Thieves Guild
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The Thieves Guild has operations set up in Balmora at the South Wall Cornerclub, in Ald'ruhn at the Rat in the Pot, in Sadrith Mora at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub, and in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Canalworks, behind Simine Fralinie's bookstore. Read the intro to the guilds to get a feel for some of the tensions that exist between the guilds lately. Like the mage and fighter guilds, there are no sponsors to acquire or strongholds to build. However, members of the Thieves Guild have the opportunity to remove any bounties that are currently posted on them at a nice, low (half-off!) rate. If a member does something criminal and gets caught, they can see a fellow thief about having the bounty paid off. Each Thieves Guild location has a member on-hand to handle such matters: Phane Rielle in Balmora, Crazy-Legs Arantamo in Vivec, Rissinia in Sadrith Mora, and Tongue-Toad in Ald'ruhn.

Favored abilities: agility and personality Favored skills: sneak, security, acrobatics, light armor, short blade, marksman Friends: Mages Guild, Imperial Cult Foes: Sixth House, Camonna Tong; Ashlanders; Temple, Hlaalu, Redoran, Imperial Legion, Vampire Clans Special feature: ability to remove bounty on your head for half price Conflict with the Fighters Guild: the last Thieves Guild quest will require the execution of the current Fighters Guild Master, Sjoring Hard-Heart (does not prevent joining or ascending in the Fighters Guild, but removes the quest given by Sjoring to kill the current leader of the Thieves Guild)

Sugar-Lips Habasi

Sugar-Lips (who I may refer to as Sugar, S-L, and/or Habasi) is in the South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora.

Find a Diamond

To start you off easy, Sugar-Lips simply wants a diamond. Any diamond will do, but if you're fresh out, you can buy or steal one from Nalcarya of White Haven at her alchemy shop in town.

Get Nerano Manor Key

Trickier than the previous quest: only two people have copies of this key. Ondres Nerano, in the manor itself, and Sovor Trandel, at the Balmora Council Club, both have copies. You will have to pickpocket or kill Ondres to get his copy, but you can bribe Sovor for his. Talk to him about "Nerano Manor" and he'll suggest that a small consideration (10gp will do) will get him to say more, or in this case, give you the key. So, use persuasion and bribe him 10gp. Quick aside: if you take the key from Ondres, don't kill him -- S-Lips won't like it. Interestingly enough, you can also give the key you got from Sovor to Ondres (ratting out Sovor), but then you lose the key and have to get it from Ondres. But it is an option. Anyway…

Retrieve Dwemer Artifacts

Next on Sugar-Lip's agenda is the recovery of three pieces of Dwemer dinnerware. Sugar will direct you to Fatleg's Drop Off in Hla Oad. Inside the Drop Off there is a locked chest behind a couple of barrels. The chest contains a Dwemer bowl, goblet, and tube. Lest there be any confusion, the inhabitants in the Drop Off will not take kindly to your theft. Once you have the items, you can bring them back to Sugar, but you could also have given S-L any Dwemer goblet, bowl, and tube that you happen to have -- please note that the particular goblet type does matter -- it is an Ornate Dwemer Goblet, "misc_dwrv_goblet00" in TESCS.

Retrieve Vintage Brandy

Quick and relatively easy: Sugar-Lips wants you to get a bottle of vintage brandy. Just so happens that there is one in Hlaalo Manor right here in Balmora, and what's more, the manor's lord, Ralen Hlaalo, is dead, so once you get in, you just have to find the brandy and turn it over. It's on the main floor on a rack with loads of bottles -- the vintage brandy is on the top shelf, smack-dab in the middle in an easily recognizable bottle. By the way, any bottle of vintage brandy will do for this quest.

Free New-Shoes Bragor

New-Shoes Bragor is in the Pelagiad prison. To free him you must talk to Shadbak gra-Burbug. But to get Burbug to acquiesce, you're gonna have to put him on the hot seat. To do that, pay a visit to Mebestien Ence's shop in Pelagiad. Go upstairs and pick the small chest on the shelf in his private quarters and steal the Dwemer coherer within. Take the Dwemer coherer to Burbug and let him question you about it. Confront him regarding how he knew it was from Mebby's shop and he'll let New-Shoes go. Nicely done.

Visit Hecerinde

There is a long version of this naturally, but for purposes of brevity, you just have to go to Hecerinde's house in Balmora, and talk to him about the "South Wall." Return to Habasi. This was Sugar-Lips' last quest.

Aengoth the Jeweler

Aengoth the Jeweler (whose quests will, strangely enough, not involve jewels or jewelry, nor will he sell jewelry or jewels) can be found at the Rat in the Pot in Ald'ruhn.

Loot the Mages Guild

Great timing! Just so happens that you should run over to the Mages Guild, which is currently devoid of occupants (limited time offer!) and bring back Anareren's Devil Tanto. So you go there, right, but -- oops! It turns out that the place isn't empty. Kill the lone guy in there (don't worry about being seen or losing Mages Guild status, if applicable) and loot freely. Now, in the midst of looting, be sure to get the aforementioned tanto from the locked chest that is on top of a bookcase, downstairs, in the fresco on the right.

Get a Redoran Master Helm

Any Redoran Master Helm will do, but assuming you're strapped for one, you can go and get one in Arobar Manor inside the Ald'ruhn Manor District Building. Once inside Arobar Manor, make for the Bedrooms. The helmet in question is atop a closet. Oh, and try not to get caught. Oh, and you can accomplish Aengoth's next quest while you're here, so read on before going back to Aengoth. There also happens to be another Redoran Masters Helm in the Llethri Manor Bedrooms, in a locked (level 70) chest, if you wanted one for yourself, too.

Get Boethiah's Pillow Book

Just thought I'd save you a trip. This book is right across the hall from the room with Miner Arobar and the Master Helm. Gandosa Arobar has three chests behind a screen. The chest on the right has the book Aengoth wants.

Get Withershins

Another book. There is more than one copy available. Try the Andus Tradehouse in Maar Gan -- there's a copy in Miles Gloriosus' locked chest. Or, there is one in the Alas Ancestral Tomb. Hey -- how ‘bout this for convenience: there's also one in the Guild of Mages right here in Ald'ruhn. Okay, okay -- one more location: Sadrith Mora, in Llaalam Madalas' mage shop. Bring Aengoth the book and he'll toss you another job.

Get Scrap Metal

Now the little Bosmer wants some Dwemer scrap metal -- 4 pieces to be exact. Hmm… Where can you get scrap metal? Try any Dwemer ruin -- kill some centurions if it isn't in the steel kegs that occupy most of these places. Oh, all right -- you can go and buy it from Cienne Sintieve' alchemy shop inside the Manor District Building, too.

Get the Darts of Judgment

These four darts are in the Llethri Manor Guards Quarters (in the Manor District Building) on a bed in the far corner. They're just lying there -- all exposed and accessible -- other than for the guards that are wandering all over the place, that is. Be careful. When you return with the darts, Aengoth will give you the option to keep them. In any event, this is his last quest.

Big Helende

Big Helende can be found in Sadrith Mora at Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub, at the head of the stairway on the second floor.

Bring Potion Recipe to Tusamircil

Go to Anis Seloth's alchemy shop to steal the recipe for the dispel magic potion. It's in a crate upstairs in his shop. Then bring it to Tusamircil in the Mages Guild inside Wolverine Hall.

Find a Grandmaster Retort

Any will do. Some possible locations: Berwen's trader shop in Tel Mora, the Services Tower in Tel Vos, and the Valenvaryon stronghold's Propylon Chamber.

Help Protect Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub

You have to hire a wizard. Arielle Phiencel in the Mages Guild in Wolverine Hall will help, but you'll have to get her 4 pieces of raw ebony first. Raw ebony can be obtained in a variety of locations and from a variety of sources, but the closest location is Anis Seloth's shop -- it's in a locked crate. Once you get it, bring it to Arielle, who will, in turn, agree to help out by sending a Battlemage to protect the guild. Report back to Helende.

Get Redoran Cooking Secrets

This book will take you back to Ald'ruhn. It's in the Llethri Manor, in the Private Quarters. Find the room with the level 50 locked chest at the foot of the bed. The book is inside. Alternately, you can seek out Dinara Othrelas in the Llethri Manor entrance and persuade her to give you the book (her disposition needs to be better than 80).

Get Felen's Ebony Staff

Go to Tel Branora, Upper Tower, Therana's Chamber, and find Felen. Behind him is his ebony staff. Remember the Darts of Judgment? All vulnerable and exposed? Okay, so here we go again. It's just sitting there, propped up against some shelving. How do you want me to break it to you? It's not like he's giving it away -- heck -- it's even called "Felen's Ebony Staff." Do what you will -- kill, steal, sneak, run, or any combination of the four -- and bring the staff back to Helende to wrap up her last quest. Upon completion of this quest, you will have likely done enough work to be promoted to Ringleader.

Gentleman Jim Stacey

The big boss is located in Vivec's Foreign Quarter in the Canalworks Level, behind (meaning, enter and walk through) Simine Fralinie's bookstore. Jim has two types of quests. He has regular Thieves Guild quests and Bal Molagmer quests, which will involve you wearing these little gloves while doing good things in a Robin Hood kinda way. Jim's last quest will require the death of the current bad guy in charge of the Fighters Guild, whereupon he will name you Master Thief and retire.

Find Nads Tharen's Key

Sure, there's a plot to all this, but, bottom line: go to the St. Delyn Canton in Vivec, Canal South-Two, and you'll find Nads' dead body. Take the key from his corpse back to Jim.

Talk to Percius Mercius

Visit Percius Mercius in the Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild. Talk to him about helping the Thieves Guild, explore dialogue options, chat it up, bond, and then report back to Jim.

Bribe Eydis Fire-Eye

One of the pieces of information that Percius gave you will become your next task: obtain the Bitter Cup and give it to Eydis Fire-Eye in the Balmora Fighters Guild so that she will side with Jim and Percius against the Camonna Tong. The Bitter Cup is in Ald Reydania, a Velothi dome on the western tip of the longest most westerly island in the Sheogorad Region. The Cup is on a shrine in the Tower. Bring it to Eydis in Balmora when you are done and then report back to Jim.

Talk to Hrundi

Go to Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora and talk to Hrundi in the Fighters Guild. Ask him to join your cause, and he will if you get his disposition over 80. If you can't get an 80 disposition, shame on you. Now you'll have to look into the matter of his lover, Falena Hlaren at Fara's Hole in the Wall. Ask around or even visit Falena herself, and then confront Hrundi to gain his support.

Bal Molagmer Quests

To get these quests, talk to Jim about the Bal Molagmer (BM), and then don the gloves he gives you. Then talk to him again about the BM. Every time you want to do a BM quest, you have to have the gloves on when you talk to him. When you perform these tasks, too, you are encouraged to announce that what you have done is in the name of Bal Molagmer, so choose those type of dialogue options when applicable (grandiose statements like, "in the name of Bal Molagmer, I return this (thing) to you").

BM: Return the Hlervu Locket

Go to the Venim Manor Guard Quarters in the Ald'ruhn Manor District and, in the fourth room on your left, you'll see the Hlervu Locket on a chest. Take this locket to Braynas Hlervu, who is outside his residence in Ald'ruhn. Just skip down the stairs from the Manor District and hang left -- his hut is the one farthest left, below the Temple. As will be the case with all the BM quests, let it be known that this was an act of the Bal Molagmer when given the dialogue opportunity.

BM: Steal Yngling's Ledger

Go to Yngling Manor in the Vivec St. Olms Plaza. Go downstairs to the basement. The ledger is on a table. Bring it back to Jim.

BM: Return Land Deed to Indrele Rathryon

Go to the library in Vivec (Temple District, Hall of Wisdom). Steal the forged land deed from the bottom shelf of a bookcase. Not getting caught is, as always, a good idea. Now bring the deed to Indrele, a Dark Elven female, who will be wandering around in Seyda Neen. Tell her the deed is hers and return to Jim.

BM: Return Enamor to Salyn Sarethi

Jim will give you a note and a sword named Enamor. Take these items to the Lower Level of the Tower of Dusk in Ghostgate. Locate the chest (conveniently called "Salyn Sarethi's Chest") in the barracks room and place the blade and the note within. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but try not to be seen. Return to Jim.

BM: Give Brallion's Ring to Ilmeni Dren

Go to Sadrith Mora, Fara's Hole in the Wall, and find Brallion. He has a ring you must acquire. You can buy it from him, steal it from him, or kill him (he also has the unique Amulet of Ignis, although this is hardly worth killing him for) and loot it from him. Once you get it, take the ring to Ilmeni Dren in Vivec, St. Delyn Canal South-One. Then go back to Jim.

BM: Steal and Donate Books

Go to Caldera's Governors Hall and head upstairs to where Odral Helvi is (or was, as the case may be). In a chest in his room are his personal, unique copies of A Brief History of the Empire. Steal these and take them to Vala Catraso in Ald'ruhn's Mages Guild. Give the gift of literacy, my friend.

BM: Steal Dwemer Goblet

This is the last Bal Molagmer quest. Go to The Hall of Justice in Vivec's Temple Canton. In the Justice Offices, and locate Berel Sala. On his desk, right in front of him, is a Dwemer Goblet. Ready for this? You have to swipe it. With high enough chameleon and sneak scores you can. Or, if you have the brass to go toe-to-toe with these guys and face all the social and legal consequences, then you can do that. Anyhow, once you've got it, bring it to Danso Indules, who's usually standing around in the corridor right outside and up the stairs between the entrances to the Halls of Justice and Wisdom.

Kill the Ienith Brothers

Jim will send you to the Dren Plantation to kill Navil and Ranes Ienith, two Camonna Tong enforcers. They will be in the basement of Dren's Villa, behind a pair of locked and trapped doors. Only one will be there at first, but the moment you attack him, his brother will spawn behind you. They are tough and wield paralyzing blades. Have fun. By the way -- there's good loot to be had in the basement, and a note that may be useful later in blackmailing the drug lord and plantation owner, Orvas Dren.

Kill Sjoring Hard-Heart

Jim's last quest will be to kill the current Master of the Fighters Guild. Sjoring is also a member of the Camonna Tong so don't feel bad. Sjoring is in the Vivec Fighters Guild, located on the Plaza Level of the Foreign Quarter Canton. Go back to Jim afterward and you'll be made Master Thief of the Thieves Guild. Congrats.