Miscellaneous Bloodmoon Quests
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In addition to the main quest, joining the East Empire Company, and becoming a werewolf, there are still lots of things for you to do on Solstheim! I will assume that you are familiar with locations from the main quest (e.g., the Stones from the Ritual of the Gifts quest), and will not go to any great lengths giving you directions to those places. You do not have to do these quests in any order, but there are a few which are more convenient to do in a particular order and I will mention this in their descriptions. I have arranged the quests first by town and then by geographical area (NE, NW, SE, SW). I have also interspersed some odd locations either because of an item, an encounter, or both, even though there is no quest associated with either.

Fort Frostmoth

Find Uncle Sweetshare

Talk to Severia Gratius, the Imperial Guard in the Fort Frostmoth courtyard and she'll have a job for you. Find and kill Uncle Sweetshare, a moonsugar-peddling Santa Claus-type, and bring her back his hat as proof. Head northeast out of the Fort to the Sun Stone. Now head north but ever so slightly east to the Valbrandr Barrow, which is below an unmistakable stone arch. Again head north but lean a little to the east and you should come across Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop. No elves, but there is a dead Khajiit outside. Inside is the sugar-man himself. You can negotiate with him to get his hat to take back to Severia (a very serious-sounding woman), or you can just kill him. Do as you wish. Severia will reward you when you get back. If you're in the Imperial Legion, you'll also get Severia's Imperial Shortsword.

Rescue Mirisa

Talk to Jeleen in the Imperial Cult Shrine and he'll ask you to find Mirisa. She's being held captive in Thirsk. Inside Thirsk, Mirisa is upstairs in a locked room. You can pick the lock on your own if you like. You can also pickpocket or Kill Erich the Unworthy downstairs for the key. The other people in the hall won't mind. Erich might already be dead on the floor (see the Thirsk quests), and you can loot his corpse. Regardless, once you free her, you have the unpleasant task of escorting her back to Jeleen in Fort Frostmoth. If you succeed, Jeleen will give you 300 gp. If she gets killed along the way, Jeleen will give you 100 gp, and after you leave, he'll kill himself. You can return to find his suicide note on his body. Grim.

Note: if you do this quest after doing the Thirsk quests, Svenja in Thirsk will have set Mirisa free and you'll find her in Solvjord, a cave a little west of the Iggnir River about halfway along its length.

Raven Rock

Avenge Kjolver's Broken Heart

On your game map, locate the river inlet in the middle of the west coast. Follow the southeast fork. The end of the river dips south. Go to the top of that dip, where the river hits its easternmost part before abruptly going south. From this point, head directly east and you should come upon Kjolver's Dwelling. If you hit Eddard Barrow you went too far east. The Dwelling is behind you. Inside the Dwelling, talk to Kjolver and she'll ask you to kill Erna the Quiet, who lives in the Skaal Village, and bring her Erna the Quiet's Ring. Erna and her lover, Brandr (Kjolver's wife) are just outside of the Village, by the riverside. Leave the Skaal Village southwest until you hit the river. Now follow the river south and you'll come upon them. Kill Erna (sorry, Brandr) and bring the ring to Kjolver. You'll probably have had to kill Brandr as well, but don't sweat it -- it won't come up when you cash the ring in for 1,000 gp.

Find Evidence of the Snow Elves

Talk to Athellor inside the Raven Rock Bar and he'll ask you to find proof of the existence of Snow Elves (Falmer). Yeah, right. Well, anyway, go to the Jolgeirr Barrow. How? Go to the very end of the Harstrad River. From there, head west but lean a little north. From within the Barrow you need to recover the book, The Fall of the Snow Prince, and bring it to Athellor. There is also a unique set of ancient steel armor and the Spear of the Snow Prince, among other non-unique items. If you're wondering if there's an ancient steel helmet to go with that armor, there is -- it's in the cave named Frykte, on Angria's corpse, which is pinned to the ceiling of that cave by a Nordic silver claymore. Frykte is a little ways southeast of Castle Karstaag.

Find Tymvaul for Lassnr

Pay a visit to Lassnr in the Skaal Village and he'll ask you to find his son, Tymvaul. Tymvaul is in Rimhull, a cave that can be accessed either through the locked well-house (Lassnr will give you the key) across the path southwest of the Village, or via the cave south of the well-house, just east of where the Isild River narrows and turns southeast. Inside the cave, you'll have to fight some baddies, but since you've talked to Lassnr first, you won't have to fight Tymvaul. Just tell him that his father sent you, and he'll give you his Mantle of Woe and some words for his father. Return to Lassnr and he'll give you some snow bear pelts.

Help Ingmar

Outside the Valbrandr Barrow, northeast of Fort Frostmoth under the big stone arch, is Ingmar. He wants you to enter the barrow with him and let the draugr inside attack you while he attacks it. Do this, and don't attack the draugr. Let Ingmar do all the attacking and let Ingmar kill it. He'll thank you. Now, next time you're in the Skaal Village, seek him out in his house for a reward.


Note: you have to have completed the part of the main quest with Rigmor and Engar and the stolen furs for these quests to work out as I describe them.

Kill the Udyrfrykte

Go to Thirsk. You've been in the mead hall before. Notice that this time, everyone is dead except for Svenja Snow-Song. Talk to her about the beast that must be stopped, and she'll task you with the slaying the Udyrfrykte. Go west from the hall down to Lake Fjalding. The entrance to the Lair of the Udyrfrykte is right there on the shore. Enter the lair and kill the Udyrfrykte. Go back to Svenja, but notice that she's outside the mead hall while it undergoes repairs.

Get Hrothmund's Blessing

She'll tell you that you also need the blessing of Hrothmund to be named clan leader. Ask her about a little secret to learn the password for Hrothmund's Barrow, your destination. Look at the west coast of the island. The first, most northern inlet on this coast flows straight east and then forks northeast and southeast. From the midpoint of the fork, head straight east and you'll find the Barrow. Use the password ("Ondjage") to enter. Activate Hrothmund's Axe to receive his blessing. Also, take the Amulet of Infectious Charm that's next to the axe (you'll need it for the Dwemer Airship quest). When you return to Thirsk this time, the hall is in full swing. Talk to Svenja and she'll make you chieftain of Thirsk. Hooray! Talk to the folks here for some nonsense chat if you like. If you talk to Bereditte upstairs, he'll give you a free copy of Thirsk, a History…Revised. You've made history, my fair adventurer. You've also been given a room upstairs along with the cool sword, Clanbringer, in it as well.

Mead Hall Business

As chieftain, you can run the mead hall business through Svenja. There are two things you can accomplish (each is a one-time event) through this. You can have Svenja send out hunters to collect pelts. Do this, wait 7 days, and you will be given 5 pelts from each animal. A snow wolf and a snow bear head will also now adorn the walls of the hall. Cool. You can also have Svenja order mead. Wait 7 days after ordering it, and there will be crates of mead in your room. Also cool. And we're not done yet!

Snow Armor

Talk to Brynjolfyr in the little shed outside the hall. If you bring him snow bear and/or snow wolf pelts, he can make you enchanted snow bear and snow wolf armor. Very cool. You got some pelts from your hunters, but you'll have to kill more snow bears and snow wolves for pelts if you're going to make more armor out of them. These creatures only spawn at a few set locations.

Snow bears have 5 spawn points:

1. In the snow-covered ground that runs southeast from the Sun Stone
2. In the same patch as # 1, but further southeast
3. At the southern tip of the large area of snow-covered ground west of Fort Frostmoth
4. At the smaller, round patch of snowy ground a little further west from #3, near the stone arch
5. At the edge of the snowy area west of Raven Rock

Snow wolves also have 5 spawn points:

1. The narrow passage through the Moesring Mountains that leads from the Harstrad River toward Hrothmund's Barrow
2. Right outside of Hrothmund's Barrow
3. Near the dead captain's body (Captain Roberto Jodoin) amid the Dwemer Airship remains in the Isinfier Plains
4. Just a little southwest of #3
5. South and a smidgen west of the Water Stone

Free Stuff

Lastly, but far from leastly, check out the hollow tree stump on the east side of the building. It is chock full of excellent items, including Shadowsting, the Ring of Raven Eye, and the gloves, Treachery and Deceit. The very coolest. It's good to be chieftain.

Northeastern Area


Inside this cave is a glass armor clad Argonian you should kill for his armor. Sjobal is northeast of the northeast corner of Lake Fjalding.

Northwestern Area

Chest of Scrolls

Under the Mortrag Glacier on the top northwest corner of the island is an inlet. In the water of the northeast branch of this little sideways-Y-shaped inlet is a chest full of Scrolls of Bodily Restoration.

Help Thormoor Gray-Wave

You may want to do (or end up doing) Geilir's quest to retrieve Oddfrid before doing this one. Anyway, moving right along, …Thormoor is on the flat western coast of the most western peninsula, which is just above the big river that flows out of the western coast. Talk to him and he'll ask for you to visit Geilir in his Dwelling. If you already retrieved Oddfrid for Geilir, he'll be willing to break the curse upon Thormoor. Tell Thormoor the good news and he'll retire to the Thirsk mead hall. Meet him there (he'll be upstairs in one of the rooms) and he'll give you a key and directions to the Gyldenhul Barrow. This Barrow is on the little island off the east coast, all the way up north. Its entrance is on the east coast of the island. Inside you will find a ton of wealth, so dig in.

Find the Dwemer Airship

If you do this quest before doing the Thirsk quests, you'll have to venture into Hrothmund's Barrow to get the Amulet of Infectious Charm. If you do this quest after the Thirsk quest, you should already have the Amulet. See the section on Thirsk for more information. On your game map locate the inlet on the middle of the west coast. Follow its northeastern branch to the end. If you continue in a straight-line northeast from its tip, you will come upon the remains of a Dwemer airship. Look around and loot, but be sure to take the Airship Captain's Journal. Take this journal and the Amulet of Infectious Charm (from the Thirsk quest) to Louis Beauchamp, who is standing outside the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild. He'll give you 2,000 gp for these two items. Optionally, you may have talked to Louis first and gotten this quest that way. It's all the same in the end.


Further down the coast from where you found the scroll chest is another sideways-Y-shaped inlet. In the water right about where this one branches out is a magical blade called Frostgore.


This dead woman can be found in the cave, Benkongerike. This cave is on the north coast, just about midway between the Mortrag Glacier and the large inlet that forms the Harstrad and Isild Rivers. The cave is slightly east of the Caverns of Karstaag. She was wearing the unique robe, Whitewalker, when she died, and it just might be the reason she died. Inside the cave, she's down the right passage. But if you want to fight lots of random monsters, go the other way.

Southeastern Area

Avenge Kolfinna's Loss

Kolfinna's Dwelling is right off the west bank of the Iggnir River, northeast of Fort Frostmoth. If you head straight to the river (east) from the Fort, simply follow the river north and you'll find her Dwelling. Talk to her to learn of her situation. Helping her will require you to go to the Altar of Thrond. Between the Altar and the Harstrad River is Sigvatr the Strong. You need to get a jewel called the Pinetear from him. You can kill him for it (if you choose to kill him, help yourself to his unique warhammer, Rammekald). You can pickpocket him for it. And if you can get his disposition over 90, you can simply ask him for it. Bring it back to Kolfinna and she'll give you the key to her late husband's chest and allow you to use her home as your home.


In this cave, on the south wall of the last room, are 10 diamonds arranged in an arrow pointing to a hollowed out block of ice containing even more gems. Fjell is just north of the Tree Stone.

Himmelhost Barrow

Himmelhost Barrow has pirate skeletons and their captain, who wields the unique blade, Seasplitter. Himmelhost is just east of the Mouth of the Iggnir River, about halfway between the Mouth and the east shore. Aaarrggh, matey.

Southwestern Area

Bloodskal Sword

Go to the Bloodskal Barrow, northwest of Raven Rock, just northeast of the Earth Stone. Pick the lock, enter the barrow, pick up the Sword on the stone altar, and get attacked by skeleton champions and draugr who will spawn in the barrow as a result.

Free Ulfgar the Unending

Just northwest of Brodir Grove is Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling. Head in and talk to the man. Now go to the Thirsk mead hall. Go inside and upstairs to find Bereditte Jalast in one of the rooms. Buy a copy of Sovngarde, A Reexamination from him and bring it back to Ulfgar. Now you can talk to him and he'll ask you to kill him. Huh? It'll make sense when you talk to him. By the way, he'll fight back -- he's kinda like the Solstheim version of Umbra. Once he's dead, pay a visit to Brodir Grove. His spirit will thank you there, and you can click on the various named standing stones for blessings -- each stone will boost an ability score by 10 points for 2 hours, and you can do this over and over again. Nikulas boosts personality, Erlendr boosts speed, Ulfgar boosts strength (hi, Ulfgar!), and Hunroor boosts Agility.

Return Oddfrid White-Lip to Geilir the Mumbling

Geilir the Mumbling is in his Dwelling, southeast of the Raven Rock Supply Ship's wreckage, in the middle of that same peninsula on the western coast. Talk to him and he'll ask you to retrieve Oddfrid (it's a skull, not a person). Oddfrid is in the Kolbjorn Barrow, which is far to the southeast. Head southeast, cutting through Raven Rock, and then travel along the western coast. On your game map, you will see two "bumps" of land along this coast, the second of which is right before the tip of the landmass. Get yourself to the first, northern bump, and then head straight east inland. Hopefully you'll find the Barrow. Go inside, eliminate any opposition, and bring Oddfrid back to Geilir, who will be willing to tell you your future if you'd like. You may wish to do this quest before doing the one to help Thormoor, since it will predispose Geilir to help you with that quest.