send you off to Sadrith Mora, where, if you want, you can talk to people to figure out what's going on. But in a nutshell, Master Neloth is holding Miner's daughter, Nartise, prisoner in Tel Naga. Go to Tel Naga (she's in the Lower Level), kill her guards, and escort her out of there and to the docks. Stop by Miner and stop by Athyn to get credit where credit is due. Athyn will bump you up to Councilman, which sets you up to finish your stronghold.

Stronghold Phase IV

Go see Galsa Gindu again. She'll tell you to see Hetman Guls at your stronghold (he's right inside your front gate in the courtyard). You need to get some women at the stronghold. Boy, I know that feeling. There are many places you can get some women (or at least it always seems that way until you try), but let's go to Galyn Arvel down by the Ald Velothi docks. She'll send some escaped slaves to the stronghold (a positive Twin Lamps move). Your other options include: Fathusa Girethi in the Ald Skar Inn and Aryni Orethi outside her house -- they're right here in Ald'ruhn, but you'll need disposition scores of 90. Savile Imayne in Tel Aruhn will sell you slaves for 200 gp. Helviane Desele, in Suran's House of Earthly Delights, will send over a couple of retiring dancers (oh, whoopee -- if that doesn't spell excitement, I don't know what does) if her disposition is over 70. Do what you want, but get some women, tell Hetman Guls, and then tell Galsa. Wait 5 days and Galsa will tell you that your stronghold is top-notch.

Duel Bolvyn Venim

The last step in becoming the Archmaster of House Redoran is to go talk to Bolvyn Venim in the Venim Manor and challenge him to a duel. He'll eagerly accept and then you have to go to the Vivec Arena to duke it out. Once you kill him, you're the Archmaster. That's all there is to it. Well, almost.

There are two quest-givers you've never even talked to yet. Why am I telling you now? Well, you don't need to do their quests, neither one was capable of advancing you, and you have to have reached certain ranks and such just to get some of their quests. So, easier to just tack them on at the end, when you can chose to do them or not, and if you do, you can just do all of their quests for each of them, in order.

Faral Retheran

In Vivec, in the Waistworks Level of the Redoran Canton is the Redoran Treasury. Faral is within.

Stop Slanderer

This ought to sound familiar. Go to Eight Plates in Balmora and confront Meril Hlaano about his slanderous talk. Boost his disposition up to 75 and he'll cut it out.

Retrieve the Redas Goblet, Robe, and War Axe

Go to this tomb, south of Molag Mar, and recover three items: the Redas Goblet, the Redas Robe of Deeds, and the Redas War Axe. The goblet and the robe are in main room. To get to the axe, you'll have to swim through the pool in the other room to yet another room. Bring these things back to Faral.

Restore House Honor

In the Flowers of Gold Cornerclub on the Waistworks Level of the Redoran Canton is Rothis Nethan. Seems he backed out of a duel with another guy, Brethan Deras. This makes the House look bad, so you have to go and get Rothis to fight. Rothis is no fool, and he knows he'll lose to Brethan. But since you're pushing him, he'll agree to the duel if you get him 10 potions of healing. Drop down to the Redoran Temple just below you in the canton, and buy the potions from Relms Gilvilo (he has 12). Give these to Rothis and then agree to meet him at the Arena in Vivec. You can enter the pit or watch from above. Every time I did this, Rothis got killed. I don't know if he can win, even with all the healing potions, but it doesn't matter. Even with him losing, you can report back to Faral and close out the quest.

Kill Dagoth Tanis

Now Faral wants you to go to Falasmaryon and kill the ascended sleeper, Dagoth Tanis, who is near the Sixth House altar in the Lower Level of the stronghold.

Kill Reynel Uvirith

All the Houses will ask you to kill your rivals in the other houses at their strongholds. So Faral will first ask you to go to Tel Uvirith and kill Reynel.

Kill Raynasa Rethan

As above, but head to Rethan Manor, on the Odai Plateau, and kill Reynasa. Do I really need to say more? That's it for Faral's quests.

Tuveso Beleth

Tuveso is a smith who lives in the Redoran Council Hall of Ald'ruhn.

Escort Deval Tuveso to Koal Cave

A dreaded escort assignment. She wants you to escort her son, Deval, to the Koal Cave. Ugh. At least take the silt strider to Gnisis and then you can swim around the coast to the cave. There are land routes to take, but it's too grueling to contemplate. Once you get Deval inside the cave, you can head back to Tuveso.

Collect Debt Money from Giras Indaram

Giras Indaram, in the Molag Mar, Armiger's Stronghold, owes Tuveso money for armor repairs. The guy is a deadbeat who won't pay. After he turns you down, go talk to his brother, Tidros, and he'll tell you to tell Giras to pay. But because he has to be difficult, Giras will want you to fight him for it -- right there and then. Do it, but don't kill him. I knocked him unconscious and then he gave me the money. Go back to Tuveso and you're done.

And that is all there is to it. Cheers!