Morag Tong
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The Morag Tong are the official assassins of the Empire. As a member of the Morag Tong, you will be given writs that sanction the execution of certain individuals. There are Morag Tong Guildhalls in Ald'ruhn, Sadrith Mora, and Balmora, with their headquarters being located in Vivec. There are quest-givers in all these locations, but it doesn't matter whom you see -- you will be given the same writs of execution by any of them, and you can report back to any quest-giver after completing your assassination, even if it was not the one who assigned you the task. As you complete writs, you receive cash. If someone happens to be dead already, it is not a problem -- it does not count against you. In addition to these executions, there are three other sets of Morag Tong quests. The current Grandmaster, Eno Hlaalu in Vivec, has some special tasks for you to perform called his "special duties." You can also return all 27 Sanguine items in the game to him as part of a subtle sub-quest. Lastly, once you are Grandmaster, you will receive four Grandmaster writs, that call upon you to take out some of the more famous people in the game. The only caveat to joining the Morag Tong is that you have to join in their Vivec headquarters, which might be tricky to find if I weren't giving it away.

Favored abilities: agility and speed
Favored skills: acrobatics, illusion, light armor, marksman, short blade, sneak
Friends and foes: being in the Morag Tong does not have any faction-relation effects other than being more popular with other members of the Morag Tong. …Everybody respects the Morag Tong…

Joining the Morag Tong

The Vivec headquarters is in the Vivec, Arena Storage area. There is a trap door that will take you to the Morag Tong headquarters. Once inside, seek out Eno Hlaalu and he will assign you an initiation assassination. As will be the case with all assigned hits, you will be given a writ to explain your actions and clear you if a guard accosts you. You will have a "present writs" dialogue option if a guard confronts you, which will remove the writ and clear your good name.

Your initiation hit is Feruren Oran in the Elven Nations Cornerclub in the Hlaalu Canton Waistworks in Vivec. Find your target and kill him, and then report back to Eno. This first hit gets you into the Morag Tong.

Now I've always simply set a mark spell near Eno and done all my work out of the Morag Tong headquarters. Eno will give you all the regular writs, plus he's the only guy who can assign you his special duties, and it is only to him that you can return the Sanguine items in the game. But after you have advanced as far as possible, and become Grandmaster, you are going to have to see someone else to get the grandmaster writs. So, just for the record, the other Morag tong quest-givers are: in Ald'ruhn (inside the Manor District Building), Goren Andarys; in Balmora, Ethasi Rilvayn; and in Sadrith Mora, Dunsalipal Dun-Ahhe.

Writs of Execution

Regardless of whom you talk to, these are your marks, in the order in which they will be assigned. You will receive multiple writs at a time.

Odaishah Yasalmibaal and Toris Saren

Odaishah is in the Bensiberib Camp, which is his yurt (Odaishah's Yurt), on an island northwest of Tel Fyr. Toris is in Saren Manor in Vivec's Redoran Canton Plaza.

Sarayn Sadus, Idroso Vendu, and Ethal Seloth

Sarayn is in Zaintirari, a bandit cave west of Tel Fyr. Idroso and Ethal appear on the same writ and are both in the Temporary Telvanni Housing section of Vivec's Telvanni Canton.

Guril Retheran and Galasa Uvayn

Guril is in Vivec's Redoran Canton, in the Flowers of Gold Cornerclub. Galasa is in the Hlaalu Canton, in the Hlaalu Treasury. Make sure to loot the Sanguine glove off of Guril.

Mavon Drenim and Tirer Belvayn

Mavon is in Vivec's Telvanni Tower, located on the Plaza Level of the Canton. Mavon has the unique Hellfire Staff on his person as a nice piece of loot. Tirer is in Shara, a sorcerer's lair on the same island as Dagon Fel. The dome is on the southwestern part of the island, between two inlets.

Mathyn Bemis and Brilnosu Llarys

Mathyn is in the Vivec Hlaalu Canton, in the Hlaalu Ancestral Tomb on the Canalworks level. Brilnosu is wandering around atop the Hlormaren Stronghold. Take the spear, Stormforge, from Brilnosu's corpse if you like it. It's unique.

Navil and Ranes Ienith

These two are on the same writ. The brothers are Camonna Tong enforcers residing in the basement of the Dren Plantation. One brother will be inside the two locked doors, and the other will spawn behind you. Surprise!

Special Duties

Only Eno Hlaalu in the Vivec Morag Tong headquarters can give you these quests. You will ultimately have to perform them in order to achieve enough status to ascend to the rank of Grandmaster.

Identify Dark Brotherhood Contact

Talk to Miun-Gei the enchanter in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks (his disposition needs to be 70) about his Dark Brotherhood contact. Report back to Eno.

Retrieve the Belt of Sanguine Fleetness

In Pelagiad, on the second floor of the Halfway Tavern, is Hrordis. You'll have to kill her for the belt, so be discreet. Bring the belt back to Eno.

Talk to Movis Darys

Actually, you have to get this guy to join the Morag Tong or you have to kill him. He is found downstairs in the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild. If his disposition is 70 or better, Movis will join and also give you the Belt of Sanguine Denial. If not, you'll have to kill him and loot the belt from his lifeless body.

Kill Carecalmo

You're actually there to give him an ultimatum, but it's going to end in violence anyway, so you might as well go in there in full-on "angel of death" mode. Carecalmo is in the Daedric shrine of Ashalmimilkala, which is west of Balmora and west and slightly south of the Hlormaren stronghold, across the water. Carecalmo has the belt of Sanguine Martial Craft, so take it.

Retrieve the Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom

This ring is worn by Anel Rethelas, who is inside the Daedric shrine of Yasammidan, which is west of Ald Velothi. And hey, while you're here, kill Mindeli Saren, too, as she has the Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor.

Kill Durus Marius

Durus is in the Vivec St. Olms Canton's Underworks, in the shrine, Assernerairan. Kill Relas Arothan, too, since he has two Sanguine items on him.

Kill Severa Magia

She's in Ald Sotha. Kill Llandrale Varam, too, and loot all the Sanguine items from both of them.

Become Grandmaster

Well, that's it -- almost. Eno will be willing to make you Grandmaster now. You have the option of killing him (honorably -- you know, Morag tong-style) or just letting him leave. BUT before you even go there, decide if you want to do something with all these Sanguine items you may have been collecting. Read the next section of this walkthrough before you replace Eno as Grandmaster.

Threads of the Webspinner

It isn't a spoken quest per se, but if you collect all of the 27 Sanguine items in the game and turn them over to Eno Hlaalu, you are given a new spell, "Mephala's Skill." There is no fanfare accompanying this, but it might bring you greater satisfaction knowing that you completed this act. You have to turn in all the Sanguine items before replacing Eno as Grandmaster. Once you have a Sanguine item in your inventory, there will be a topic for it in your dialogues with Eno. Choose the topic to have the item removed from your inventory. You will have to kill some relatively innocent types to get them all, so be discreet with your killing. Here's a list of the items and their current possessors:

Your obligatory "freebie":

Amulet of Sanguine Enterprise -- Eno's already got this one, so you don't have to do anything

All of the following were on people you killed over the course of completing Eno's special duties quests (with the exception of Guril Retheran, who was a standard Morag Tong execution):

Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor -- Severa Magia, in Ald Sotha
Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor -- Relas Arothan, in Assernerairan
Belt of Sanguine Deep Biting -- Relas Arothan, in Assernerairan
Belt of Sanguine Denial -- Movis Darys, in the Mages Guild in Ald'ruhn
Belt of Sanguine Fleetness -- Hrordis, in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad
Belt of Sanguine Hewing -- Durus Marius, in Assernerairan
Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft -- Carecalmo, in Ashalmimilkala
Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor -- Mindeli Saren, in Yasammidan
Belt of Sanguine Sureflight -- Durus Marius, in Assernerairan
Glove of Sanguine Horny Fist -- Guril Retheran, in the Flowers of Gold
Glove of Sanguine Swiftblade -- Severa Magia, in Ald Sotha
Ring of Sanguine Fluid Evasion -- Severa Magia, in Ald Sotha
Ring of Sanguine Red Wisdom -- Llandrale Varam, in Ald Sotha
Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom -- Anel Rethelas, in Yasammidan
Ring of Sanguine Transcendence -- Llandrale Varam, in Ald Sotha
Ring of Sanguine Transfiguring -- Llandrale Varam, in Ald Sotha

That leaves you with the following items you actually have to recover on your own. Now if you killed the owner earlier in the game and their corpse is gone, you're out of luck. For the most part I tried to note these items on the people you'd encounter during other quests in my walkthroughs, but some of these folks may never come to your attention other than here:

Amulet of Sanguine Glib Speech -- Shotherra, inside Thongar's Tradehouse in Ald Velothi
Belt of Sanguine Impaling Thrust -- Gluronk gra-Shula, in Sadrith Mora's Gateway Inn, on the second floor
Belt of Sanguine Smiting -- Domba, in Ald Daedroth's Right Wing
Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom -- Gnaw Tooth, in Ald Daedroth's Right Wing
Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping -- Inganar, in the Daedric shrine of Ularradallaku, which is north of Endusal inside the Ghostfence
Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom -- Talis Veran, in Ebernanit, a Daedric shrine east of the Valenvaryon Stronghold
Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom -- Earmil, in the Daedric shrine of Assurnabitashpi, west of the Urshilaku Camp along the northern coast
Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom -- Erundil, in the Indoranyon Stronghold
Shoes of Sanguine Leaping -- Dro'Zaymar, in Canal South-Three of the St. Delyn Canton in Vivec
Shoes of Sanguine Stalking -- Thovasi Alen, in the Daedric shrine of Assarnatamat, northeast of Balmora in the Ashlands

Once you've turned all these items in to Eno, you will have your new spell. You can now safely assume the mantle of Grandmaster. Congratulations, killer!

Grandmaster Writs

Once you have ascended to the rank of Grandmaster, the remaining quest-givers will have these writs for you to execute. It may also be the case that not all the names are available. If that is the case, simply activate the command console, then click on the quest-giver so that their name reads across the top of the console and type in "AddTopic" (without the quotes) followed by the name of the intended target (in quotes) as listed below. Please note that some of these people play roles in other quests and the main quest, so if you have not completed them, hold off on the executions -- there is no statute of limitations regarding when you kill them. I've noted their relevance to other quests below.

Note: you will not be automatically offered these writs, but rather you must select the name of the individual from the dialogue topics.


Baladas Demnevanni is located in Gnisis, Arvs-Drelen. Killing Baladas will earn you 5,000 gp. He is part of the main quest and the Telvanni quests.

Dram Bero

Dram lives in the Haunted Manor's basement, in Vivec's St. Olms Plaza. For performing this execution you'll get 3,000 gp. Dram is part of the main quest and the Hlaalu quests, and he is an optional part of a quest located near Balmora wherein you rediscover an abandoned ebony mine.

Larrius Varro

Larrius is downstairs in the Moonmoth Legion Fort. This writ is worth 4,000 gp. Larrius has two minor quests of his own.

Mistress Therana

Therana lives in Tel Branora, Upper Tower, in Therana's Chambers. This uber-hit is worth 10,000 gp. Therana, like Baladas, is involved in both the main quest and the Telvanni quests.

Once you've been made Grandmaster and completed the Grandmaster writs, you are done with the Morag Tong quests. Again, congratulations.