DLC Location: Ostagar

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The DLC will start out in Bann Loren's Lands, located just to the east of the Circle Tower. When you get there, you'll witness some guards with a prisoner, and you'll recognize the prisoner as Elric Maraigne, a member of King Cailan's honor guard at Ostagar. However, before you can do anything, the guards will stab Elric and then either turn on you (if you "join the fray") or leave peaceably (if you don't).

When you get a chance to talk to Elric, you'll learn that he survived Ostagar because he fled the battlefield when Loghain betrayed the king. You'll also learn that right before the battle, King Cailan entrusted Elric with the key to the royal arms chest (#10), which Elric then hid under a statue in the camp (#6). Finally, just before succumbing to his wounds, Elric will ask you to locate the key and retrieve King Cailan's belongings.

Note: Talking to Elric will give you the Notes codex entry for Return to Ostagar - Credits.

When you exit Bann Loren's Lands, you'll once again be allowed to travel to Ostagar -- only this time you'll find it overrun by darkspawn, including a handful of bosses holding King Cailan's equipment (#2, #8, #12, #14, #20). You'll need to defeat all of these bosses, plus all of the other darkspawn suicidal enough to get in your way, in order to complete the DLC.

After dispatching the final boss (#20), when you return to the Darkspawn Tunnels (Exit C), you'll be transported to King Cailan's body (#11), and you'll finally be allowed to decide what to do with it. If you build a pyre for the body, then Alistair, Leliana and Wynne will approve, but Morrigan and Zevran won't. If you cut down the body but leave it for the wolves, then Leliana will approve, but Alistair and Wynne won't. If you leave the body where it is, then Zevran will approve, but just about everybody else won't.

1 - Prisoner Cages

If you didn't acquire the key from the prisoner the first time you were in Ostagar, then you'll be able to pick it up from his charred corpse now. You'll need the key to unlock the mage's chest (#5).

2 - Hurlock Strider

The strider will drop Cailan's Greaves and more when it dies.

3 - Joining Chalice

You'll find the Joining Chalice on the ground here. It's a good gift for Alistair.

4 - Genlock Forgemaster

The forgemaster will drop some random loot when it dies.

5 - Mage's Chest

You'll only be able to open this chest if you didn't open it before during your first visit to Ostagar. For that case, you'll find the key to the chest on the charred body of the prisoner (#1), and inside the chest you'll find a Corrupted Magister's Staff and more.

6 - Elric's Buried Key

7 - Kennel

If you didn't pick up a mabari war hound companion earlier in the game, then you'll get a second chance here. You'll just need to feed the hound to get it to join you.

8 - Dead Mabari War Hounds / Hurlock Vanguard

You'll discover two dead mabari war hounds here. When you approach the corpses, some genlocks, blight wolves, and a hurlock vanguard will spawn and attack you. The vanguard will drop Cailan's Shield and more when it dies. You'll find a Firestone Harness and Swiftrunner Warpaint on the corpses of the mabari.

9 - Wooden Crate

Inside the crate you'll find Repeater Gloves and more.

10 - Cailan's Chest

You'll need Elric's key (#6) to open the chest. Inside you'll find Maric's Blade and some secret correspondence. When you pick up the correspondence, you'll gain the Notes codex entries for Cailan's Documents - Page 1, Cailan's Documents - Page 2, and Cailan's Documents - Page 3. The documents will hint that King Cailan might have been planning a more intimate alliance with the Orlesian Empress.

11 - Cailan's Remains

You'll find King Cailan's body propped up on some posts here, but before you can do much more than glance at it, a genlock necromancer will show up, and it will trigger an ambush. When the battle starts up, you should immediately head to the east and take out the skeleton mage. The rest of the skeletons and hurlocks probably won't put up much of a fight. You won't be able to do anything about Cailan's body until the end of the DLC.

12 - Hurlock Strategist

The strategist will have several traps (T) and ballistae waiting for you when you attempt to engage it. As long as you don't position your characters right where the ballistae can hit them, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the battle. The strategist will drop Cailan's Gauntlets and more when it dies.

13 - Darkspawn Emissaries

You'll encounter "yellow" darkspawn emissaries in these two places. They'll just drop some random loot when they die.

14 - Hurlock General

The general will drop Cailan's Breastplate and more when it dies.

15 - Ogre

You'll face an ogre and a bunch of wimpy grunts inside the tower.

16 - Weapon Stand

You'll find a Nug Crusher inside the weapon stand.

17 - Barricaded Door

There isn't any way to open the barricaded door.

18 - Corrupted Spiders

You'll get ambushed by two waves of corrupted spiders here. None of the spiders will drop anything.

19 - Battlefield

When you approach this spot, the genlock necromancer (#20) will raise the ogre that killed King Cailan, and the ogre will then proceed to attack you. If you retreat back towards the Darkspawn Tunnels (Exit C), then the ogre will chase you, and the necromancer won't. Otherwise, if you charge at the ogre, then you might have to fight it and the necromancer at the same time. When the ogre dies, it will drop Duncan's Dagger and Duncan's Sword.

20 - Genlock Necromancer

When you approach the necromancer, it will start raising the dead soldiers from the battlefield (#19), and the soldiers will attack you. The necromancer will raise about a dozen soldiers, one after the other, and you'll need to kill all of them to receive the "In War, Victory" achievement. When the necromancer runs out of corpses, it will simply start attacking you with its staff, and it won't do a lot of damage. When the necromancer dies, it will drop Cailan's Helm.

  1. Entrance to the Tower of Ishal.
  2. Passage between the Tower of Ishal and the Darkspawn Tunnels.
  3. Exit from the Darkspawn Tunnels.
  4. World exit.