Fighters Guild
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There is some conspiracy and conflict here. See, the current guild master is Sjoring Hard-Heart, who also belongs to the Camonna Tong, a criminal organization. The former guild master is Percius Mercius, one of the good guys, if you will. There is a subtle and then, not so subtle, play for power here. Sjoring's lackeys are Eydis in Balmora and Lorbumol in Vivec. Percius' former right-hand man is Hrundi in Sadrith Mora. You will get some dubious quests from Sjoring's people (Lorbumol in particular), and if you speak to Percius, he will advise you not to accept some of the bounty hunter-type assignments (more like assassinations, if you ask me - or him, for that matter). Further complicating things will be your association (future, past, or present) with the Thieves Guild. As you get to the highest levels in the Fighters Guild, you're going to have to decide whose side you're on. Percius is allied with the Thieves Guild while Sjoring wants them eliminated. You can still be in both guilds and gain control of both, but your choices along the way may remove some quests or create some conflicts.

Note: If you did the Thieves Guild quests already, Sjoring will be dead (no quests from him), Eydis will be an ally, and you will not be asked to get Sottilde's codebook for Eydis.

Favored abilities: strength and endurance Favored skills: axe, blunt weapons, long blades, heavy armor, armorer, block Friends: Imperial Legion; Redoran, Hlaalu, Mages Guild, Imperial Cult Foes: Sixth House; Ashlanders, Vampire Clans; Temple, Camonna Tong Conflicts with the Thieves Guild: the Fighters Guild quests given by the current (bad guy) leader of the guild, Sjoring Hard-Heart, will require the execution of the current Thieves Guild Master Thief, Gentleman Jim Stacey (does not prevent joining but does limit ascension in the Thieves Guild, and removes the quests given by Gentleman Jim). However, following the quests given by Percius Mercius instead of Sjoring will facilitate unfettered ascension in the two guilds and ultimately results in the removal of Lorbumol and Sjoring. There will be a quest given by Lorbumol to remove Tongue-Toad from the Thieves Guild (he is the operative in Ald'ruhn who can remove the bounty on your head).

Eydis Fire-Eye

Eydis can be found in the Balmora Fighters Guild. She'll dole out 6 quests that you can do right off the bat to advance to the rank of Swordsman. She has 3 more quests for you once you have reached the rank of Protector.

Kill Rats

Right across the river in Balmora is Drarayne Thelas. Talk to her about rats, kill the one in her bedroom and then use the key she'll give you to head outside and up to her storage area and kill the two in there. Wasn't that easy? Accept her thanks and go back to Eydis.

No, wait! There is an obscure miscellaneous town quest that you need to know about first. Drarayne is in the pillow business. Recently, a shipment of her pillows was lost at sea. That Abandoned Shipwreck is north of the Sanctus Shrine. The invoice for the shipment is in the cabin. You can return this invoice to Drarayne for a reward. Why am I telling you this now? Well, for whatever reason, this quest will only work if you kill her rats, and then go to the shipwreck and return with the invoice before you close the quest with the Fighters Guild. You can skip the quest if you wish it is a pain in the butt but if you're gonna do it you've gotta do it before you close out the rats quest with Eydis.

Kill Poachers

Go to the Shulk Egg Mine and kill the two poachers in the Queen's Lair section of the mine. The mine is southwest of Balmora, on your side of the river, near a swinging bridge that crosses the river. Make you way into and through the mine to the Queen's Lair. When you enter, two people will charge at you. They are the poachers. Kill them.

Kill Telvanni

Near the Caldera Ebony Mine (which is southwest of Caldera) is the cave Ashanammu. Just outside is Alveleg he's one of your targets. Inside the cave are the other three - they'll all be standing together and they'll attack you once they see you. Kill them.

Get Codebook

Go to Sottilde at the South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora and get the codebook from her. I recommend just boosting her disposition enough that she'll actually give it to you. Be forewarned that depending on your standing with the Thieves Guild, this quest can work out a few different ways. She may give you the codebook, you might not even get the quest, or you may have to attempt to steal the book (pickpocket it) from her.

Collect Desele's Debt

Helviane Desele in Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran owes some money. Pay her a visit and bring back the dough.

Kill Dura gra-Bol

This Orc woman lives in her house right here in Balmora. Kill her. Finishing this quest ought to have earned you the rank of Swordsman, but Eydis' next quests will require you to be of Protector rank. So go to another Fighters Guild and do some quests there before you return to Eydis to do her next 3 quests.

Lorbumol gro-Aglakh

Lorbumol is in the Foreign Quarter Plaza of Vivec in the Fighters Guild, naturally. He's Sjoring's lapdog. His last two quests are unnecessary and of questionable character. You can talk to Percius about them when you get them, simply not even ask for them after the 4th quest he gives, or just do them they don't mess up anything in the game, and you get paid well. Do as you wish.

Get Juicedaw Feather Ring from Nar gro-Shagramph

This deadbeat has a Juicedaw Feather Ring that is owed to Lorbumol. Get it from him. You can boost his disposition, kill him, or just give Lorbumol any ole' Juicedaw Feather Ring you happen to have. Nar, an Orc (duh), can be found wandering around in Vivec's Hlaalu Plaza.

Silence Tongue-Toad

Tongue-Toad (TT) is an Argonian in the Rat in the Pot Cornerclub in Ald'ruhn. Lorbumol wants him "silenced." When you get there, you can talk to TT (or even Percius Mercius in the Fighters Guild across the way) to find out about the current Fighters Guild association with the criminal Camonna Tong before you decide TT's fate. Good guys advice: let him live.

Kill Dro'Sakhar

This Khajiit lives in Vivec, St. Olms Canton, in Canal South-Two. Kill him.

Collect Lirielle Stoine's Debt

Again, in Ald'ruhn, and again, in the Rat in the Pot Cornerclub. This poor woman owes money.

Long, cheap good guy version: her brother actually owes the money to the Camonna Tong, but he's dead. His corpse is in Mallapi, a cave northeast of Gnaar Mok. There's enough money there to cover his debt. Lirielle and Percius Mercius can feed you this information if you're so inclined. So, go trek to Mallapi to scrounge up the debt money to pay off Lorbumol.

Short, rich good guy version: go back to Lorbumol and pay off the debt yourself.

Bad guy version: kill Lirielle.

Kill Adraria Vandacia

This is the first of two blatant assassinations. Percius will advise you not to perform the hits if you talk to him. Avoid them if you'll feel conflicted about it. Adraria is in Seyda Neen, in the Census and Excise Office, top floor. Kill her and collect your bounty.

Kill Rufinius Alleius

This judge is in Ebonheart, in the Imperial Commission. You can skip this quest, too, or play jury and executioner to his judge. This is Lorbumol's last quest.

Eydis Fire-Eye

Return to Eydis in the Balmora guild now that you've increased in rank to get the last few quests she offers.

Kill Burub gra-Bamog in Ashunartes

There is a Daedric shrine named Ashunartes occupied by Orcs. Their leader, Burub gra-Bamog, needs to be eliminated. To get directions to the shrine, you will be directed to see a farmer named Alof, who lives on the north shore of Lake Amaya. You can skip all the Alof stuff and head straight for the shrine, which is immediately to the west of Marandus. The leader you must kill is on the upper level of the shrine. Report back to Eydis after disposing of Burub.

Kill Dovres Verethi

Next hit: kill Dovres Verethi in the cave Mannammu, which is southeast of Pelagiad. There are other gang members there to foil your plan, so you'll have to slip past them or add them to your death toll.

Kill Sarano Hunger

This is Eydis' last quest. Go to the Sarano Ancestral Tomb and kill the hunger inside. The tomb is southeast of the Moonmoth Legion Fort. You can kill everything in the tomb of course, but if you're interested, the hunger is in the first door on you right, the one with a level 10 lock on it.


Hrundi is in the Fighters Guild located in Wolverine Hall, which is in Sadrith Mora. He's one of the good guys, a former lieutenant of Percius'.

Help Out at Nchurdamz

Hrundi wants you to go to the Dwemer ruin, Nchurdamz, and fight alongside Larienna Macrina. Nchurdamz is southwest of the Holamayan Monastery. Larienna is just outside. You and Larienna are to explore the ruin to find and kill the daedroth, Hrelvesuu. Mission accomplished: report back to Hrundi.

Help Out in the Dissapla Mine

The Dissapla Mine is northeast of Falensarano. Inside, speak to Novor Drethan, and he'll ask you to find Teres Arothan inside the mine. There are some nix-hounds to kill, and Teres to find. Once you have Teres in tow, return to Novor, and then return to Hrundi.

Kill Corprus Stalker

You'll likely get both this quest and the next at the same time. The corprus stalker in question is in Berwen's Trader shop in Tel Mora. If you've already been to see Berwen, you may have taken care of the stalker already. If not, kill it now.

Kill Rels Tenim

This murderer is in Shallit, a cave on a decent-sized island southwest of Ald Daedroth. Once inside the cave, seek out Rels Tenim and kill him.

Deliver Sujamma

Hrundi will give you a load of sujamma (don't drink it, you lush) to take to Nelacar in the Dunirai Caverns. The caverns are southeast of Ghostgate, between two foyadas.

Meet Sondaale at Telasero

You're sent to the Telasero stronghold to meet this chick, but upon arrival, you'll find a note on the stronghold door. She went in without you. Idiot. Now you have to go in and rescue her. You'll find a Sixth House scenario within, with various baddies to kill. Sondaale is in the bottom of the stronghold, behind the first door on your left. She's standing atop a table in a room with a couple of rats (eek - a mouse!). You'll probably want to have killed any potential opposition before you have her follow you back out. That done, head back to Hrundi.

Kill Engaer

Engaer is right here in Sadrith Mora, in the Tel Naga Great Tower. He's behind a locked golden door in the tower's Upper Level. Work out the details of getting in and killing him without stirring up the hornet's nest of potential observers. Then go back to Hrundi.

Retrieve the Golden Eggs

In the Pudai Egg Mine, in the Queen's Lair, are seven golden eggs. The mine is west of Mzuleft, south of Dagon Fel. Find the mine, navigate your way to the queen, and grab the seven eggs (P.S.: they're heavy). Hrundi will relieve you of the eggs. That was his last quest.

Percius Mercius

Percius is downstairs in the Ald'ruhn Guild of Fighters. As the former head of the guild, and a good guy, he's none too pleased with the current state of affairs in the guild. He will be your conscience if you're of like mind just as Crassius Curio was for anyone who joined the Great House Hlaalu. Not surprisingly, he has some quests for you to do.

Help Ulyne Henim in Vas

Vas is a Velothi dome on an island just west of Dagon Fel, near the Sanctus Shrine. Outside the entrance is a Buoyant Armiger named Ulyne. The two of you are to enter the dome and kill the necromancers within, particularly Daris Adram. Daris is in the Tower.

Kill Nerer Beneran

This thug can be found in Sargon, a cave southwest of Vas. The cave is full of his allies, and he is no wimp. So what - who's better than you? Kill him.

Eliminate Bandits in Saturan

Not quite so directly though. Percy (which is worse, Percius or Percy?) will send you off to Suran to speak to Serjo Avon Oran in the Oran Manor. Avon will ask you to kill Daldur Sarys in the cave Saturan just northeast of the town, on the other side of the mountains. Daldur is not alone in the cave, but he's the only bandit you have to kill to complete the quest. After clearing out Saturan, head back to Avon, tell him, and then go back to Percy.

Deliver Flin

In keeping with the theme of keeping miners drunk, you are now asked to bring some flin to Dangor in the Elith-Pal Mine. Elith-Pal is west of the Zainab camp. Wind your way through to find Dangor and drop off the goods.

Kill Eydis and Lorbmol

Now, we know that Percy doesn't like his current boss or his lieutenants. Hey! Guess what? He wants you to kill them. Now, if you've done the Bitter Cup quest for Gentleman Jim of the Thieves Guild, Eydis will have already been taken care of in a non-violent manner, and you'll only be asked to kill Lorbumol. Once you accept this quest and go to see Lorbumol, he will be hostile. Ditto for Eydis, if applicable. In any event, kill Lorbumol/Eydis, and return to Percius.

Kill Sjoring

Want to run the guild? Kill Sjoring and Percy will pass you the torch. Did you already kill Sjoring for Gentleman Jim? Percy will pass you the torch. See? Wasn't that easy. But wait. If you're not sympathetic to Percius' goals, you may already have gone to Sjoring to see what quests he has to offer. If that's the case, read on.

Sjoring Hard-Heart

Sjoring is in the same building as Lorbumol in the Vivec Foreign Quarter Plaza Fighters Guild. Doing his quests will prevent you from doing the Thieves Guild quests. You'll see why. If you are following my path(s) through the game, you will have killed this creep for Gentleman Jim in the Thieves Guild already, and these quests will not be available.

Kill the Thieves Guild Bosses

Simply, you are going to kill every quest-giver in the Thieves Guild: Sugar-Lips Habasi in the South Wall Cornerclub in Balmora, Big Helende in Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub in Sadrith Mora, and Aengoth at the Rat in the Pot Cornerclub in Ald'ruhn. Fair enough?

Kill Gentleman Jim Stacey

Next you'll be asked to kill the current leader of the Thieves Guild, Gentleman Jim. Go to Vivec, and find your way to Simine Fralinie's Bookstore in the Foreign Quarter Canalworks. Through the shop is a locked door that leads to Gentleman Jim. Enter and kill him.

That done, head back to Sjoring, and talk to him about - hey waitaminute he's attacking me. Yes, Sjoring will now attack you. Kill him and you're the new head of the Fighters Guild.