Imperial Legion
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The soldiers and guards of the Empire, the Imperial legion has four forts on Vvardenfell: Fort Moonmoth near Balmora, Fort Buckmoth near Ald'ruhn, Fort Darius near Gnisis, and Fort Hawkmoth in Ebonheart. To join the legion, you must go to Gnisis and enter the Madach Tradehouse. Downstairs, through a closed door, you will find General Darius. He will allow you to join and be your first quest-giver. For all legion quests, you must be wearing some form of Imperial cuirass (you will be given a basic Imperial chain cuirass when you join) when you address your quest-giver. As you advance in rank, you will receive various armor pieces as rewards.

Favored abilities: endurance and personality
Favored skills: acrobatics, athletics, long blade, security, sneak, spear
Friends: Imperial Cult, Blades, Fighters Guild; Hlaalu, Redoran, Mages Guild
Foes: Sixth House; Vampire Clans, Camonna Tong, Ashlanders; Temple, Telvanni, Thieves Guild

General Darius

Your first quest-giver, he is in Gnisis' Madach Tradehouse.

Acquire Land Deed

Your first orders will be to get a land deed from Widow Vabdas. Vabdas lives in a hut just west of Gnisis, behind the hill. Talk to her about the land deed and she'll tell you that her husband was murdered. Go to the Gnisis Egg Mine and talk to the guard there to get in. Once inside, go to the Lower Egg Mine and then to the Underground Stream. En route you will be accosted by Lugrub gro-Ogdum, who will threaten you to move along with haste. Don't let him sweat you. If you want to kill him, go ahead -- you're going to kill him sooner or later anyway. Once past Lugrub, head to the Underground Stream. The spirit of Mansilamat Vabdas (the widow's dead hubby) will stop you, indict Lugrub in his murder, and direct you to obtain his axe, which is located in the water just past him. Do all this, and if you're so inclined, kill Lugrub on the way out. Go back to Darius with the axe and tell him about the murder, offering the axe as proof. He'll ask you to kill Lugrub next, so if you ignored me the first two times, go back to the mine and kill him now.

Cure Kwama Queen

Sigh. Go back to the Gnisis Egg Mine and find the kwama queen. You need to cast a cure blight spell on her. If this is a problem for you, stop by Hetman Abelmawia's hut first -- he sells scrolls of Daerir's Blessing, which will cure blight. After curing the kwama queen, go back and tell Darius.

Rescue Madura Seran

You have to go to Ald Velothi. South and slightly west of the Outpost is the Aidanat Camp (a tent). Inside is Madura. You have to secure her release and escort her back to the outpost. You can pay for her release (500 gp) or kill the renegade Ashlanders who are holding her captive. I don't think it makes much difference. Once she's inside the Outpost, you're good to go.

Rescue Ragash gra-Shuzgub

This Orc is in Arvs-Drelen -- the Velothi dome right here in town. Head inside and then go right and downstairs. He's in the prison cell. Open it up and have him follow you out.

Uncover Talos Conspiracy

Go to the Gnisis barracks, and inside talk to Oritius Maro about the Talos Cult. He'll give you a key and direct you downstairs. Head downstairs and into the secret basement room where you can talk to Arius Rulican. Arius will tell you to look around. How about looking in the little locked chest on the altar? Pick it open and take out the contents. Ooh, he didn't like that. Now he's attacking you. Good. You have to kill him anyway. Head back out, but pause by Oritius long enough for him to attack you, too, so that you can kill him. Now go back to Darius and give him the letter as proof. If for some reason you didn't kill Oritius, you'll be asked to do so now. This is Darius' last quest, and it should have netted you the title of Champion.

Imsin the Dreamer

Imsin is in the Buckmoth Fort just south of Ald'ruhn.

Incriminate Smuggler

Head over to Ald'ruhn and locate Drinar Varyon's house. Drinar is inside. You need to steal the Dwemer tube that is hidden amid the redware pots on the table in the rear left of the house. Once you have it, bring it to Imsin. If you did the Hlaalu quests for Odral Helvi, but worked with Crassius on the side, Drinar's gone and you'll never get this quest.

Rescue Joncis Dalomax

Joncis is in the Daedric shrine of Ashurnibibi. Ashurnibibi is on an island northwest of Hla Oad. Inside, you'll need to swim underwater and levitate to navigate the interior and reach Joncis (behind a locked door). Luckily, you don't need to escort him out, but you will have to have killed all his captors before he'll tell you he can find his own way out.

Retrieve Maiden's Token

You have to go to the cave, Assumanu, and get a glove in the possession of Varona Nelas. Assumanu is on the same island as Ald Redaynia, but to the east and near the southern shore, south and somewhat west of the Andavel Ancestral Tomb. Everyone in the cave can be killed, and Varona will have to be, since she will not give you the glove and will turn hostile if you talk to her about it. Once you get the glove, you can return it to Ilmeni Dren, in Vivec's St. Delyn Canton, in Canal South-One. You don't have to return the glove to her though, as it is sufficient to acquire it and then report back to Imsin. After this quest for Imsin, you should have been eligible to advance to the rank of Knight Errant.

Radd Hard-Heart

Radd is in the Moonmoth Legion Fort near Balmora (head south out of town, and it's to the east).

Get Scrap Metal

Radd will suggest heading over to Arkngthand to track some down, but it doesn't matter where you go to get it. He merely wants one piece of Dwemer scrap metal to satisfy this quest.

Rescue Jocien Ancois

This guy got himself kidnapped by renegade Ashlanders. He's in the Shashurari Camp, which is located by heading north out of the Erabenimsun Camp, and then west. There is a trail of his pages to follow, which will take you along a lava river and past an escaped slave named Reeh-Jah. When you get to the camp, you have two options -- you can simply kill his captors or work out a deal. The killing option is far quicker and easier. Nonetheless, you may also elect to speak to his captor, Zennammu, who will mention needing a strong man. Head back to the Erabenimsun Camp and talk to Assaba-Bentus. He'll resist, but bust his chops about being afraid of women, and he'll follow you back to the Shashurari Camp, where you can exchange him for Jocien. Sucker.

Rescue Dandsa

Dandsa is being held in Abernanit, a cave southwest of Gnaar Mok on a bulbous peninsula. The entrance is in a swampy pool and is easy to miss. Head in, kill everyone except Dandsa, and escort her out. Don't report back yet -- you can do the next quest while you're here and save yourself some travel time.

Kill Breeding Netch

North of Abernanit, along the mainland coast, and north of Gnaar Mok (but not on the little island that Gnaar Mok is on), are two breeding netch -- one betty and one bull. They can wander, but they are placed close together. They will be hostile, unlike ordinary netch. Find ‘em and kill ‘em. Now head back to Radd.

Kill Sorkvild the Raven

Go to Dagon Fel and locate Sorkvild's Tower. Head inside and upstairs. Kill any opposition, loot freely, and most importantly, kill Sorkvild himself. Sorkvild is the possessor of the Masque of Clavicus Vile; so don't neglect to take it off his corpse if you're so inclined. This was Radd's last quest, and you should have advanced to Knight Protector before parting ways with him.

Frald the White

Frald is in the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, which is in the city of Ebonheart itself. Frald will not be able to promote you any further -- only Varus Vantinius, the current Knight of the Imperial Dragon, can do that. But after Frald, we're going to see Varus, so hang in there.

Visit Salyn Sarethi

Salyn Sarethi is in the Lower Level of Ghostgate's Tower of Dusk. You are to talk to him about "courtesy" and accept his riddle challenge. There are three riddles and the correct answer to each one is the third choice he gives. Once you're done with this, go back to Frald.

Kill Honthjolf

Honthjolf is a former member of the Legion that needs to get whacked. This clown can be found in the cave called Aharnabi. Aharnabi is just to the south of the statue of Azura, on the opposite of that little peninsula.

Kill Suryn Athones

Trouble. This Ordinator is in Vivec's Hall of Justice, in the Justice Offices. He has his own little office. Talk to him about "slander," and he won't back down. Goad him into attack to take him out.

Escort Saprius Entius

Go to Vivec's Arena Canton and look for the Arena Storage area. Inside are three doors and a couple of rats. The unlocked door harbors Entius. The moment you talk to him, two Ordinators will warp in behind you and attack. Dice ‘em up as you see fit and then talk to Entius again. You're going to escort him back to the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison in Ebonheart. Afterward, see Frald to finish up his last quest.

Varus Vantinius

Varus is in Ebonheart, too -- in the Grand Council Chambers. Enter; turn left and go around the left corner and up the stairs. Varus is up there along with Duke Vedam Dren and a couple of guards. He will give you your last assignment and ultimately promote you to his rank -- well, more-or-less. You'll see what I mean.

Get the Lord's Mail

Varus is going to have you get the Lord's Mail, which is in the possession of Furius Acilius. Furius, conveniently, is holed up beneath Ebonheart. Here's how to get to him: Go downstairs and enter the Imperial Commission. From there, go into the Imperial Garrison. Go down those stairs and enter the first door on your left -- beneath the pillow is a key. Swipe it. Now go back upstairs and back into the Imperial Commission. Go down the stairs in the Imperial Commission and go left -- there are two doors and two guards. Enter the door on your left -- there's a shrine inside. The wall on right has a secret door with a level 95 lock. Guess what? You got the key. Enter the underground caves and seek out Furius. Kill him and take the armor back to Varus.

Get Chrysamere

The next item Varus wants is the sword Chrysamere. Head to the cave Abanabi, located on the second island north of the Dreloth Ancestral Tomb, directly southwest from Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora (not on the island directly west of the Hall). Inside, you'll be looking for Draramu Hloran, who currently wields the blade. Kill her and bring the sword back to Varus.

Fight Varus for the Title

Now that he's got a great cuirass and sword, you can fight Varus for the title of Knight of the Imperial Dragon. Talk to him about the duel for advancement, and meet him in the Vivec Arena Pit. Winner takes the title. Congratulations should be in order shortly after.