Item Locations
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Daedric Armor

Just because I love it so much, and so do so many other people, and it can be hard to find all the pieces for your complete set, here are the Daedric armor parts and their locations:

Boots Galom Daeus, Study
Cuirass Norenen-Dur, the Wailingdelve - TB
Face of God (helm) Tukushapal, Sepulcher
Face of Inspiration (helm) Ibar-Dad; Mamaea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams; and worn by Galdal Omayn in the Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
Face of Terror (helm) Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, Forge of Hilbongard; and worn by Enar Dralor in the Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk Lower Level
Greaves Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa; and in Kjeld's chest in Druscashti, Upper Level
Left gauntlet - Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart; and worn by Turedus Talanian in Tel Vos, Aryon's Chambers
Left pauldron Norenen-Dur, the Wailingdelve - TB
Right pauldron Solstheim, Castle Karstaag, Tower - BM
Right gauntlet Kogoruhn, Bleeding Heart
Shield Ibar-Dad; Galom Daeus, Observatory; carried by Galos Farethi in the Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa; and found randomly in the possession of golden saints
Towershield not placed randomly found in the possession of golden saints

Complete set (sans helmet and shield) Divayth Fyr in the Tower of Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr but note that he is essential to the main plot, so a premature killing will thwart your game and also, he's actually a good guy

Unofficial complete set Lord Cluttermonkey in the "Clutter Warehouse Everything Must Go!" this NPC exists in a cell that can only accessed using the control console open the console and type in COC "Clutter Warehouse Everything Must Go!" Cluttermonkey has a Daedric towershield, a Face of God helm, a full set of Daedric armor, and a magical Dwarven mace with no charges named Clutterbane. He will attack you. There is also a Used Clutter Salesman in the cell. He has no gold to buy items from you, but does sell some sundry items himself.

Artifacts and Relics

If you're a diligent explorer (checking corpses, containers, nooks and crannies, etc.), as you did the main quests in Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon, you found quite a few unique and powerful items on the way. And if you read through all of my walkthroughs, you'll find a ton more. But even completing all these quests will not net you all the items in the game. Here are some you might miss and their locations.


BanHammer on Arlowe's corpse, outside the Ashamanu Camp, west of Tel Aruhn
Bow of Shadows Venim Ancestral Tomb
Bthuangth's Harvester Ald'ruhn, Dandera Selaro: Smith
Dagger of Judgment Andrano Ancestral Tomb
Fang of Haynekhtnamet Mamaea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams
Fury on a Dead Hero in Kogoruhn, Hall of Maki
Gravedigger wielded by Tienius Delitian in Mournhold's Royal Palace Throne Room
Greed Vivec, Telvanni Vault
Haakon's Lucky Break - Lake Fjalding, on the bottom of the lake
Illkurok Nchurdamz, Interior
Karpal's Friend Vivec, Telvanni Vault
Magebane Urshilaku, Laterus Burial
Shortbow of Sanguine Sureflight - Tel Aruhn, Tower Living Quarters
Solvistapp Ingmar either in the Skaal Village of outside the Valbrandr Barrow
Staff of Hasedoki wielded by Koffutto Gilgar in the Gimothran Ancestral Tomb
Stendarr's Hammer Mournhold, Museum of Artifacts (weighs 1,000 pounds)
Temreki, Shackler of Souls wielded by Larrius Varro


Auriel's Shield Drelyne Llenim in the Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
Azura's Servant Tel Vos, Northeastern Tower (in a secret room)
Bloodworm Helm worn by Crazy Batou in the Maren Ancestral Tomb
Dragonbone Cuirass Mudan, Central Vault (Mudan Grotto) in a closet
Eleidon's Ward Ibar-Dad
Fists of Randagulf (left and right gauntlets) Ilunibi, Soul's Rattle
Helm of Bear Scent in a chest in the Eddard Barrow
Helmet of Bearkind worn by the Berserker Denmother in Solstheim, Gronn
Paws of the Wolf-Runner on Skjoldr Wolf-Runner in Thirsk
Ten Pace Boots chest at the foot of the statue in Bal Fell


Amulet of Usheeja Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk Lower Level
Denstagmer's Ring in an urn in the Falas Ancestral Tomb
Mentor's Ring - in an urn in the Samarys Ancestral Tomb
Ring of Phynaster on Pop's corpse in the Senim Ancestral Tomb
Ring of Surroundings Dren Plantation, Tower Shack
Vampiric Ring on the Skeleton War-Wizard in Ald Redaynia