DLC Location: Noble's Estate (First Visit)

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"Marjolaine sometimes surprised us with complications. I enjoyed the challenge, and believed it was never without good reason."

You'll start out in the southwestern corner of the estate grounds (#1). Marjolaine will inform you that you'll need to plant some "embarrassing papers" in the bedroom of the estate's owner, but then she'll disappear again, and you'll have to find your own way inside. During your explorations, you'll encounter three elite soldiers and a mabari war hound. Each of the soldiers will drop A Soldier's Body. If you hide all three bodies in the garden (#3), then you'll gain 500 xp.

Note: When you kill the first elite soldier, you'll gain the quest-related codex entry for The Hard Line.

To enter the estate, you'll have to sneak in through an open window (Exit A), which will earn you 2000 xp. Then inside the estate, you'll have to kill a few more soldiers, including a "yellow" sergeant (#5), as you make your way to the bedroom (#7). However, as you approach the bedroom, you'll witness Marjolaine seducing Commander Raleigh, and then when you plant the papers, you'll realize that they're Orlesian military documents, which would mean that your "game" is actually treason. When you confront Marjolaine about this, she'll insist that you flee the estate and sort out the matter in your Hideout.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Statue

When you click on the statue, you'll gain the quest-related codex entry for The Arl's Estate.

3 - Garden

4 - Storage Room

Inside this room you'll find a locked chest containing a few gems, 10 gold, and a Masterwork Leather Piece. The Masterwork Leather Piece is involved in the quest Orlesian Battledress.

5 - Guard Room

You'll encounter a "yellow" sergeant and two other soldiers in this room. The sergeant will drop a Set of Keys when he dies. You'll need the keys to unlock the door to the west.

6 - Library

Inside the library you'll encounter three soldiers, including two mages. One of the mages will drop a North Ward when she dies. Also in the room you'll discover a war journal. If you read the journal, then you'll gain the quest-related codex entry for War Journal, Revised.

7 - Raleigh's Bedroom

Inside the bedroom you'll find a personal journal, which will give you the quest-related codex entry for Harwen Raleigh's Personal Journal. You'll also find a locked ornate chest containing a Masterwork Leather Piece and more. You'll need six Masterwork Leather Pieces for the quest Orlesian Battledress.

8 - Locked Door

You won't be allowed to go through this door.

  1. Window.