Miscellaneous Tribunal Quests
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As you've no doubt learned from doing the main quest, Mournhold has four main areas: the Royal Palace, the Temple, the Great Bazaar, and Godsreach. Each of these sections has some quests or attractions for you to attend to. for the most part, you may complete these quests at any time, and in any order, and independently of one another.


Acquire the Droth Dagger for Geon Auline

Visit Geon in his house and he'll ask you to get this item. So head over to the Thendas Manor. Get Arnsa Thendas' disposition over 80 and you can pretend to have served in the Legion with her late husband and she'll give you the dagger. Otherwise, you can buy it from her for 600 gp. Geon will pay you 700 for it.

Bols Indalen's Custom Armor

If you bring Bols Indalen (in the Craftsmen's Hall) raw adamantium, he can make it into armor for you. Adamantium can be found in the following locations: in Old Mournhold's Temple Crypt, Temple Catacombs, and Armory Ruins; and in Norenen-Dur, the Teeth That Gnash

Bounce for Hession

Enter the Winged Guar and seek out Hession. She'll offer you a chance to act as her bouncer. There are only two things that really demand your attention. Talk to Ra'tesh behind the bar about "latest rumors." Then talk to Galms Seles, the hustler to the right and tell him to stop hustling. Next, talk to Denegor, a drunken Bosmer. Boost his disposition and then ask him to calm down. You can interrogate the other patrons if you like, but there's nothing going on with them at this point. Collect your dues from Hession for a job well done.

Collect Clutter for Detritus Caria

Upstairs in the Craftsmen's Hall is Detritus. He will send you on a trio of quests to collect an assemblage of relatively mundane items. His first quest is for a silver pitcher (misc_imp_silverware_pitcher) and a red bolt of cloth (misc_clothbolt_02). His second quest is for a redware pot (misc_de_pot_redware_04), a set of silverware (misc_com_silverware_fork, misc_com_silverware_knife, and misc_com_silverware_spoon) and a yellow plate with a yellow sun on it (misc_com_metal_plate_03). His final quest is for 2 types of dwemer goblets (misc_dwrv_goblet00 and misc_dwrv_goblet10), and a dwemer pitcher (misc_dwrv_pitcher00), mug (misc_dwrv_mug00), and bowl (misc_dwrv_bowl00). The only item that might cause any distress is the yellow plate because it is not in Mournhold or its environs. On Vvardenfell, they're all over the place -- Ald'ruhn, Council Club; Ald'ruhn, Guild of Fighters; Balmora, Council Club; Caldera, Hodlismod: Armorer; Gnisis, Madach Tradehouse… you get the idea. For all your combined work, you'll have come away 1,800 gp richer.

Dovor Oren

Dovor can be found in the basement of the Vacant Manor, along with Olvyne Dobar and Felvan Ienith. If Dovor's disposition is high enough, you can talk to him about "business." After his spiel, you're basically tasked with killing Soscean in the basement of the Winged Guar and bringing his items to Dovor. Once you do this, Dovor will tell you to speak to Felvan, who will ask you to kill Elanande and bring him her items. Elanande can be found in Godsreach's western corner. Next Dovor will direct you to Olvyne, who will ask you to kill Bels Uvenim and bring his things to her. Bels is in the northwestern part of the Temple area. Finally Dovor will set you upon Suldreni Salandas for her items. Suldreni's in the Great Bazaar's western end. After you've done all these hits and collected your monetary rewards, there is nothing more to it. However… there was something afoot this whole time, and there is another way to go about things. Backtrack to the part where you gave Felvan Elanande's items. Raise Felvan's disposition to 90 and talk to him about being "scared" twice. You can tell him to turn himself in. Now talk to Olvyne about being scared, too, and tell her to turn herself in as well. Leave, wait a day, and return, and you'll find the place empty except for Dovor lying dead on the floor. Go to the Royal Palace Jail and you'll find the other two locked up. Talk to them to wrap up this whole tawdry affair.

Find an Apprentice for Bols Indalen

In the Craftsmen's Hall, talk to Ilnori Faustus and let him ramble. Leave and return to find that he's gone -- now talk to Bols Indalen. He'll need a new apprentice. Go to the Winged Guar and find Therdon downstairs. Tell him about the opening at the smithy. Return to Bols and you'll see Therdon -- talk to him and then to Bols to wrap up this quest.

Find Out What Happened to Golena Sadri

Enter the Sadri Manor and talk to Golena. She's nuts. Now go talk to Alvan Llarys. Now go talk to Elbert Nermarc in the Craftsmen's Hall. Head back to Sadri Manor and you'll see Alvan outside. Talk to him and then pick the lock on the door to re-enter the Manor. Use the trap door in the basement to get to the Forgotten Sewers. Go all the way to the end and find the torch on your right that is a secret lever. Pull it to flood the chamber and reveal another trap door that was hidden beneath the crates in the center of the room. Use that trap door to enter an underwater passage to yet another trap door. This one will let you out in a passage lined with proximity mines that will emit blasts of various energy beams when you pass. Ouch. As you make your way along, you'll come upon a passage to your right with several of these devices and a good haul of loot. Eventually you'll find Golena herself, clad in glass and armed with a Daedric longbow and the Mace of Slurring. Kill her and head back to Alvan to let him know of her fate.

Follow Taren Andoren for Deldrise Andoren

Enter the Andoren Manor and talk to Deldrise and she'll ask you to follow her husband. Head out toward the Craftsmen's Hall and you'll see Taren -- don't get too close or he'll see you. Follow him as he makes his way around back and waits. Stay out of sight and watch until Velyna Seran approaches him and your journal updates. Report back to Deldrise.

Rescue Dillborn for Thrud

Thrud is the Nord barbarian in the center of the sector. Talk to him and he'll want to follow you down into the Residential Sewers to rescue his friend, Dillborn. In the Residential Sewers, you'll find Dillborn held captive by three thugs. You have to talk to Drarthus Neras. He wants the 3,000 gp Dillborn owes, but if you bump his disposition over 80, he'll take 1,000. You can pay or simply kill him and his pals -- but make sure they don't kill Dillborn first. Secure his freedom and you're done.

Stand up to Holmar for High-Pockets

High-Pockets is outside the winged Guar. He wants you to confront Holmar with him. Go inside and look for the Nord. Talk to him, and with a disposition over 75, he'll leave the Bosmer alone. You can also spend 60 gp on some drinks for him and he'll pass out. You can also challenge him to a fight. If you happen to have Saryoni's Sermons on hand, you can forego the Nord and let High-Pockets have the book. Leave and return and he'll have converted and put the whole situation behind him.

The Robot Arena

Enter Ignatius Flaccus' house and head downstairs. Talk to him and he'll ask you to get him 10 pieces of dwemer scrap metal and then 3 dwemer cogs. While he won't ask for both at the same time, you might as well get them all while you're out and about. Visit any dwemer ruin (Bamz-Amschend is the local ruin) for these items and return. Leave his house and re-enter. Talk to him now and he'll want to bet on a centurion fight. Bet the maximum amount you can afford on the steam centurion (I've never seen it lose). Leave again and talk to Verasa Serano, outside near the Winged Guar. You'll be prompted to go back to Ignatius' house. You'll have to pick the lock this time. Inside, kill all the various centurions that are running amok. Talk to Ignatius afterward for a 1,000-gp reward.

Great Bazaar

Buy Pack Animals

Rerlas Mon is in the eastern courtyard of the Bazaar. He will sell you scribs, rats, and packrats that you can use to tote your goods. You can only have three at a time. They're not tough, just designed for carrying things, but they will help in a fight, for whatever good that does. They cost 20, 25, and 100 gold respectively.

Destroy the Black Dart Gang

Enter the Bazaar Sewers and locate Narisa Adus. She will ask you to avenge her husband by killing the members of the Black Dart Gang. These guys are bona fide killers, so she'll offer you some advice. Go to the Old Mournhold: Temple Sewers and seek out the ghost of her dead husband, Variner. He is in the central intersection/plaza, and he looks like an ancestor ghost. He'll tell you how to dispose of these thugs with minimal risk to yourself. Go to the Temple Sewers West, and just to your right is a torch bracket that is a secret lever! Pull it and flood the sewers, killing all the gang members (there are 4). However, you do need to locate the bodies for your journal to update. There's a rocky loop of passage in the western portion of these sewers, and that's where 3 of them are, and the fourth member is just before the southern entrance to that loop of rocky passage. Now, you could have simply gone straight to these sewers and flooded them without talking to Variner, and you can also have simply killed them all directly. Doesn't matter. Return to Narisa for your reward. Find a Man for Marena Gilnith

Talk to Marena near the western steps of the Bazaar about "meeting someone new." Now talk to each of the eligible bachelors in Mournhold: Fons Beren on the other (eastern) side of the Bazaar, Goval Ralen in the Temple Courtyard near the southwestern wall, and Sunel Hlas in the Bazaar's Trader Shop. Potentially, any of them will do, but we're gonna shoot for Sunel. Get his disposition over 60 and talk to him about women. Now go to Marena and tell her you've chosen Sunel. Return to tell Sunel and talk to him about "Marena Gilnith" to boost his confidence -- tell him to be more optimistic. Leave and wait a couple of days and when you return, talk to Sunel and Marena inside his Trader Shop. They're both happy and Sunel will give you the Bipolar Blade. If you chose any of the other guys, you'd still follow the route of talking to them about Marena after setting the date. If you go with Fons, all you'll get out of it is a disposition boost. If you go with Goval, you'll have to give him money to buy clothes and afterward he'll give you his enchanted family belt. Even though the Bipolar Blade has a useless enchantment (casting frenzy and calm at the same time), it has the highest cash value, and it can also be donated to the Museum of Artifacts.

Investigate Ten-Tongues Weerhat's Special Offers

Visit the pawnbroker in the Bazaar and juke his disposition up over 85 so that you can talk to him about his "special offers" and take this quest where it needs to go. If you want to see what Weerhat's special offers are, use the topic a few times (leave and return once or twice if you have to) to purchase cheap scrolls of Illnea's Breath, Fifth Barrier, and Hellfire. Ask him how he can sell things so cheap, and he'll mention Ahnia. Head down to the Bazaar Sewers and spot Ahnia. Either talk to her about Weerhat or pick up the note next to her to trigger her attack. Kill her and take the note, and then head back to Weerhat to tell him Ahnia's dead. He'll give you a book to return to Elbert Nermarc in the Godsreach Craftsmen's Hall.

The Horror of Castle Xyr

Talk to Meryn Othralas behind the stage and you'll have the option to sub for a sick actor. Accept, review his copy of The Horror of Castle Xyr, and give Meryn the book back when you're ready to act. Walk through the stage door and you'll freeze on the spot. The play begins, and you'll be prompted to deliver 8 lines of dialogue. After your last line, an assassin will charge at you from the audience. Kill the assassin and talk to Meryn for an explanation and your reward. Your reward will depend on how good a job you did at memorizing your lines from the script. It's hysterical when you screw up lines because the audience groans and jeers, but if you want the full 2,000 gp for your work, you have to have gotten all 8 of your lines right. As Gureryne Selvilo, the lead female, presents you with lines to chose from, chose the following lines: 1, 3, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3 -- they're not numbered in the dialogue, but when I say "1" I mean choose your first dialogue line choice, and so on. Bravo!

The Return of Gavis Velas

Talk to Drathas Reyas near the Armory about latest rumors. Leave the Great Bazaar and come back (you can even check out the Velas Manor in Godsreach if you can get in). When you approach the row of stores in the northeast again, a mage named Ovis Velas will spawn and attack. After dispatching him, take the key from his body and head to Velas Manor in the Godsreach District. Now you can get in and -- surprise, surprise -- the Manor isn't empty -- Gavis Velas has come home, and he'll attack you, too (must run in the family). Kill him and loot away!

Royal Palace

Hire Calvus Horatius

In the Royal Palace Courtyard is Calvus, a mercenary you can hire to follow you around. He's a good buddy and traveling companion if you're interested. His chief limitation is that he cannot leave Mournhold.



Talk to Gaenor in the Temple Courtyard. He'll ask for money. No matter how much or how little you give, the result will be the same. Leave the area, wait two days, and return to find Gaenor clad in full ebony armor and hostile. Kill him or he'll kill you. That's really it. Crazy little Bosmer.

The Crimson Plague

This one's a long one with a few little parts to start you off. First you have to go to the Temple Gardens in Old Mournhold and discover Gedna Relvel's Tomb. When you enter the tomb, it will be empty but you should get a message about a rancid stench. Score! Now talk to Mehra Helas in the Temple Courtyard, right near the door to the Temple itself. She'll refer you to Nerile Andaren. Nerile is in the Temple's Hall of Ministry. Nerile's first task will be to bring a potion to Geon Auline at his residence in the Godsreach section. Next, she'll have you bring a potion to Athelyn Methas just outside the Temple in the Temple Courtyard. Lastly, you'll return to her to find the place filled with rats, so it's incumbent upon you to kill them all. Nerile will suggest seeking out the source of these problems in the Temple Sewers, but on your way you'll run into Shunari Eye-Fly. Shunari will ask for your help and tell you to meet her in the Temple Gardens. Run back upstairs and ask Nerile to help Shunari and she'll give you a scroll to use on her. Now you can go back to the Temple Sewers, through the Temple Sewers East, and into the Temple Gardens. Shunari is at the end of the Temple Gardens, near Gedna Relvel's Tomb. Use the scroll on her and then you're good to enter Gedna's Tomb again. You won't find any sign of the lich, but to the left of a ladder leading to a higher passage there is a seam in the wall (psst! It's a secret door!). Go back to Shunari and she'll tell you how to open it. Return to the seam and stand on the little rock in front of it. The door will open and skeleton champions will assault you. As you make your way within, you will face more and finally, the lich itself. After slaying the lich and taking it's robe, check back with Shunari and then Nerile to close out this quest out and receive the Grace of Almsivi power.