Miscellaneous Morrowind Quests
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There are various quests and things to do in many of Morrowind's towns and places. For the most part, these are freestanding quests and they may be done in any order or time frame desired.


These quests originate in Ald'ruhn or just outside of Ald'ruhn, or end up in Ald'ruhn. This is going to be basically the same scenario for the other town quests.

Cure Hisin Deep-Raed

This guy's in the middle of nowhere, but closer to Ald'ruhn than anything else, so… Take the west exit out of Ald'ruhn and head north on the road toward Maar Gan. The road will go west and then south, and take you a "T" intersection. Take note of this intersection, as it will be the orientation point for the next quest, too. At the intersection, go left (east) and you'll see a mostly nude dude. Talk to him and you'll see that he needs a cure for his paralysis (any cure disease method will work). In return he'll give you his helmet, the Icecap.

Deliver Shirts for Rasha

Go back to the "T" intersection from Hisin's "quest." This time take the west path and follow it south to encounter Rasha. Rasha will give you some shirts to deliver to Bivale Teneran in the Manor District Building of Ald'ruhn. That's basically the long and short of it.

Deliver Weapons for Lucan Ostorius

Lucan is just as close to Gnisis or Maar Gan as he is to Ald'ruhn, but since his quest will take you to Ald'ruhn, here it is. Lucan is smack-dab in the middle of the following four landmarks: Mamaea to the northwest, Dushariran to the northeast, the Ashimanu Egg Mine to the southwest, and a couple of Ashlander women to the southeast. He is straight west of Bal Isra, on the other side of the mountains. Heck, he's tough to spot if none of this means anything to you, but if you find him, he'll ask you to deliver a load of weapons to Yak gro-Skandar in the Rat in the Pot Cornerclub in Ald'ruhn. That's all, folks.

Escort Viatrix Petilia

South of town and west is a lone woman. She needs an escort to Ghostgate. This escort is a real pain-in-the-you-know-what, and she gives you a minimal tip, plus you only have two days to get her there. My advice: scout out the route you want to follow and kill all opposition, and then return to Viatrix and talk to her to trigger the quest. There is a trail you can follow: head east past the Buckmoth Fort, and then northeast, and then east to the Ghostfence. Follow the Ghostfence south and east to the Ghostgate. Pass through the gate using the triggers on the small stone markers to open the portcullises. The shrine is inside the Ghostgate and up the incline to your right. Good luck.

Find Drerel Indaren

West of the silt strider port is Falanu Indaren. She wants you to find her husband. Head west over the rise and there are two nix-hounds. Kill them. Head north and follow the gully you're in, as it turns northwest. On the rise to your left, hidden among rocks and trees is her husband. Talk to him and escort him back to his wife.

Rescue Hannat Zainsubani

Note: You won't get this quest from him unless you already dealt with Hassour as part of the main quest.

Hassour Zainsubani in the Ald Skar Inn has a son who is in the Sixth House Base Mamaea. If you have, he will reveal the information about his son when you talk to him about "life as a trader." Now you have to go to Mamaea and free his son. Mamaea is west of Bal Isra, on the west side of the mountains, and east of the Berandas Stronghold. Hannat is in the Sanctum of Black Hope section. Escort him out and then return to his dad in Ald'ruhn for your reward.

Retrieve Items from Ienas Sarandus

Visit the following merchants and talk to them about "work": outside the Manor District entrance: Bevene Releth, Daynes Redothril, and Tiras Sadus. Inside the Manor District: Bivale Teneran and Llether Vari. They will all direct you toward Ienas Sarandus, whose house is south of the Manor District Building on your right. When you confront him about the stuff he owes the five merchants, offer to listen and give friendly advice – having some flin or cyrodiilic brandy or a copy of Saryoni's Sermons in your inventory will produce a slightly different option, but the result is the same nonetheless: he'll give you back all the stuff he has. Now you have but to ferry all these things back to the merchants and talk to them again about work to get some minor loot and disposition boosts.

Ald Velothi and Gnisis

These three quests are all in the area between Ald Velothi and Gnisis, but don't really have any particular/required connections to either city (or any city for that matter).

Cure Din

This Imperial Redguard is southwest of the Llervu Ancestral Tomb, in a straight line with the Widow Vabdas' house in Gnisis (although a decent distance north). He is southeast of the Ginith Ancestral Tomb. Once you find him, you'll see he's crazy. He needs a cure disease spell cast on him. If you can't cast that spell, you can have him follow you to the Gnisis Temple to see Mehra Drora. I hope you can cast cure disease, ‘cause the hike stinks.

Help Synette Jeline

Southeast of Ald Velothi is a bridge that leads to the Dwarven ruin of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz. Just below (slightly south of) the beginning if the bridge you'll spot a woman standing by a pool of water. She'll claim to have lost her ring in the water. She's setting you up. Yes, there is a ring in the water (very hard to spot), and once you get it, you'll be attacked by Synette and her invisible friend, Tavynu Tedran. You'll end up killing them, naturally, and the best thing you'll get out of this is the Amulet of Shadows that Tavynu was wearing. If by some chance the entry doesn't clear from your journal (it happened to me once), open the command console and type: Journal "MV_LostRing" 40.

Rescue Inwold

Straight north from the Gnisis Egg Mine, past a cave called Mat, you'll find an entrance to Palansour. There is also a river entrance to the cave just to the northwest. Inside the cave there are some scamps, an ogrim, and some human flesh (yummy). Above you in the cave's center is a gate that holds Inwold prisoner. Once you unlock the gate, he's going to ask you for a potion of levitation. Luckily there is one within the confines of the cave. He'll offer you his hat or his skirt as compensation, but decline so you'll gain a reputation boost (the hat and skirt are unremarkable).

Ahemmusa Camp

Find the White Guar

Talk to Urshamusa Rapli and she'll tell you of her dream of a white guar. Try to look that up in your dream interpretation book. Head west from where Urshamusa is and you'll spot two shalk, and past them, the beginning of a path. Follow that path to a "T" intersection. There ought to be a white guar nearby. Follow it over the rise and it'll lead you to a dead body. Take everything from the body and return to Urshamusa. Let her have the stuff you got and she'll give you the Shield of the Undaunted.

Retrieve Athanden Girith's Hides

On the way to the white guar, you passed this guy. He'll ask you to retrieve his hides. Talk to anyone in the Camp and they'll direct you south of the camp along the waterline. Kill the jerks you find there, along with their guar if you don't like guars, and grab the hides off of Emul-Ran. Return them to Athanden. Athanden will tell you to visit Berwen (the trader) in Tel Mora next time you're there. Tell Berwen about how you helped out Athanden and you'll get some potions and a ring.

Arenim Ancestral Tomb

Help Satyana

To locate this tomb, you must first locate the Holamayan Monastery. To the northwest of the island that is home to the monastery is a peninsula extending from the mainland. On the northern shores of this peninsula, straight south of Sadrith Mora, is the Arenim Ancestral Tomb. Inside the tomb is Satyana. She's looking for her father's amulet. You can ignore her, assist her, or decline her. She'll attack you if you speak to her and then refuse to help her. Inside the tomb, there is a "T" intersection – the left path leads to a key you might find handy for accessing the room on the right side. Inside the room on the right side is the skeleton of her father, Augustus, which has the Amulet of Augustus and is next to the Sword of Augustus. All she wants is the amulet. Everything else is yours for the taking. Needless to say, if you can kill her after she takes the amulet, then it's yours.


Drarayne Thelas' Pest Problem

Visit Drarayne at her house in Balmora and agree to help her with her rat problem. Kill the rats in her closet and in the storeroom above her house (she'll give you the key). This quest is the same as the one you get from Eydis Fire-Eye in the Fighters Guild, and it will appear as such in your journal. However, if you are doing it for Eydis, do not close this quest out until you have completed the next quest for Drarayne. For whatever reason, if you close out the rat-killing quest with Eydis, you will never be able to get credit for the next quest for Drarayne.

Drarayne Thelas' Pillow Shipment

Once you have taken care of her rats, you can return an invoice for her lost pillow shipment. She does not offer this quest – you simply go out and do it, and then return to her with the invoice. Where is this invoice? North of the Sanctus Shrine is the Abandoned Shipwreck. Inside the cabin you'll see an invoice on the table. Bring this invoice back to Drarayne and she'll thank you and give you an "extra-comfy pillow." If you closed out the rat quest with the Fighters Guild, you will not be able to give her the invoice or get the pillow.

Rediscover the Vassir-Didanat Mine

All you have to do here is find this cave and walk in it (feel free to loot all the ebony and kill all the rats), and then tell someone about it. The Vassir-Didanat Cave is south of Balmora – follow the Odai River on the west bank until you come to a rope bridge. Cross the bridge and head straight off the bridge toward the mountains and you should spot the cave ahead. Okay, now you get to choose whom to tell of your discovery. Nevena Ules, at the Ules Manor, will be grateful but you'll come away with nothing. Velanda Omani, at the Omani Manor, will give you 2,000 gp. But Dram Bero, in the Haunted Manor in Vivec's St. Olms Canton, will give you your choice of Daedric weapons – a spear, longbow, wakizashi, staff, katana, or battleaxe. The battleaxe, katana, and longbow have the greatest value (50,000 gp), if that factors into your decision-making at all.

Tell Tsiya About Ernil Omoran

Head north out of Balmora along the road, and just after the Odai River ends you'll see a stone arch on your right. Underneath it is the body of Ernil Omoran. Loot the corpse and head back to Balmora. Go to Tsiya's house in Balmora (you'll have to pick the lock) and tell her about it. Give her the note and the skooma pipe you found on Ernil.


Help Bugrol gro-Bagul

Leave town headed west until you reach a fork in the road. At the fork is a bunch of boulders, behind which stands Bugrol. This Orc needs you to take a note to his friend in Caldera, Bashuk gra-Bat, who is inside her house. If you take his note to her, she'll give you a note to take to him, and then he'll give you a diamond (which he thinks is just a rock). End of story.

Recover Aeta Wave-Breaker's Heirlooms

On the other side of the town wall to the east is Aeta. Talk to her and she'll ask that you return her stolen heirlooms. You need to go the cave named Shushishi, which is east of Aeta, over the mountains, and then north – nestled in the east face of the mountain range – neither easy to locate nor access (levitation helps). Inside the cave, you can kill the bandits you find, but their leader, Dro'zhirr, is the one with the heirlooms. You can talk to him and agree to give him a share of Aeta's reward if you want, or just kill him. Anyway, he has a ring and an amulet that you need to bring back to Aeta for a reward of 300 gp.

Recover Cloudcleaver

Exit town west and follow the road until you reach a fork, whereupon you will likely spy a Nord named Hlormar Wine-Sot. He says that a witch stole his axe, Cloudcleaver, and he wants you to help recover it. Be prepared that when you find the witch, Sosia Caristiana, she will tell a different story than Hlormar, and you're going to need to decide who to believe. When you head off for Sosia, let Hlormar lag behind so that you can talk to her without Hlormar interfering. From Hlormar's location, head north and at the next fork bear straight north. Sosia is ahead on the right. She'll tell her story, and you're to present Hlormar with her offer. He isn't interested and will put you on the spot to choose a side. Side with Hlormar and he'll attack Sosia with you. When she's dead, take her axe – Hlormar will ask for it. Give it to him and he'll train your strength by two points, refuse, and he attacks you, but you keep the axe (or, secret option number three: give him the axe, get the training, and then kill him for the axe). If you side with Sosia, Hlormar will attack you, but then Sosia will give you some potions of healing. If you still want the axe, you can kill Sosia after getting the potions. Man, am I cold.

Ebonheart and Vivec

These quests are connected, and will shuttle you back and forth between these two towns.

Deliver Letter to J'Zhirr

In Ebonheart, go to the Grand Council Chambers, and inside, turn left and head up the stairs to the floor with Duke Vedam Dren, Varus Vatinius, and Llaalam Dredil. Ask Llaalam about running an errand and he'll give you a letter to deliver to J'Zhirr, a Khajiit in the East Empire Company Hall. The East Empire Company Hall is located right down by the docks here in Ebonheart. Do it, report back.

Kill Rats for Audenian Valius

In the Vivec Telvanni Canton, ask someone about "latest rumors" to get directed to Audenian's Enchanter Shop on the Waistworks Level. Audenian will ask you to kill the rats that are plaguing him. There are 2 in the backroom inside the shop, and 10 more in the Telvanni Underworks. Kill them all and report back to Audenian to receive a soul gem. This sets you up for the next quest…

Steal List From Audenian

If you completed the previous two quests, you can talk to Bolrin in Ebonheart's East Empire Company Hall. Bolrin will ask you for further assistance in some information gathering. Basically, you need to go back to Audenian's shop in Vivec, and steal a Client List from his backroom (it may not have been there before). Sounds fair enough, but when you take the list, a hunger will spawn. Kill it and take the list back to Bolrin for 700 gp.

Erabenimsun Camp

Escort Reeh-Jah to Ebonheart

This quest is only connected to the camp by proximity. Head north out of the camp. This path will lead you toward a lava river, and you'll soon see some pages from a book scattered about. Follow the pages west, and there will be a southern loop off the path. At the bottom of the loop is an escaped Argonian slave named Reeh-Jah, who wants you to take him to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. You can opt to take him to Savile Amayn in Tel Aruhn if you want to turn him in for 150 gp. If he dies on the way or you kill him, you can still report to Savile for 50 gp. But the nice thing to do is help him reach Im-Kilaya in Ebonheart. The trip is long though, so be forewarned. The best route is to get to Molag Mar, where you can catch a silt strider to Vivec, and from Vivec, take the boat to Ebonheart. Still, you must get to Molag Mar. Sigh. Take Reeh-Jah back to the camp, and this time take the west path out of the camp, which will then turn south, past the Maren Ancestral Tomb. This will take you to a four-way intersection with the Arethan Tomb to your west and the Alas Tomb to your south. Take the east path and then make your first right south toward Mount Assarnibibi. Continue past/through Mount Assarnibibi heading south toward Molag Mar. The path will end in a fork – go west (right) and then south (left) and you'll head straight to the silt strider port. Then take the strider to Vivec, the boat to Ebonheart, and take Reeh-Jah to Im-Kilaya in the Argonian Mission. Tired?

Recover Marsus Tullius' Hides

Get to the east coast of Vvardenfell, north of the Erabenimsun Camp, along the big bay with Tel Aruhn and Sadrith Mora in it. Make your way north from the bottom of the bay to the first little pinkie-finger-shaped inlet. From here, head straight west inland and you should spot Marsus. He says Ashlanders took his hides (psst! Just between you and me, they were actually in the right to do so). Go to the Erabenimsun Camp and talk to Tinti. He's got the hides. If you already did the main quest, he'll just give them to you. Optionally, you can let him keep them and Marsus can go get stuffed. If you didn't complete the main quest, you'll have to kill Tinti or steal them from him. Once you return the hides to Marsus, he will tell you to seek out his father, Stentus Tullius, in Tel Aruhn. His dad looks just like him and will be wandering around the base of the Tel Aruhn Tower, typically near the ramps. Stentus will give you 200 gp for your help.

Gnaar Mok

Escort Pemenie to Gnaar Mok

This escort mission will take you from between Ald'ruhn and Caldera to Gnaar Mok. You can follow the signs. Your reward is the Boots of Blinding Speed. Leave Caldera on the main road heading northwest and stay on it. Eventually you will see Pemenie on the left side of the road. Take her to Gnaar Mok and she'll give you the boots she was wearing (phew…).


Recover Hentus' Pants

In the water below the silt strider port is Hentus. Hainab Lasamsi stole his pants (a fun prank if you ask me). Hainab is wandering around the town. Boost his disposition (80 please) and he'll give you the pants, or be discreet and kill him (kinda harsh though, ain't it?) or rob him for the pants. Give ‘em back to Hentus for some hackle-lo leaf.

Hla Oad

Deliver Slave

Where and how you deliver her is up to you! In the basement of Fatleg's Drop Off is a bad guy named Relam Arinith. He wants you to deliver his slave/drug mule, Rabinna, to Vorar Helas in Balmora, so they can gut Rabinna and get the drugs inside her. Cool, eh? No – it isn't cool – I was just testing you. Instead, talk to Rabinna and let her know you're going to help her get to Im-Kilaya in the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Accept Relam's quest, but then talk to Rabinna and use the Hla Oad boat to take you to Ebonheart. Then walk Rabinna to the Argonian Mission and take her inside. Not-for-nothing, but you can take Rabinna to Vorar in Balmora – dead or alive doesn't matter as long as you recover the moonsugar in her belly. Vorar will give you 400 gold and a magical ring. By way of comparison, Im-Kilaya will give you 400 gold and a big disposition boost among the members of the Twin Lamps (an abolitionist group).


Recover Widowmaker for Botrir

This is a quest location by proximity. Head straight west from Indoranyon and you'll hit a road running northeast to southwest. The northeast end of the road culminates in Hanud, a Velothi dome. If you travel southwest, you'll run into another mostly nude Nord named Botrir. A witch stole his axe, Widowmaker. Help him get it back. From where Botrir stands, head straight northwest. You should pass the Andalor Ancestral Tomb on the way as it is in a straight-line northwest with Iveri Llothri, the witch in question. Kill her. If you keep the axe, Botrir will attack you. If you give him the axe, he'll raise your axe skill score. Or, the mercenary approach: give him the axe, let him train you, then kill him and take the axe.


Rescue Malexa

Another proximity quest. Malexa is in the Ashalmawia Shrine. Her husband, Sason, is in the woods southeast of Khuul. You need to bring her to him. It doesn't actually matter who you talk to first – Sason will ask you to rescue his wife from the shrine and Malexa will ask you to escort her back to her husband. So I'll just pinpoint their locations and you bring the happy couple together again. Ashalmawia is southeast of Ald Velothi. Malexa is inside a locked door within the shrine. You'll have to clear the shrine for her to accompany you out. To find Sason, go southeast past the Khuul silt strider port and take your second left. This will take you to Sason, who is standing amid some trees. He is directly west of the Alen Ancestral Tomb. Start at either reference point, but take Malexa back to Sason for 200 gp and a Redoran disposition boost.

Lake Amaya

This is the large body of water in the southern portion of the map, southeast of Balmora and north of Pelagiad.

Escort Nevrasa Dralor to the Fields of Kummu Shrine

This quest has nothing to do with Pelagiad, but it provides a good starting point. Leave Pelagiad to the west, take the north path; pass the left path toward Ulummusa, but take the next left path, which will lead southwest. Just before the path turns northwest, you'll see Nevrasa. She is near the Lleran Ancestral Tomb. You need to escort her to the Fields of Kummu shrine, which is not too bad a trip. Keep your hands to yourself. Follow the signs for Balmora, and then Suran, so that you end up walking along the north shore of Lake Amaya. The shrine is about midway along this coast.

Help Thoronor Find His Friend

Just east of the Kummu shrine (directly north of Alof's Farmhouse) is Thoronor. His friend, Edras Oril, is straight down the road east, past two mating kagouti. Kill the kagouti, grab the book on their mating habits (if you're interested in such things - these guys were), and then have Edras follow you back to Thoronor. You could have come from the east and found Edras first and the quest still works – it doesn't matter to whom you speak first.

Maar Gan

Escort Fonus Rathryon to Koal Cave

Everybody now: groan. This is an annoying trek. West of Maar Gan on the road to Ald'ruhn is Fonus. He'll give you 150 gp to take him to the Koal Cave. Use the Maar Gan silt strider to get you two to Gnisis. Once in Gnisis, head down to the water below the silt strider. You are basically going to navigate along the southern bank of the inlet, heading west, around the southern tip, and then back in eastward along the bank to reach the Koal Cave. You'll be attacked by some dreugh and slaughterfish, but nothing more. The trick is not to lose Fonus in the rocks and water, not to get Fonus killed, and not to take too long. Have fun.

Moonmoth Legion Fort

Kill Camonna Tong Operatives

Inside the Moonmoth Legion Fort, head down the stairs ahead of you in the right corner. You'll see a guy named Larrius Varro, and he'll have two quests for you. Talk to him about "work" and he'll weave you through a tale full of prompts you can explore to further the story. Basically, everyone except the bartender (Banor Seran) in the Council Club in Balmora is in the Camonna Tong. You have to kill ‘em all (keep the key you find on Sovor Trandel if you're going to do the Thieves Guild quests; and by killing Thanelen Velas, you've completed a House Hlaalu quest by default). Report back to Larrius and you'll get a really nice ring.

Kill Fjol

I have never had this quest topic work – maybe it's the order I do things or a bug. But if you talk to Larrius about "careless travelers" he should direct you to a bridge north of Hla Oad. There's a mugger named Fjol at the bridge and you have to kill him. If the topic does not present itself to you, open the console, and click on Larrius, and then type in: AddTopic "Careless Travelers" and hit enter. Now the topic is in his repertoire and the quest is yours for the taking.


Confrontation with Nels Llendo

Head west out of town and then turn south at the intersection. Continue southeast and you'll come upon Nels. If you're a girl, he just wants a kiss. Do it, and he'll offer to train you in the Pelagiad Halfway Tavern. Refuse and he won't like you anymore. If you're a guy, he'll ask you for 50 gp. Give it to him and he'll offer to train you in the Halfway Tavern. Refuse and he'll attack. He is a trainer for security, short blade, and sneak.

Return Silver Bowl to Piernette Beluelle

Nothing here takes place in Pelagiad per se, but you get a disposition boost in the town for completing the quest, and I'll use the town to locate the two pertinent locations for the quest. That said, head northwest out of town, then north at the intersection, and then continue northeast until you see a path leading west (left). Take that left path to Ulummusa. Inside this cave, kill all the bandits and take the silver bowl on top of the chest in the area with Godrod Hairy-Breeks (sounds like a Vvardenfell porn name). You've got the bowl, now where is Piernette? Go back to Pelagiad. Head straight east of the town, cut straight east through the Dren Plantation, and cross the river. If you stayed in a beeline, you're right on or near a three-way intersection of paths. There may be a guy and his pack guar right at the intersection unless you escorted Teris Raledran and Rollie the Guar to Vivec already. At this intersection, take the southeast path. Down this path, on your left (to your north) will be a farmhouse. That's Piernette's Farmhouse. Enter and give her the bowl. Everyone is Pelagiad will love you for this.

Unite Maurrie Aumine with Nelos Onmar

Head northwest out of Caldera, then north at the intersection, and then continue northeast past the path leading west to Ulummusa. Continue straight on the northwest path and you will see a woman on the right side of the road – this is Maurrie. She got mugged but fell for the mugger. Good grief, Charlie Brown! Take her glove and bring it to Nelos in Pelagiad's Halfway Tavern. He will give you a note to take back to Maurrie. They will run off together eventually, but first Maurrie will refer you to Emusette Bracques in Tel Aruhn's Plot and Plaster (if you're a guy), or to Barnand Erelie in Tel Branora's Sethan Tradehouse (if you're a girl). See your respective person for a reward of some health potions.

Sadrith Mora

Stop the Gateway Inn Haunting

Talk to anyone in the Gateway Inn about the "latest rumors" and you'll hear about the haunting. Talk to Angaredhel in the entry room to the Inn and he'll put you to work solving the haunting. Go to Arara Uvulas in the Telvanni Council House in town and she'll tell you it sounds like the work of a conjuration expert. Now go to the Mage's Guild in Wolverine Hall and ask anyone about "conjuration experts" and they'll refer you to Uleni Heleran, right here in the guild. Talk to Uleni (boost her disposition to 50) and she'll fess up and give you some papers to give to Angaredhel. Return to Angaredhel and give him the papers. I believe that you are supposed to have choices about revealing Uleni to Angaredhel, but I never seem to have them work for me – so just spill the beans and choose your reward – a fighter, mage, or thief ring.

Seyda Neen

Help Out Vodunius Nuccius

Talk to Vodunius about advice and he'll tell you to talk to Darvame Hleran, the silt strider operator. Talk to Darvame about "Vodunius Nuccius" and he'll tell you more about Vodunius. Now talk to Vodunius again, this time about "Vodunius Nuccius" (yes, you heard me right), and he'll offer to sell you his cursed ring so he can get some cash to get outta Dodge (so to speak). Do it, and you'll have cursed ring, less money, and a warm fuzzy feeling for having helped him out.

Investigate the Missing Tax Collector

Head over the north bridge out of town, cross the inlet to the west, and head northwest on the peninsula to find the body of Processus Vitellius. Take the loot from the corpse and head back to Socucius Ergalla in the Census and Excise Office. Give him the tax money and he'll offer you 500 gp to solve the murder. Head straight for Foryn Gilnith's Shack and confront him. You have the option of letting him go, but why? Kill him, report back to Socucius for your reward, and you can even take Processus' ring to Tavere Vedrano in the lighthouse for a couple of healing potions (she was his girl).

Look Out Below!

Take the road northwest out of town and you'll notice a large book on the ground. As you approach, you'll hear a cry and a Bosmer will crash to the ground near the book, dead upon impact. You can take the book and loot the dead Bosmer. Read the book to learn what happened.

Return Fargoth's Ring

You found the Engraved Ring of Healing as part of your character generation process. Locate Fargoth wandering around town and give it to him. This act will improve your disposition inside Arrille's Tradehouse.

Steal Fargoth's Ring

Having given the ring back to Fargoth, now you're going to steal it again. Head upstairs inside Arrille's Tradehouse and talk to Hrisskar. Accept his offer. Now make your way to the top of the lighthouse in town and wait till dark (about 8 or 9 is fine). Watch below until you see Fargoth head for the tree stump in the middle of the swampy-looking pond. Once he's walked away from it, head down and remove the contents from the tree stump and return to Hrisskar for your share of the loot.


Escort Paur Maston to Molag Mar

Straight southwest from Oran Manor in Suran, across the water, is Paur Maston. He's near Dirara Drom's Farmhouse. He wants you to take him to Molag Mar to rendezvous with his partner, Vanjirra. You can start walking south and east of his location and follow the signs to Molag Mar, or you can work your way back into Suran and take the silt strider to Molag Mar. Regardless, Vanjirra is right near the bridge into Molag Mar. Talk to her for compensation in the form of an amulet.

Escort Tul to Sterdecan's Farm

Exit the town north and follow the path to the rope bridge that leads west. Not too far on the other side of the bridge is Tul. He wants you to take him to Sterdecan's Farmhouse. From the point where you pick up Tul, continue northwest along the path, and when the path ends, just keep going northwest in a straight line. Sterdecan is in the field. As you approach, Tul reveals himself to be a Camonna Tong assassin, giving you the choice of walking away or stopping him from killing Sterdecan. Kill Tul and Sterdecan will give you a ring for your efforts.

Fight Umbra

You're going to want to levitate to get to this guy. Umbra is an Orc warrior with a great sword, the Umbra Sword. If you stand in between the Suran Slave Market and Tradehouse, he is directly east of you, but on the other side of the mountains. Get there however you wish, and once you do, start talking to him. Following his dialogue leads it boils down to him wanting a warrior's death – meaning a fight. Be prepared, this guy is tough. There is a common bug whereby this quest will not clear after you kill him. To clear your journal afterward, open the console with the "~" key and type: Journal "MS_Umbra" 60

Find Haj-Ei

In Desele's House of Earthly Delights, talk to Daric Bielle about the escaped slave, Haj-Ei. If you have a high intelligence score (90+), this quest will solve itself without even breaking the conversation. If you're not that bright (no offense), talk to people around town about Haj-Ei and Bielle's guide, Hides-His-Eyes. You'll eventually want to talk to Dranas Sarathram in the Suran Slave Market. He will tell you that Haj-Ei means Hides-His-Eyes in Argonian. Go back to Daric and tell him this and you'll get your cash. If you want to stop in and visit the slave, he's upstairs in the Suran Tradehouse.

Tel Branora

Kill Trerayna Dalen

Walking around the ramps of Tel Branora is Mollimo of Cloudrest. He wants you to kill Trerayna Dalen. She is with a group of her cohorts to the southwest of the tower. He'll give you 1,000 gp for the job.

Tel Fyr

Plunder the Dungeon

Divayth himself will allow you to plunder his dungeon – but be careful of what you steal right in front of him. See, he's got all these chests and locked containers scattered through his tower, as well as the numbered keys to open them. You simply (?) have to find the right key for each container, although the locks can be picked or opened with spells, too – but what fun is that? Heck, he's throwing down the gauntlet – are you just gonna walk away? Let's get to it!

Note: refrain from attacking the inhabitants of the Corprusarium and it's Bowels – even if they attack you first – they are all slow moving and easy to avoid.

First, take the key from the table next to him – he won't attack. Go down to the Corprusarium and inside you'll come to a "T" intersection – let's call this the main intersection. Head left (west) and the passage will turn north into a room with a chest directly ahead of you and path leading left and right. Use the key to open the chest right in front of you. Now take the key from that chest and head back to where you came from, but take the right (east) path this time. As the path takes you north continue past the gate on your right and in the next chamber you'll see a pool to your right – there's a chest in the pool underneath the ledge. Open it, take it's key, and head back to the gate you just passed. There's another chest in here for you to open, take the key from this chest and go back to the main intersection. Take the west passage again, but when you get to the room with first chest you opened, take the left (west) passage to enter a room with another chest. Open it and take the key. Now head back upstairs to Onyx Hall. When you exit the Corprusarium, you are in the room with Delte Fyr, exit this room and enter the room on your right – open the chest in that room and take it's key. Now head back down through the Corprusarium and move straight ahead to the entrance to the Corprusarium Bowels. Once in the Bowels, continue to walk straight ahead to reach another chest. Open it and take the key. Okay, you're almost done. Take this key and go all the way back up to Divayth Fyr. The key you just obtained opens the small ornate lockbox on the shelves to your left. Inside is the last key in this little chase as well as the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet (see the next quest below). Take this key back down to the Corprusarium Bowels and locate Yagrum Bagarn. Next to him is the last locked chest in this quest, which contains the artifacts, Volendrung (a hammer). Whew! As an aside, you can find several cool items in and around the Tower and Corprusarium and it's Bowels, most notably the Daedric mace, Scourge, in the chest near to Divayth, and the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide in the closet on the same floor.

Retrieve the Daedric Crescent

In the Tower of Tel Fyr's Hall of Fyr, in the same room with Divayth Fyr, is a small ornate lockbox. If you can open it (see the previous quest), you'll find the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet within. Equipping this item will present you with the option of traveling to Magas Volar, a Daedric shrine occupied by the fearsome Lord Dregas Volar, a dremora lord. He'll attack you, naturally, and he's tough, also naturally. But if you kill him, you automatically receive his weapon, the Daedric Crescent, the amulet is removed from your inventory, and you will be teleported back to Tel Fyr's Hall of Fyr.

Tel Vos

Talk to the Zainab Ashlanders

Levitate up to Aryon's Chambers and talk to Turedus Talanian. He wants you to find out what trade goods the Ashlanders need. Go to the Zainab Camp and speak to a female Ashlander to find out. Report back to Turedus for some money, an amulet of levitation, and a disposition boost.

Urshilaku Camp

Kill Zallay Subaddamael

Note: you'll only get this if you completed the part of the main quest that had you get Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow for the Ashkhan, Sul-Matuul.

Go into Kurapli's Yurt and "discuss" "personal vengeance." He'll ask that you kill Zallay. In return, he'll give you Airan-Ahhe's Spirit Spear. Zallay's Yurt is on the Dagon Fel island. It is on the south coast, directly south of the end of the inlet that cuts into the island from the north, and straight west of the Dralas Ancestral Tomb. If he doesn't present you with the appropriate dialogue options, open the console and click on Kurapli, and then type in: AddTopic "Discuss" and hit enter


All of these quests take place in and around the various cantons in Vivec, but there are a lot of inter-canton quests, so I've just lumped them all together here.

Apologize to Trebonius for Tarer Braryn

Note: Trebonius needs to be alive for this quest, so if you killed him to become Arch-Mage the quest is not available.

Tarer is in Vivec Temple's Hall of Justice, Office of the Watch. After talking to him and getting his story, go to Trebonius and apologize. Trebonius will give you a potion to bring back to Tarer to cure him of his rash.

Assist in Murder Investigation for Elam Andas

Talk to Elam in the Vivec Temple's Hall of Justice, Office of the Watch (same room as Tarer, above), about work. Head down to the Foreign Quarter Underworks and find the Dunmer woman (Dreamer Prophet) in question. In all likelihood, she'll attack you on sight. Kill her and Elam will give you a choice of rewards (Indoril Helm and Cuirass or the Belt of the Armor of God).

Break Cassius Olcinius' Curse

Outside the trader shop in the Plaza of St. Delyn, Cassius will approach you. He's cursed with invisibility. Go inside the trader shop and tell his father and he'll toss you some gold to help out. Now go to Fevyn Ralen, the mage on the Telvanni Waistworks Level. Pay the 400 gp that Cassius owes Fevyn and he'll lift the curse. Return to the St. Delyn Plaza and Cassius will thank you. Now go to his father inside the trader shop and get reimbursed for your expense plus another 100 gp.

Clear Aurane Frernis' Name

Talk to Domalen in the Foreign Quarter Plaza and he'll give you a leaflet. Take it to Aurane Frernis, the apothecary in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks Level. She'll ask you to investigate this slanderous leaflet. Talk to Domalen again and he'll point you toward Galuro Belan, the apothecary in the Telvanni Waistworks. Talk to Galuro and she'll give you 100 gp not to rat her out. Accept her offer and then go back to Aurane and rat her out anyway. Aurane will give you another 100 gp.

Collect Roland's Tears for Aurane

Since you've been so nice, Aurane will ask you to collect some rare Roland's tear flowers for her. The tears are found in Gold Kanet flowers, but only around Ald Sotha. Head to Ald Sotha and collect the tears (they look just like regular gold kanet flowers and grow in plants labeled "gold kanet"). The plants on the peninsula on the east side of the shrine have the tears.

Escort Teris Raledran and Rollie the Guar

Head straight north out of the Vivec Foreign Quarter Canton and the road will begin to bear northwest. Stay headed northwest and you'll finally come to a "T" intersection where you will find Teris and Rollie. They are directly east of the Dren Plantation. Talk to Teris and then accompany them back to Vivec. Teris will dump off Rollie before you get too close, then it'll just be you and Teris. Take him into the Foreign Quarter Canalworks to Agrippina Herennia and you'll get 200 gp for your services.

Find Danar Uvelas

Go to the St. Olms Canton and ask about "latest rumors." This will direct you to Moroni Uvelas in the Brewers and Fishmongers Hall on the Waistworks Level. Moroni wants to know what happened to her husband. Go to the St. Olms Underworks and kill the corprus stalker you find there. You just found Danar. Take the ring from it/him and return it to Moroni.

Get Rid of Marcel Maurard for Miun-Gei

Visit Miun-Gei, the enchanter in the Foreign Quarter's Lower Waistworks section. He'll have you talk to the "annoying fool," Marcel, who is outside Miun-Gei's shop. He won't leave but he will reveal his line of work. Go to Curio Manor in the Hlaalu Plaza and talk to Crassius Curio about his "theater troupe" and his new play. You'll get a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid. Now you can go back to Marcel and tell him about it, and he'll leave. For finally getting rid of Marcel, Miun-Gei will give you an Iron Shardskewer.

Get Weapons Contract for Alusaron

Go to the Foreign Quarter Plaza and talk to the smith, Alusaron. He'll ask you to steal a weapons contract from his rival across the plaza, Ralen Tilvur. The contract is downstairs (behind a locked door) in Ralen's shop. Bring the contract to Alusaron for a Firebite War Axe.

Help Balen Andrano

Balen is the trader in the Redoran Canton Waistworks. He will ask you to change his rival's luck from good to bad. Take the Dwarven bone he gives you and go to Jeanne, the trader in the Foreign Quarter Canalworks level. You must sneak undetected into her backroom (it is locked, but there is a key in the main room of the shop). Once within the back room, place the Dwarven bone into her chest and leave. For doing this, Balen will give you a sleep amulet. Now go to Jeanne again and talk to her and you actually get to remove the Dwarven spirit you inflicted on her. You can either kill it directly, or remove the Dwarven bone from the chest. For doing this, Jeanne will give you a Steel Shardmauler. You sly dog…

Help Gadayn Andarys Find Love

Among the plants outside the general store on the Hlaalu Plaza is a love letter. Take it to Gadayn inside the general goods store and offer to help him. Talk to the object of his affections, Eraldil (in the Hlaalu Waistworks) and she'll shoot him down, but mention her cousin, Glathel. Bring this cheery tidbit to Gadayn and he'll be willing to give you a love potion to give to Eraldil. Be like, "uh… I guess that's cool, man – you know, drugging a girl to get your way with her," but cooler still is to hook our boy up with the cousin, Glathel. Mention this to him and save him from wrongdoing. Once you got him hooked on the cousin, disappear for ten days. When you return he's as happy as a bug in a rug. Glathel rocks. He'll give you a Flamemirror Robe and a discount on all your purchases to show you how happy he is.

Recover Tinos Drothan's Glass

Exit Vivec from the Telvanni Canton's bridge and once onto the mainland, head north. Tinos will be off to your left – he's in a direct line west of Ald Sotha. Tinos will ask you to go to Beshara (if his disposition is at least 50), a cave straight southeast from where you are right now, just a little in from the coast. Inside you can safely kill the two bandits, and Alvur Hleran has the key to the chest that holds Tinos' glass.

Steal Limeware for Alarvyne Indalas

Go to the Glassworker's Hall off the St. Delyn Plaza and speak to Alarvyne. She'll ask you to steal some limeware for her. Okay. Go to Ebonheart and enter the Chun-Ook, a ship docked there. The limeware is in a crate on the lower level of the ship. There are Imperial guards everywhere, so you'll have to be ultra-stealthy about all lock-pickings and the theft itself. Did I really need to tell you that? Bring the goods back to Alarvyne for 1,500 gp.

Talk to Ennbjof

Inside the Lizard's Head Tavern on the Telvanni Waistworks is Ennbjof. Get some matze to offer him and then ask him about his "little secret." He'll give you the key to the Marvani Ancestral Tomb. To locate the tomb find Tel Branora on your map. Now note the peninsula from the mainland directly northwest of the island Tel Branora is on. The southwestern shore of that peninsula has an island semi-attached to it. On that little island's southeastern tip's coast is Marvani. Once inside, explore. You'll ultimately find yourself traveling down a long winding stairway that will lead you to Tukushapal. Inside Tukushapal's little maze is a door leading to Tukushapal, Sepulcher. Inside there one of the coolest bounties ever – on a boat with a skeleton is a ton of stuff, and what's more, if you can levitate, you can get the Daedric Face of God helmet and Daedric warhammer on the ledge above you.