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Hlaalu are probably the most welcomed and accepted House by the rest of the world. Hlaalu is the House of the diplomat. Technically, there are variations to the order in which you do some of the quests, but with this house, as well as with the others, I will present the order that I followed. Most of your quests will be given when you choose the "business" topic from the dialogue menu. Every so often, you should ask your quest-giver about "advancement," as this is how you will be promoted in rank.

Favored abilities: agility and speed Favored skills: light armor, marksman, mercantile, security, short blade, speechcraft Friends: Camonna Tong, Fighters' and Mages Guilds, Imperial Cult and Legion, Temple Foes: Sixth House; Ashlanders, Vampire Clans; Redoran, Telvanni, Thieves Guild Stronghold: Odai Plateau, between Balmora and Hla Oad -- your stronghold will look similar to the manors in Balmora and Suran and it will be called Rethan Manor

Nileno Dorvayn

Nileno is in Balmora, at the Hlaalu Council Manor. She'll give you your first 7 quests. When you're done with them, you should be able to have advanced to the rank of Lawman, which is the fourth rank in the House.

Wear Disguise

Nileno will give you a helmet to wear and then instruct you to go to Ald'ruhn, where you are to talk to Neminda. Neminda is inside the Ald'ruhn Manor District Building, in the Redoran Council. Make sure you're wearing the helmet Nileno gave you, and talk to Neminda about the "orphan of arnesia." This will get you a parcel that you are to return to Nileno.

Get Alchemical Formula

Next, Nileno will ask you to go to Vivec's Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks. You are to steal a recipe scroll from the apothecary, Aurane Frernis. Her shop is small, and there are three places in the shop you can try to steal the recipe from: there's one on the table right next to you, Aurane has one in her possession, and there's one more in a trapped and locked chest at the foot of her bed. Acquire one and head back to Nileno.

Kill the Queen

Kwama queen, that is. Nileno wants you to go to the Inanius Egg Mine and kill the kwama queen. The mine is east of Suran, over the mountain range. If you want some cash, before killing the queen, talk to Avon Oran in the Oran Manor in Suran, and extort him for 1,000 gold. Then go kill the queen anyway. The queen is tough to find in the mine: when you enter, you'll want to dive into the pool and look for a submerged tunnel. This tunnel will lead you toward the queen. Kill her.

Deliver Orders to Spy

Next quest: go back to the Manor District Building in Ald'ruhn and visit Bivale Teneran, a clothier with a shop inside the giant crab shell-shaped (or croissant-shaped, if you prefer) building. Give her the new orders from Nileno; get some complimentary clothes from Bivale, and head back to Nileno.

Avenge Ralen Hlaalu

Ralen Hlaalu got murdered. You need to find out who did it and kill that person. You can play detective if you want, or you can go directly to the Balmora Council Club and kill Thanelen Velas, the guy standing right there inside the entrance. Be stealthy about it, or there will be a price on your head.

Secure Ebony Trade

Nileno wants to get an edge on the ebony trade. You're going to help.

Option 1 for the negotiator: talk to Canctunian Ponius in the Ebonheart East Empire Company and ask him to buy ebony from the Hlaalu instead of the Redoran.

Option 2 for the ham-fisted: go to the Sudanit Mine, which is in-between Fort Buckmoth and the Ghostgate -- straight east of the one and west of the other -- and kill Darns Tedalen, who is deep within the mine. If it isn't obvious, be careful or you'll end up a criminal with a price on your head.

Option 3 for the person who wants a glass cuirass, glass greaves, and glass boots: do both of the above -- option 1 first, option 2 second. When you report back to Nileno, she'll give you the aforementioned glass items as a reward.

That's it for Nileno's quests. Have her advance you to Lawman, and then head to the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec to see Edryno Arethi for your next battery of quests.

Edryno Arethi

In Vivec, in the Hlaalu Canton, on the Waistworks level, is a door to Edryno Arethi's house. Head on in. She'll have 8 quests for you, and you'll end up a House Cousin by the time you're done. Then you'll pay a quick visit to another significant individual in the canton, Crassius Curio, who'll promote you to House Brother and refer you to your next quest-giver.

Collect Debt

Edryno's first task is to collect debt money from a deadbeat in Hla Oad named Murudius Flaeus. He's in his home in Hla Oad. The money he owes is in a chest beneath Fadila's house by the docks. You have three ways of obtaining the money and four ways of completing the quest. You can get a key for the chest from him if you bump his disposition over 90. You can intimidate him and he'll cough up the key. You can simply go to the chest and pick the lock without ever even talking to him. Or you can just pay Edryno out of your own pocket and you never even had to leave the room.

Deliver Report

Next up: deliver a sealed report to Baren Alen. Baren Alen is just across the way. Enter the Hlaalu Treasury, and go down to the Hlaalu Vaults, and hand over the report. Done.

Escort Tarvyn Faren to Pelagiad

Groan if you must. I personally hate escort jobs. You're gonna have to escort Tarvyn Faren to Pelagiad. Tarvyn is on the mainland across the Foreign Quarter Bridge waiting for you. Take him to Pelagiad's Halfway Tavern. Take it slow. I have had problems with this guy when it comes to crossing the wooden land bridges (particularly the first one). He tends to fall down and get trapped in the support columns. Otherwise, once in Pelagiad, enter the inn with him, and then head back to Edryno.

Kill Milyn Faram

Edryno wants you to go to the sorcerer's lair of Odirniran and help out. Odirniran is east of Molag Mar and southwest of the Holamayan Monastery. Inside, first find and talk to Remasa Othril -- take your first right at the intersection, and Remasa will be down the ramp to your right. Learn that you must free Vedelea from Milyn. They're both in the tower. You may find Vedelea before you find Milyn, but don't even bother -- she won't leave her cell until the wizard's dead. So, kill Milyn, free Vedelea, have her follow you back to Remasa, and then get the heck out of there.

Kill Diseased Game Rats

Edryno will now need you to kill some diseased game rats. In the St. Olms Canton Plaza is the Yngling Half-Troll manor, and in the basement are some rats. There are 6 rats in a cell. 3 are diseased, and 3 are highly trained game rats (don't laugh). You have to kill the diseased ones but spare the good ones. The bad ones will be hostile. You're allowed to accidentally kill 1 good game rat without botching the quest. Kill the 3 sick rats and split.

Secure Ebony Trade with the Zainab

Make your way to the Zainab Camp, and speak with Gulakhan Ashibaal in Ashibaal's Yurt. Talk to him about the ebony trade, and make sure to tell him that, "the Zainab are strong enough to sell ebony" and that "if we both sell ebony the price will drop." Nice work, smooth-talker.

Retrieve Daedric Wakizashi

East of Bal Fel there is a shipwreck -- it is the wreckage of the Prelude. In the wreck's lower level, there is a chest that contains a Daedric Wakizashi guarded by a ghost. Guess what? Edryno wants that Wakizashi -- and not just any Wakizashi will do. Off with you now.

Guard Ralen Tilvur

After the last two quests, you'll be glad this one's close to home. On the Plaza Level of the Foreign Quarter is a smith named Ralen Tilvur. The poor guy's been getting robbed. You're going to head over there and protect him. Don't worry, you won't have to wait long -- in fact, the very moment you talk to Ralen, the culprit will appear behind you and attack. You know what to do.

Report back to Edryno and wrap up the quest. She should have made you a House Cousin by now, and if you push, she'll tell you that you need a sponsor to move up the House ladder. She has no more quests for you anyway, so let's go talk to our pending sponsor.

Talk to Crassius Curio

Crassius has a manor, Curio Manor, in the plaza level of the Hlaalu Canton. Head inside, turn left and go downstairs. He's behind the door to your right. All you have to do for him is completely disrobe. Creepy. Afterward, he'll be your sponsor, promote you to House Brother, and refer you to Odral Helvi for more quests. Technically, you can do quests for Crassius, too, at this point, but I like to get Odral out of the way first. Also, Crassius will tell you that you must get your stronghold before you can receive additional promotions, but hold off on that for now. And hey, put some clothes on.

Odral Helvi

Odral can be found in Caldera, in the Governor's Hall. When you enter, take the stairs in the far right corner until you hit the floor with the door. Odral is within. Odral is basically a dirty guy -- meaning criminal, not unclean. And while you can go along with his schemes, and do things his way, you are better off reporting all his shady activities to Crassius. Even if you don't care about your conscience, it'll earn you more cash. Ready?

Deliver Sealed Orders

Like Edryno before, Odral has something for you to deliver to the Hlaalu Vaults, which are within and below the Hlaalu Treasury in the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec. But, difference is, he wants you to give then to Tenis Lladri instead of Baren Alen. You can, if you want, but what I recommend is to go to Crassius, give him the orders, and then go back to Odral and close the quest.

Investigate Missing Mining Contracts

Now Odral wants you to find out who stole the Caldera Mining Contracts and kill them. Cutting through the investigative work, it was Elmussa Dalmori, who has a house right here in Caldera. If her disposition is above 80, she'll fess up and give you the key to the chest on the windowsill, which contains the contracts. Or you can just pick the lock. You can kill her of you want to be Odral's lapdog, or you can leave her alone. In either case, you can tell Odral the truth or lie, and as long as his disposition is over 70, he'll believe whatever you say. My recommendation is to get the contracts from Elmussa and then go to Crassius and tell on Odral. Then go back to Odral and lie.

Exchange Documents

What's with this guy and the paperwork? Now Odral wants you to sneak a fake land deed into a chest in the Hlaalu Records in Vivec and take the original deed. Go ahead -- if you want to. But what I'd do is take the fake deed to Crassius (so what if he saw me naked?), rat out Odral (again), and then pay a quick visit to Baren Alen. For 100 gp he'll give you a copy of the land deed so that Odral is none the wiser about your work behind his back. Then report back to Odral for your next to last quest.

Collect Tax Money

Now he wants you to collect some rent and taxes from some poor old farmers, and kill them if they don't pay up. Look, if you want to be the thug, you can follow his directions. There are other ways of doing things. Neither farmer is going to have the money. One of them will actually give you his guar, which you can take to Drulene Faren and sell for 200 gp. As if you want to escort a guar. You can also talk to Rovone Arvel, who's down by the docks on the Arvel Plantation, and he'll give you money to pay their debts with. Or, my advice: go to Crassius, tell him what's going on, and then go back to Odral and pay the farmer's debts out of your own pocket.

Deliver Ebony

This is the last thing you're going to have to do with Odral: drop off some ebony with Drinar Varyon in Ald'ruhn. This is illegal, by the way. For the last time, I will suggest an alternate route: go to (yes) Crassius and he'll tell you to take the ebony to (here's a name for ya) Segunivus Mantedius (sounds like he wants to be tickled and talked to like an infant) in the Buckmoth Legion Fort just outside of Ald'ruhn. Tell him about the ebony, turn it over to him, and he'll arrest Odral Helvi as well as Drinar Varyon. You'll never see them again. Now go back to Crassius and close out the quest.

Feel like building a stronghold?

Stronghold Phase I

Dondos Driler is not really a quest-giver -- he's your stronghold guy though. He can be found in the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora. There's a total of 4 parts to this process, and each part takes 5 days -- you can do other stuff during the 5-day breaks, or you can just wait or rest.

Talk to Dondos about your stronghold and he'll tell you to get the Rethan Manor Land Deed from Baren Alen and a Construction Contract from Duke Vedam Dren. Baren's still in the Hlaalu Treasury Vault, and you enter into a barter menu with him and select the Rethan Manor Land Deed to buy. Duke Dren is in the Ebonheart Grand Council Chambers, top floor. When you enter the Chambers, turn left, go around the left corner, and all the way up. Talk to him about the contract and tell him you will do the right thing and vow to help his people. Bam! The contract and land deed are yours. Now go back to Dondos and get your stronghold started. Once he says he'll get construction underway, you'll have to wait 5 days and then your journal will update.

Stronghold Phase II

Talk to Dondos and he'll ask you to go speak to the foreman at the site of your stronghold. Odai Plateau should be on your map. It is south and a little west of Balmora. Head over, talk to the Orc foreman, Durbul gro-Rush, and then skip back to Dondos. Wait five more days after reporting to Dondos, and your journal will update again.

Stronghold Phase III

Talk to Dondos again and he'll tell you that you're going to need to generate some business. This is a two-pronged process.

Prong one: head over to the Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine, which is across the river from the Odai Plateau, and cure the kwama queen of her blight (cure blight scrolls are sold by Hetman Abelmawia in Gnisis and Pierlette Rostorard in Sadrith Mora).

Prong two: head to Gnisis and look for the Tansumiran Cave Dwelling. Inside, talk to Ilasour Tansumiran about "recruit some miners" and he'll agree to work at your mine. Good enough. Go back to Dondos to report these things. In 5 days, you stronghold will be ready.

Let's wrap this stronghold stuff up for good. Talk to Crassius about advancement and he'll make you House Father. This is the highest rank you can get from anyone other than Duke Dren himself. It will also allow you to upgrade your stronghold for one last time.

Stronghold Phase IV

Once the 5 days have passed, and you're a House Father, you can talk to Dondos one last time about making your stronghold even better. He's game, but you're going to have to hire a guard and kill some bandits first. Go to the basement of the Fighters Guild right here in Balmora. Behind the last door is Flaenia Amiulusus, who will set you up with a guard for 1,000 gp. The guard will meet you at Rethan Manor. Head over to your manor and find Fjorgeir waiting for you. You can have him accompany you to Zainsipilu to kill the bandits in question, or you can have him stand guard where he is. Regardless of your choice, your next move is to go to the bandit cave, Zainsipilu, which is past the south hills across the river. Inside Zainsipilu, you will find 8 bandits altogether. You have to kill them all. Then you can report back to Dondos and he'll launch the final phase of your stronghold. In 5 days, your journal will update again, and your stronghold is complete.

Ilmeni Dren

Ilmeni, daughter of Duke Vedam Dren, lives in Vivec in the St. Delyn Canton. She has an apartment at Canal South-One. Her first quest will be given when you discuss the fact that "people cannot read."

Side notes: First, you don't have to do her quests. Second, if you do, you may not be able to even get the last two of the three quests she can offer. Third is the reason "why": You have to have freed enough slaves. If you freed more than 5, and talked to a slave about "go free" again after you freed them, you got the "Twin Lamps" topic. If you freed more than 15 slaves, and you talked to the slave about the Twin Lamps, you were told that they "light the way to freedom." This little series of dialogues set you up for the last two Ilmeni Dren quests. If you haven't had those conversations, you will not get these quests.

Deliver Books to Vala Catraso

Ilmeni wants you to obtain a copy of ABCs for Barbarians and The Annotated Anuad and bring these to Vala Catraso in the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild. The books aren't rare, and can be bought in most bookstores. Hop to it.

Escort J'Saddha

Next, talk to Ilmeni about business and you'll get the slavery topic. Talk to her about slavery to get the Twin Lamps topic (but read my note above). What she wants you to do is this: go to Ald Velothi and talk to Galyn Arvel by the docks. Galyn will tell you that an escaped slave, J'Saddha, is hiding in the Daedric Ruins of Ashalmawia east of the Outpost. She wants you to escort him to her, but there's a problem. Three slave hunters are at large -- Sadal Doren, Garyn Gidith, and Anes Hlaren. You're going to have to either try to sneak J'Saddha past them unnoticed, or trick them into moving on. If you want to try being stealthy, have fun. I'd rather be slick, and trick them. The three of them are roaming individually around the immediate area. If you don't see one right away, be patient and they'll make their rounds through soon enough. All you have to do is engage a slave hunter in conversation and lie as to J'Saddha's whereabouts. Then, the slave hunter will meander off to the west. Once all three have been mislead, you'll find J'Saddha amid the Ruins (outside, not in) right up the stairs that are facing the Outpost tower. Walk him back to Galyn at the docks and you're done.

Escort Hides-His-Foot

Once you complete the J'Saddha quest, Ilmeni's last task will come about if you talk about slavery again. This time, you need to escort a slave, Hides-His-Foot (HHF), off the Dren Plantation to Sterdecan's farm. Go to the plantation and find HHF wandering around the big open enclosure near the shacks. If you try to escort him past the guards, they will attack, so you might want to look into whacking at least the guards within range of sight. Once you've cleared out any potential trouble, talk to HHF and he'll be ready to go with you to Sterdecan's Farm. You can leave the plantation and head north (I usually cut through the shacks of the Arvel Plantation to the north) and you'll encounter a road heading east. Follow it east, and soon enough you'll see a house on the left with a landing that leads down to the water. There'll be a guy in the field (that's Sterdecan). Take HHF to the door of the house and he'll thank you. Talk to HHF real quick about his little secret for a tip on a later quest. Head back to Ilmeni to end her set of quests.

Crassius Curio

Now let's see what Crassius has to offer. You remember where he lives don't you? You could have done these earlier if you so chose, but assuming you're following along here, we're at our next to last quest-giver.

Talk to Velfred the Outlaw

Crassius wants you to go to Hla Oad and talk to Velfred the Outlaw. Velfred is on a ship docked to the southwest of the town. Ideally, Crassius wants you to persuade Velfred to be reasonable (requires a 75 disposition). But if you can't make him do the right thing, then kill him.

Kill Banden Indarys

Now Crassius will ask you to go to Indarys Manor/Bal Isra, which is the Redoran stronghold, and seek out and kill the lord of the estate, Banden Indarys.

Find Dram Bero

Crassius wants you to get the support of Dram Bero. Dram Bero is in the St. Olms Haunted Manor (Plaza Level). Go downstairs and you'll find him behind a closed door. Dram is willing to give you his support if you beat his champion, Garding, in the Vivec Arena. Go to the Arena (it has it's own canton in Vivec), enter the Arena Pit, and attack Garding. He'll stop fighting and yield once his health drops low enough. If you kill him accidentally (oops! Was that your throat I slit?), you can still fulfill the quest, so you don't have to pull punches. You can then go back to Dram and get his support, and in turn you can go back to Crassius and get his last quest.

Kill Reynel Uvirith

Did you like killing Banden Indarys? Well, your next hit is on Reynel Uvirith, who is at Uvirith's Grave/Tel Uvirith. Like before, go to the stronghold and kill its owner. This is your last Curio quest -- now it's all about the Duke.

Duke Vedam Dren

The Duke is in the Grand Council Chambers of Ebonheart. He has two quests that will result in you being named the Grandmaster of House Hlaalu.

Control the Ordinators

After talking to the Duke, go to the Temple Canton and enter the High Fane. Inside, head for the door right across from you to meet Tholer Saryoni. Talk to him about "controlling the Ordinators," "troubling times," and how "the Ordinators have failed." He'll set you on a task to retrieve the Robe of St. Roris. If you can bring it back to him, he'll reign in the Ordinators. The robe is in the cave Assemanu, which is a Sixth House Base. Follow Tholer's directions. The robe is deep inside the cave, in a room with Dagoth Hlevul. There will be a locked chest on a narrow rock ledge in the room -- you'll have to levitate to reach it -- and inside is the robe. Bring it back to Tholer and then report back to the Duke.

Meet Orvas Dren

Talk to the Duke some more and get onto the subject of the Camonna Tong. Seems that Ilmeni isn't the only famous relative of Vedam's. His brother, Orvas, owns the Dren Plantation and also runs the Camonna Tong. Vedam wants you to gain his allegiance or kill him. Once you're at the Dren plantation, head into the manor and you'll find Orvas upstairs. Three options: One, if you can get his disposition high enough, you'll be able to persuade him to give you control of the Camonna Tong. Two, if you listened to Hides-His-Foot, you can sneak into the basement and find a note that can be used to blackmail Orvas -- BUT -- beware, there are two deadly guards down there with paralyzing blades. The note is in a locked chest on a shelf. Three, you can just kill him. Good luck with that. He's no pansy. In any event, once you have taken care of this matter for the Duke, you will be named Grandmaster of House Hlaalu.