Twin Lamps
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The Twin Lamps is an abolitionist organization, and while there are no formal Twin Lamps quests, various things you do in Vvardenfell will improve your standing with other members of the Twin Lamps, and can result in some small rewards.

Favored Attributes: intelligence and speed
Favored Skills: athletics, security, sneak, speechcraft, unarmored.
Faction-relations: they are hostile toward the Telvanni, but have no faction-reaction issues with anyone else.

Killing slaves will destroy your standing in the Twin Lamps, even if it is accidental.

Major Abolitionists

There are many people involved in the Twin Lamps, but the following five people play major roles and will likely be encountered in your travels.

Galyn Arvel (Ald Velothi docks)
Ilmeni Dren (Vivec, St. Delyn Canal South-One)
Im-Kilaya (Argonian Mission in Ebonheart)
Jobasha (Rare Bookseller in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks)
Sterdecan (farmhouse at the easternmost tip of Lake Amaya)

Plus, everyone in the Ebonheart, Argonian Mission is a Twin Lamps member except for On-Wan, who is a slave.

Advancement in the Twin Lamps

While you do not have a formal title or ranking, your deeds will improve your status in the Twin Lamps.
  • After freeing 5 or more slaves, talk to a freed slave about going free and you will get the Twin Lamps topic.
  • After freeing 15 or more slaves, talk to a freed slave about the Twin Lamps and they will tell you that the lamps light the way to freedom.
  • After learning the code phrase, you will be able to do Ilmeni Dren's Twin Lamp quests for House Hlaalu.
  • After freeing 30 or more slaves, talk to Jobasha in his bookstore in Vivec about the Twin Lamps, and he'll give you 3 really cool skill books for free.

  • Slave Locations

    Here are the locations of the slaves you can free with the proper key, and the number of slaves found at that location:

    Hlormaren Stronghold

    9 (2 of the 9 are in the dome atop the stronghold, the rest are in the Underground level of the stronghold)

    Dren Plantation

    4 (1 is in Doves' Shack)


    Addamasartus -- 3
    Aharunartus -- 4
    Assarnud -- 6
    Habinbaes -- 4
    Hinnabi -- 4
    Kudanat -- 5
    Minabi -- 6
    Panat -- 3
    Saturan -- 5
    Sha-Adnius -- 6
    Shushan -- 4
    Shushishi -- 4
    Sinsibadon -- 6
    Yakanalit -- 6
    Zainsipilu -- 5
    Zebabi -- 5

    The following slaves are involved in faction quests:

    The Caldera Ebony Mine has 6 slaves in it -- as part of a Redoran quest, you will be able to free these slaves

    The Abebaal Egg Mine has 6 slaves in it -- as part of a Telvanni quest you will have the option to free them

    The Rotheran Stronghold has 10 slaves you will be able to free as part of the Imperial Cult quests.

    As part of the House Hlaalu quests, Ilmeni Dren may have you rescue two additional slaves -- J'Saddha near Ald Velothi and Hides-His-Foot on the Dren Plantation.

    When you build your Redoran stronghold, you have the option to have freed slaves sent to live at your stronghold in safety through Galyn Arvel at the docks in Ald Velothi.

    The following slaves and abolitionists are involved in miscellaneous quests:

    In Hla Oad, under Fatleg's Drop Off, you will have the opportunity to take Rabinna to safety in Ebonheart's Argonian Mission.

    Northwest of the Erabenimsun Camp you will find Reeh-Jah, who will ask to be taken to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart as well.

    You get to protect Sterdecan from Tul, an impostor slave (actually a Camonna Tong agent) as a quest in the Suran area.

    In Tel Aruhn you can purchase up to 6 household slaves from Savile Imayn, and once purchased, you can set them free. Additionally, you will have to purchase a special slave from Savile as part of the main quest.

    You cannot free the following slaves:

    -- Slaves in Suran, Sadrith Mora, and Molag Mar

    -- Slaves at various other farms and plantations

    -- Vampire cattle

    Good things you do for slaves make you more popular with the Twin Lamps, while bad things you do to or for slaves lands you in disfavor. Again, there's no advancement, no stronghold, and no special advantages as a Twin Lamps member. Your work is the reward in and of itself. Hats off to you.