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The Telvanni are vaguely sinister types that aren't very popular outside of their own ranks. You're going to need to be able to levitate with this house, as it is the House of wizards and the occult. The Telvanni Councilors are all represented by spokespeople called "Mouths." Both the Mouths and Councilors will give you quests. Telvanni quests are called "chores" and you will inquire about them to get work. As you advance in rank and complete tasks, you'll also get the option to learn some spells. You'll advance until you are the House Archmagister. You'll get your stronghold, too, and with this House, you'll even have your own "Mouth" who will do a couple of quests for you. Neat, huh? Alright, shake it off and work on a scowl -- this is House Telvanni.

Favored abilities: intelligence and willpower Favored skills: alteration, conjuration, destruction, enchant, illusion, mysticism Friends: none Foes: Sixth House, Mages Guild; Imperial Cult and Legion, Redoran, Hlaalu, Ashlanders, Temple, Vampire Clans Stronghold: Uvirith's grave, between the Urshilaku Camp and the dwemer ruin, Mzanchend -- your stronghold will be in the style of the wizard towers found in Tel Vos, Tel Mora, and Tel Branora and it will be called Tel Uvirith

Your first 11 quests are going to be given by the aforementioned Mouths (5 Mouths altogether), and talk about convenience -- they're all located in one room -- the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora.

Mouth Raven Omayn

Get Muck

Bring Raven 5 pieces of muck. If you need to buy it, Anis Seloth in Sadrith Mora sells it.

Get Black Jinx Ring

Get this ring for Raven. Alven Salas in the Morag Tong Guildhall right here in Sadrith Mora has it. Talk to Alven to bump his disposition to about 60 and he'll duel you for it, so you don't have to worry about getting in trouble for just killing him. Have Raven promote you to Oathman rank.

Mouth Arara Uvulas

Get Sload Soap

She needs sload soap. Go to Anis Seloth and buy it. This is too easy so far, right?

Get Staff of Silver Dawn

Arielle Phiencel in the Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall (right here in Sadrith Mora) has the one (its unique). Go to her and buy it off of her. Have Arara promote you to Lawman.

Mouth Felisa Ulessen

Deliver Therana's Skirt

Felisa will give you a skirt to bring to Therana in Tel Branora's Upper Tower. There's a catch -- Therana will want you to put it on, and once you do, she'll attack you. Solution? Talk to her slave and tell the slave to put it on. Don't laugh when she attacks and kills the slave. Report back to Arara. Weird job well done. Hey, if you feel bad about the slave thing, you can let Therana attack you instead (just wear the skirt when she asks you) and then split -- heck, Arara even gave you some scrolls to help you beat a hasty retreat.

Quell Revolt in Abebaal Egg Mine

Here's your chance to make up for letting the crazy Mistress Therana kill a poor helpless Khajiit slave. Or, here's your chance to be mean to slaves if you spared Therana's slave but wish you hadn't. Or, it's your chance to continue on in your brutal or humane ways. Whatever. You have to put down a slave revolt in the Abebaal Egg Mine. The mine is northwest of Tel Branora. Inside the mine is Eleedal-Lei. You can kill him or free him. If you want to free him, find the crate next to the kwama queen. The key is within. Unlock his bracers and he'll free the rest of the slaves. Either way you can report back successfully. If you ask about advancement, you'll be told you need a sponsor, just like in the other two Houses.

Mouth Mallam Ryon

Question Baladas Demnevanni

Talk to Mallam and he'll tell you to see Baladas. Baladas is in Gnisis, in his own little building called Arvs-Drelen. Boost Baladas' disposition before you talk to him because Mallam wants you to ask him 3 questions. The higher Baladas' disposition, the better his answers will be. But, interesting side note here -- it doesn't really matter about the quality of the answers as long as you asked the questions. Take that for what you will. Ask Baladas about the Disappearance of the Dwarves, Dwemer Artifacts, and the Dwemer Language. That's it -- you did your job.

Get Dwemer Scarab Schematics

You need to get these for Mallam. They can be found in the Dwemer ruin Nchuleft, in the Central Tower of Tel Vos, or in Sorkvild the Raven's Tower in Dagon Fel. Take your pick.

Mouth Galos Mathendis

Deliver Message

You will have to deliver a message to Divayth Fyr, in Tel Fyr, in the Tower of Tel Fyr, in the Hall of Fyr. And then bring back his written response. Fyr enough?

Buy Cure Blight Potions

You need to purchase 3 of these and bring them to Andil. The potions can be bought at Pierlette Rostorard's apothecary shop in Sadrith Mora. Andil is in the Tel Vos Services Tower on the 2nd floor.

Get Daedra Skin

Yes, you have to get Daedra skin -- you can buy it from Anis Seloth (we should be getting a discount from this guy by now) -- but no, you're not going to bring it back to Galos. In fact, you're done with the Mouths. Bring the skin to Master Aryon in Tel Vos. Aryon is in the top of the tower, accessible only by levitating to a door on the outside of the tower (and not easy to find at that). Give him the skin, and talk to him about being your patron. He'll tell you he will be your patron if you can get Baladas to join the Telvanni Council.

Master Aryon and Baladas Demnevanni

I'm lumping these two together because you're gong to do a little back and forth work between the two of them to get yourself a patron, a bump in rank, and some support from Baladas. It'll also set you up for starting your stronghold construction, which is coming up right after these quests.

Get Books for Baladas

Baladas (Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen -- remember?) wants three books. Before you bother him with joining the Telvanni, let's make nice with him first. He wants a copy of each of the following: Chronicles of Nchuleft, Antecedents of Dwemer Law, and Nchunak's Fire and Faith. The Holamayan Monastery has all three. The Tribunal Temple Secret Library in Vivec does, too. Or you can put together the collection by visiting Jobasha in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks and Dorisa Darvel at her bookstore in Balmora.

Now that you got his books, give them to him. Now ask him about joining the ranks of the council and he'll agree. Go back to Aryon and he'll make you his Mouth (neat trick, that; or: ewww…) and then give the rank of Spellwright. This will make you eligible to pick up Baladas' second quest. Achtung, baby: Aryon will give you the laughable Silver Staff of Peace when you are made a Mouth. Resist the urge to use it for kindling. Keep it. You're gonna need it later. Oh, also, you'll notice some changes among the Mouths. Galos is gone (you took his job even if not his spot), and there's a new Mouth there to serve Baladas.

Get Dahrk Mezalf's Ring

Dahrk has a ring that Baladas wants. Dahrk can be found in the Dwemer ruin of Bthungthumz, which is north and west of Maar Gan (it's right next door to Druscashti, the Quarra Vampire headquarters). Dahrk is inside. Kill him and all the other baddies that you'll encounter and bring Baladas the ring.

Stronghold and Councilor Quests

These quests will have you meet your stronghold contractor and get your stronghold started as well as have you running one errand each for 3 different Telvanni Councilors.

Stronghold Phase I

Llunela Hleran is your stronghold-building contractor. Llunela can be found in the bowels of the Telvanni Council House, in the section called Hermitage. As with the other Houses, you'll first need to get a Construction Contract from Duke Dren in the Ebonheart Grand Council Chambers. Llunela will also give you two grand soulgems that you must fill with the souls of some kind of powerful Daedra -- storm atronachs, winged twilights, or golden saints. Dremora lords, skeletons champions, ash ghouls, or ascended sleepers should work fine, too (they all have soul scores over 150), but I always went with the saints and twilights. You can use summoned creatures or go hunting. Once you get the gems filled and you get the contract from Dren, you can have her get started. Then wait five days and you're ready for the next phase.

Stronghold Phase II

If you read my other House walkthroughs, you'll know this next step is standard fare -- go to the site of your future stronghold (in this case, Uvirith's Grave) and talk to your Orc foreman, or in this case, forewoman. Then report back and wait another 5 days.

Stronghold Phase III

The next step for your Telvanni stronghold is to cough up 5,000 gp and a Dwemer schematic. You need to go to Mzanchend, which is a Dwemer ruin northwest of your stronghold at Uvirith's grave, and acquire the schematic that is found within. Plans and gold in hand, return to Llunela and wait 5 days. Okay that's as far as we can get with you stronghold until you're higher rank, so we're going to run a couple of errands and make friends with some Councilors.

Get Mistress Therana's Support

Go to Tel Branora to talk to Mistress Therana. The lunatic who made you put on a skirt before she attacked you has a quest for you. Or, the lunatic who killed the slave you tricked into wearing a skirt has a quest for you. This time she wants Auriel's Bow. She's going to mutter about "ash yams," and you'll get and close your quest talking by about them, but it is the bow that she wants. Ralyn Othravel in Ghostgate's Tower of Dawn is the possessor of the bow. Go there and taunt him into attacking you. Take his bow. Bring it back to Therana and she'll ask for it. She will attack you if you choose to keep it. If you turn it over you can accept or refuse a reward. If you refuse a reward, you'll get money anyway (uh, okay…). If you accept the reward (a-ha!) you'll get an enchanted Daedric cuirass and greaves. The armors have a constant 50-point feather effect. Nice.

Get Dratha's Support

Dratha in Tel Mora wants the Amulet of Flesh Made Whole. Go to Sadrith Mora. In the Tel Naga Tower, in the General Quarters section, there is a Bosmer named Berengeval. If you roamed through the section and didn't see him, look up when you're standing in the room with Vanel Serven. There's another floor above you. Kill Berengeval and take the amulet back to Dratha.

Get Master Neloth's Support

Neloth, in the Tel Naga Tower of Sadrith Mora, wants the Robe of Drake's Pride. Senise Thindo, who is in the Tel Aruhn Tower Living Quarters, is wearing it. Execute the upstart and take her robe back to Neloth. After you take care of this, let's bang out some quests for Aryon.

Master Aryon

You already got Baladas to join the Council, which takes care of Aryon's first quest. Talk to him about advancement now though, and he should make you a Wizard.

Cure the Queen

Again, a kwama queen. These things need to start taking vitamins -- I think every major faction has a "cure the sick kwama queen" quest. You need to cure the kwama queen in the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine of her blight. Aryon will offer to teach you the spell. Mudan-Mul is west of your location. Cure her and come back to poppa.

Learn Spells

You need to be able to know how to cast certain spells. You need to know a recall spell, some form of a levitate spell, and some form of fire attack spell. If you don't know one of each of these, go buy them (if nothing else, Felara Andrethi is in the Tel Aruhn Living Quarters, and she can teach you all of them) and then Aryon will reward you and move you toward the next quest.

Help Out at Odirniran

Odirniran is a sorcerer's lair east of Molag Mar. Make your way to Milvayn Faram in the Tower. He'll ask you to kill Remasa Othril but spare Vedelea Othril (who's imprisoned in his tower section of the dome). Take care of this and you're good to go.

Break Mages Guild Monopoly

Aryon wants you to break the Mages Guild monopoly on selling and training in magical venues. House Hlaalu is in agreement, but you have to get House Redoran on board. Talk first to Athyn Sarethi in Ald'ruhn's Manor District Building, in the Sarethi Manor. As long as you can get his disposition over 50, you'll get a dialogue topic for an "appeal to fairness" that will thereafter show up in other Redoran Councilor's dialogue options. Once that is done, you need to get two more Redoran Councilors to support the change. Whomever you choose to petition, you must get their disposition up to 40 and use the "appeal to fairness" topic. Your choices include (they're all within this Manor District, but in their particular manors): Miner Arobar in Arobar Manor, Garisa Llethri in Llethri Manor, Hlaren Ramoran in Ramoran Manor, or Brara Morvayn in the (think I'm going to say Morvayn Manor?) Redoran Council Hall, in the Morvayn Quarters (tricked ya!).

Help Out at Shishi

Not sushi, Shishi. Instead of cold fish you get to go to this Telvanni base, which is west and northwest of the Holamayan Monastery. Your job is to kill all the Redoran in the dome and rescue Faves. After exterminating the Redoran scum, activate the Breton skull on the table on the top floor. This will reveal a trap door on the floor below you. Go on in and talk to Faves before returning to Aryon.

Get a Mouth

Not the organ, the person. Go to Balmora to Fast Eddie's House. Near Eight Plates is Itan's House, the door overlooking the river. Eddie's door is right there, too, but it won't show on your Balmora map (or at least it didn't show on mine -- probably because the two doors are right on top of each other). Go in there and ask Eddie to be your Mouth. You'll have to give him the Silver Staff of Peace that I told you to hang on to. Next time you're in the Telvanni Council House, Eddie will be standing on a dais just like all the other Mouths. He sure looks like crap compared to the others. Geez. He should've asked for some more respectable clothes instead of a staff.

Kill Raynasa Rethan

Every house will have you kill your rival peer in each of the other two houses at their strongholds. Aryon will first ask you to go to Rethan Manor, on the Odai Plateau near Balmora, and kill Raynasa Rethan.

Kill Banden Indarys

Then, you will be asked to go to Indarys Manor at Bal Isra and kill Banden Indarys.

Kill Archmagister Gothren

After the Indarys hit, talk to Aryon about advancement and he should move you from master to Magister. You may need to explore some dialogue options, as I have read that were some bugs with this, but I personally had no problems. You basically resign your former post and then accept the next. To make Archmagister, you must dispose of the reigning Archmagister, who is Gothren, in the Upper Tower of Tel Aruhn. You should already have all the other Councilors support since you did their quests. Go to Tel Aruhn and kill Gothren and his two Nancy-boy Dremora guards. I taunted him just to be on the safe side. Go back to Aryon and you're officially the new Archmagister of House Telvanni.

But wait! There's more…


Stronghold Phase IV

Now that you're the boss, head back to Llunela and talk about your stronghold again. It's time to put the finishing touches on it. She'll ask you to retrieve the book, Secrets of the Dwemer Animunculi, from the vampire lair Galom Daeus. Galom Daeus is a Dwemer ruin in the north central part of the Molag Amur, southwest of Uvirith's Grave. It is the Berne Vampire Clan headquarters. Too bad. Go there anyway and get the book. After you turn it over to Llunela, wait 5 days and your stronghold is complete.

Send Eddie to Get the Ring of Equity

Now that you have an errand boy, uh, I mean, Mouth… let's put him to work. There are two items you can have Fast Eddie retrieve for you. Find Eddie with the other Mouths and talk to him about chores and the "ring of equity". You'll need to give him a Key to Tel Naga, and then wait five days for your journal to update and he'll have the ring to give you. If you don't have the key, you can mug almost anyone in Tel Naga for one, including, but not limited to Vanel Serven, Endar Brenim, and Faldan.

Send Eddie to Get the Amulet of Unity

As above, talk to your boy-toy about chores and then the "amulet of unity" to have him get this item for you. You will need to give him 5 standard potions of invisibility first and then wait five days for his return. Technically, with both of these quests, you can just stand there and wait for five days and notice that he never actually leaves, but when your journal update appears, he'll have the goods. Pretty slick -- no wonder he's called Fast Eddie.

Closing note about the Fast Eddie quests: it is possible that you will not get the topics for the ring or the amulet. If you don't, open the console, click on Eddie, and then type in: AddTopic "Ring of Equity". Close out the console and the topic is present in Eddie's dialogue options. If necessary, after Eddie finished the ring quest, repeat the aforementioned steps for the amulet, but obviously, type in "Amulet of Unity" instead of "Ring of Equity".

And that concludes the House Telvanni quests.