Tribunal Temple
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The Tribunal Temple (the Temple) represents those who worship Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil. To join the Temple, you need to talk to any of the quest-givers listed hereafter in this walkthrough. However, regardless of whom you to talk to first, or even before you talk to anyone, you are going to have to participate in the Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces. To activate this quest without talking to anyone in the Temple, you can simply read a copy of the Pilgrim's Path, and it will serve as your guide. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Favored abilities: intelligence and personality
Favored skills: alchemy, blunt weapons, conjuration, mysticism, restoration, unarmored
Friends: Redoran; Hlaalu
Foes: Nerevarine; Sixth House, Vampire Clans; Imperial Cult, Mages Guild; Blades, Telvanni, Ashlanders, Imperial Legion, Fighters' and Thieves Guilds

The Pilgrim's Path

As I mentioned, regardless of whom you talk to in the temple first, you're going to have to fulfill the quest outlined in this book. Your first quest-giver will give you a copy, but you can get a copy of the book in lots of places (bookstores spring to mind). Once you open the book, you're on, so you can almost think of this book as your first quest-giver. The Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces will require you to tour seven altars and make donations. Before you get started, you may want to have the following items for donations in your possession: a piece of muck, 100 gp, a soul gem (any will do, so it may be more economical to use a petty soul gem), a piece of dreugh wax, a potion of rising force (any type will do), and a cure common disease potion. If you noticed that I only listed six items, you get a gold star. The missing item is a silver longsword, but one will be provided when the time is upon you. Of course, the more cautious or anal among us (like me) may want to have one on hand just to feel prepared. It does not matter what order you visit the shrines, but I think it makes sense to do them in the order I provide. As you activate shrines, you'll receive blessings of various types.

Fields of Kummu Shrine

On the northern shore of Lake Amaya, activate this shrine and donate your muck to receive a feather spell blessing (now that's a load off!) for 24 hours.

Shrine to Stop the Moon

Located on the Vivec Temple canton's southwest corner. Donate your rising force potion to get blessed with 12 hours of levitation.

Palace Shrine

While you're in the area, head up the stairs toward Vivec's Palace and activate the shrine there. A 100-gp donation will empower you with 10 points on your mercantile score for the day. Let's go shopping!

Shrine of the Puzzle Canal

Don't leave the area yet (I was kidding about the shopping). On the Palace Canton are all these pretty moats with waterfalls pouring from their grates. Pretty, ain't it? Enter one of the grates on the third level of the canton. Inside, get out of the water and find the corridor that connects between the various grate entrances. There is a grate in this corridor that accesses the center of the puzzle canal. Inside the center, you'll see an altar designated "Puzzle Canal." No, it isn't the one you're looking for. Activate it anyway and you'll get a murky message about breathing the waters of his glory. Basically, you have to drown yourself for a while. Submerge yourself in the water and let your health waste away until things get dim and there's a brief pause as a new area to the puzzle's center opens. Grab a breath of fresh air and head up the steps into the new area toward the dremora by the altar. Don't worry; he's a nice guy. Activate the shrine and you'll be told to give the dremora (Krazzt) a silver longsword. Hey! Lookit that! There's a chest right there. And guess what's in it? Silver longswords. Take one, give it to the dremora, and activate the shrine to receive water breathing and swift swimming for a day.

Shrine of the Mask

No, it isn't another sequel to the Jim Carrey movie; it's the altar in the Temple in Gnisis. Head there and go upstairs in the Temple. In the center of the room is the shrine, cleverly disguised as some form of architectural feature. Donate your cure disease potion and you'll be cured of any blight, diseases, or poisons that may have been bothering you lately. Activate it a second time and a secret chamber inside the shrine is revealed -- and clicking on the ashmask within will teach you the spell, "Vivec's Touch," which enables you to cure blight and common disease in others. Not too shabby.

Koal Cave Shrine

Go to the Koal Cave and don't activate the shrine just inside. Yes, you heard me right. First, explore the cave and find and kill the dreugh warlord that resides within. If you followed my order of shrines, you're breathing water and swift swimming right now. There are also a couple of corpses to loot while you're exploring. Now go back to the entrance and activate the shrine. You'll need that dreugh wax for this one, and in exchange, you'll get a boost to all your armor skills for the day (blah-blah-blah), and, as an extra-special perk, since you killed the dreugh warlord before activating the shrine, you'll get an enchanted dreugh cuirass. Nice.

Ghostgate Shrine

Inside the Ghostgate, up the hill to your right is our last altar. Donate a soulgem and you'll get blessed with fortify magicka and shield for 24 hours. The shrine will automatically take the priciest soulgem you have, so if you don't want to lose them, drop those you wish to keep before activating the shrine.

Now that you've done the pilgrimage, let's start some serious questing.

Endryn Llethan

Endryn is in Vivec, High Fane. You're going to have to shuttle between Endryn and the next quest-giver in Ald'ruhn a couple of times as both quest-givers yield stunted advancements and restricted quests.

Ask Tanusea to Go Away

Head to the Vivec Arena and you'll find Tanusea Veloth walking around the upper perimeter. You simply have to ask her to leave the city because she is diseased. If you follow my rule about raising dispositions, it won't be any more involved than that -- ask her to do this as a favor for you.

Visit the Sanctus Shrine

Yep. That's all there is to it. Well, except for the small of matter of taking a vow of silence. That's right, no talking please. That makes this a long and arduous journey from the very bottom of the map to the very top without the use of Mages Guild teleports, silt striders, or boats. Do us all a favor and take this opportunity to kill as many cliff racers as you can between Vivec and the shrine. Once you get there, click on the shrine to activate it, thereby lifting your vow of silence (whew), and return to Vivec using any means of your choosing. Endryn will make you an Adept in the Temple, but won't have another quest for you until you're a Curate, so we're going to visit another quest-giver for a bit.

Tuls Valen

This tough-sounding fellow is in the Ald'ruhn Temple. Find a comfortable route between Vivec and Ald'ruhn, since you're not done with Endryn and you won't finish with Tuls in one fell swoop either.

Cure Bulfim gra-Shugarz

Tuls wants you to cure Bulfim, a female Orc just inside the Daedric shrine of Maelkashishi, which is the second Daedric shrine east of Ald Velothi. Tuls will give you a potion to use, but will rather if you did not. Bulfim has blight disease; so if you have another means of healing her, use it. If not, use the potion. Then you can go back to Tuls.

Talk to Elvil Vidron

Elvil has left the building (I couldn't resist). Head to Suran to find Elvil (thank you very much) wandering around near the base of the steps in the middle of town. He thinks he's the Nerevarine. Bump his disposition and tell him that he is not the one you saw in your visions. He'll see the error of his ways and go back to making cheesy movies.

Visit the Maar Gan Shrine

Uh, okay -- so head to Maar Gan and enter the building called the Shrine. Tricky, eh? When you activate the shrine it gives you a story that'll tell you to taunt the Daedra. Hey, look -- there's a Daedra right there! So taunt him, fight him, show him who's boss, and then activate the shrine again. Done. Tuls will dub you Curate at this point, which is good enough for Endryn Llethan's next quest, but not good enough for Tuls' next quest (you have to be a Disciple for Tuls' next quest.) Know what that means? Yep -- let's head back to Vivec's High Fane.

Endryn Llethan

Retrieve the Shoes of St. Rilms

The shoes are in Ald Sotha, which is a Daedric shrine northeast of Vivec on the mainland. Penetrate the shrine and slay all opposition, and locate the shoes in one of the three chests just behind the altar. If you kill everyone in there, be sure to loot the Sanguine items from a Llandrale Varam (if you plan to retrieve the Sanguine items for Eno Hlaalu in the Morag Tong at some point).

Kill Bjadmund

In the St. Delyn Underworks is a Daedric shrine, Ihinipalit. One of the guys inside is Bjadmund. Although he's the only one you have to kill, everyone else is going to attack you unless you're really sneaky. So kill ‘em all and loot the place. For completing this task, Endryn will name you Disciple. He has no more quests, and since now you're eligible for Tuls' last quest, let's head back to Ald'ruhn.

Tuls Valen

Tuls last outing asks you to go to the Sixth House base called Hassour, at the southern tip of the Foyada Mamaea, south of Balmora and east of the Odai River. Hassour is a lovely place, filled with old-world charm and the stench of evil and death. Kill everything that moves, especially Dagoth Fovon, and wrap up your quests with Tuls.

Tharer Rotheloth

Tharer is in the Molag Mar Temple.

Cure Lette

Your first quest for Tharer is to visit Tel Mora and cure a female Redguard named Lette. She's just outside the town, across a small stream, looking very downtrodden. Well, you'd be downtrodden, too, if you had swamp fever. So put a smile on her face and cure her. Any method of curing common disease will suffice.

Visit the Mount Kand Shrine

Mount Kand is north of Molag Mar. On the mountainside is a cavern. Enter the cavern. You will encounter three atronachs with riddles as you proceed toward the shrine. The answer to the flame atronach's riddle is "lead," the answer to the frost atronach's riddle is "you will slay me with your sword," and the answer to the storm atronach's riddle is "the Orc." Then you can keep on going to the shrine and activate it. Mission accomplished.

Kill Delvam Andarys

This sorcerer lives in the Velothi dome Mawia, which is located two islands north of Tel Branora, and south of Molag Mar. There is a trail of stepping-stones across the water leading toward the door of this sorcerers' lair. Once within, take no prisoners, but do take loot -- Delvam has a unique sword (Shimsil) and the Ring of Regeneration on his person.

Kill Raxle Berne

Who's Raxle Berne? He just happens to be the leader of the Berne Clan. And just where can I find this Raxle Berne? Within the heavily guarded vampire headquarters, Galom Daeus. No big deal, right? Sure. Well, it is your next task, so sally forth, adventurer. Galom Daeus is a dwemer ruin in the north central part of the Molag Amur mountain range overlooking a lake of lava. It is southwest of Uvirith's Grave. Once inside you must battle vampires and steam centurions. You can also kill the "cattle" upon which the vampires feed (if you are of a callous nature). You must battle your way to the Observatory, and therein you will find Raxle. Kill him, ‘natch, but also take your share of the wealth in this joint. Don't miss the Daedric boots in the entry level, and once in the observatory, you will find a Daedric shield, and three important (?) books: Galur Rithari's Papers, Vampires of Vvardenfell II, and Secrets of the Dwemer Animunculi. P.S.: Galur's book and the shield are on the ledge running around the top of the room that Raxle is (was?) in. For your yeoman's work, you should receive the title of Diviner before moving on to the next quest-giver.

Uvoo Llaren

Uvoo is in the Ghostgate Temple. Enter either the Tower of Dawn or Dusk and you will find a connection to the Temple within.

Cure Assantus Hansar

Assantus (you don't wanna know what they call him for short) is just outside the Ghostgate. He's on a ledge to the east with some other folks. His cronies may be hostile, but I have always been able to approach Assantus without provoking their fearsome Ashlander rage (sarcastic). Cure Assantus with any means of curing common disease -- he's got the droops (don't ask him where he's affected). Cure the old boy and split.

Deliver Supplies to Sendus Sathis

You're to bring some food and drinks to a hermit named Sendus Sathis. This guy is so not close it isn't even funny. He's on the island to the west of Rotheran. Happy trails. Once you've fed this guy, you can trot back to Uvoo. The bad news is that the next three quests are tough.

Retrieve the Hair Shirt of St. Aralor

Okay, maybe this one isn't so hard. You have to go to Kogoruhn. Luckily, the corpse of Aralor (what you're looking for) is on the outside of the fortress, saving you considerable peril and exploration. Just look for the body near the southwest corner. You'll have to fight a rat and maybe an ancestor ghost. Ooooh.

Retrieve the Cleaver of St. Felms

This item is in the Dagoth Citadel of Tureynulal. Tureynulal is north of Odrosal and northeast of Dagoth Ur. I'd recommend using levitation to save a lot of stress climbing mountains and navigating foyadas. Inside Tureynulal you want to locate the Bladder of Clovis (jokes, anyone?). Feel free to roam around but just remember that the place is a Dagoth Citadel. That means it's dangerous. Anyway, inside the Bladder is a dead body (Mendel Eves) that has the cleaver. There is also a Dagoth there (Fandril).

Retrieve the Crosier of St. Llothi

Your last item quest for Uvoo is to get this staff. Unfortunately, it is in Dagoth Ur. Look, if you're ready for it, knock yourself out. But again, remember this is your enemy's lair that you're poking around in. You don't have to face off with Dagoth Ur himself to locate the crosier. First of all, if you are unfamiliar with the citadel, the outer door is opened by means of a crank on a nearby pipe. Once within, head down. You are going to have to work your way through the Outer Facility to the Inner Facility and lastly to the Inner Tower. Inside the Inner Tower you will find Dagoth Irvyn, the corpse of Voruse Bethrimo, and nearby, the much-coveted crosier. For all your daring, Uvoo will promote you to Master and give you the kiss-off. Your last quests will be given by the big kahuna himself (no, not Vivec), Tholer Saryoni.

Tholer Saryoni

The Archcanon is in his private quarters within the Vivec, High Fane.

Pilgrimage of the Four Corners

No sooner have you exchanged pleasantries than Tholer sends you off on another lengthy pilgrimage. Sigh. Unlike the Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces, this one has to be done in the order listed. You have to visit the following shrines and activate them. The first and last statue shrine will require the use of a token to activate them, but the only items you need to bring in advance are four Daedra hearts for the very first statue shrine. The token for the last shrine is within the confines of that shrine itself. Onward!

Malacath Shrine

This Orc shrine is in the Sheogorath Region, on the same island as Dagon Fel. The statue you must activate is southwest of Dagon Fel, a little east of the inlet. You'll need four Daedra hearts in your inventory when you activate this shrine. You'll also have to fight the various Orcs that are loitering around the base of the shrine.

Mehrunes Dagon Shrine

This statue is inside Ald Sotha, the large shrine northeast of Vivec. Pretty simple, huh?

Molag Bal Shrine

This shrine statue is in Bal Ur, which is north of Suran along the river. You'll face more enemies inside this shrine than you did in Ald Sotha previously, but otherwise it is another pretty basic case of having to click on a statue.

Sheogorath Shrine

The last shrine you must visit is in Ald Daedroth. Depending on your status with the main quest and how you handled yourself, this shrine might be bustling with life or empty. As I mentioned, this shrine will require you to possess a token in your inventory. That token is the glove called Gambolpuddy. This item is in the Antechamber section of the shrine, underneath a pillow on a bedroll in the corner of the room. With the glove in your possession, activate the shrine. Beware: the blessing from this shrine will randomly increase and decrease your ability scores, so you may want to save first if this concerns you. Now you can return to Tholer. You have completed the Pilgrimage of the Four Corners.

Visit Mount Assarnibibi

This is Tholer's last quest for you. Assarnibibi is north of Molag Mar. In fact, from Molag Mar, you can follow the road signs to get there. You don't have to climb any mountain either -- the shrine is within a group of rocks (a la Stonehenge). The sweet part here is that when you click on the shrine you get the Ebony Mail, which is top-notch armor. Also, when you return to tell Tholer that you completed this journey, he will make you Patriarch of the Temple.

Congratulations are hereby in order.