DLC Location: Denerim Palace District

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Quest: Free the Ogre

"Ogre has become separated, Vanguard. Open the gate that traps him and hurry to me."

When you enter the district (#1), you'll witness a cut scene where Riordan will do battle with the archdemon. This will go just the same as it did in the main campaign -- Riordan will lose the fight and fall to his death, but he'll damage the archdemon enough that it will crash land onto the roof of Fort Drakon. You'll then need to fight your way to the fort so you can protect the archdemon, but first you'll need to free a trapped ogre. If you had an ogre in your party when you left the Elven Alienage, then it'll be your ogre that got captured. Otherwise you'll be asked to rescue a random ogre.

You'll find the ogre to the east (#3), but to free it, you'll have to circle around to the eastern side of its enclosure. There you'll find two levers, and when you pull them you'll open the gates, releasing the ogre. If this is the ogre that was with you before, then you'll keep its approval rating.

Note: When you open the ogre's enclosure, a blight wolf and another ogre will begin following you.

Quest: Smash the Gates

"We need ogre's strength. Make him our thrall, Vanguard."

For this quest, you'll only need to smash open one gate -- the gate leading to the upper level (#7). But there are two other gates as well (#6 and #8), and opening them will give you some nice rewards. To open a gate, you'll need to make the ogre your active character (enthralling it into your party if necessary), then select its hurl skill, and then target a gate. This will cause the ogre to throw a boulder at the gate, breaking it open.

Quest: Kill the Qunari

"Beware the qunari, Vanguard. He has no fear of death."

The qunari is Sten. You'll find him next to the district exit (Exit A). To reach him, you'll have to battle through lots of dwarven soldiers, legionnaires, and crossbowmen, plus some ballistae and "yellow" steel golems. When you approach Sten, you should use the northern staircase, because then you'll only come under fire from one ballista. You might also need to attack and then retreat back down the staircase. That way your (infinitely re-spawning) "blue" followers will take the brunt of the damage. When Sten dies he'll drop Sten's Sword, a Swordsman's Girdle, and Juggernaut Plate Armor.

Quest: Rampage to Fort Drakon

"Hurry to me, Vanguard."

You'll complete this quest when you exit the district (via Exit A) and travel to Fort Drakon.

Optional Quest: Free the Shriek

When you get close to the sewer gate (#8), you'll trigger this quest. To free the shriek, you'll just need to order your ogre to use its hurl ability to break open the gate. Once freed, the shriek will begin following you.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a Reinforced Magus Cowl and a Lesser Lyrium Potion.

3 - Ogre

4 - Legion of the Dead

You'll face Kardol and the Legion of the Dead here. Kardol will drop a Shield of the Legion, a Totem, and more when he dies.

5 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a Malign Staff and more.

6 - Gate to Side Alley

If you break open this gate (using the ogre's hurl ability), then you'll encounter a few human defenders (including Sergeant Kylon and a "yellow" knight), and when you loot their bodies and the chest with them, you'll find a Deadhead Charge, a Ring of the Warrior, and more.

7 - Gate to Upper Level

Spread out across this platform you'll encounter dwarven crossbowmen, qunari mercenaries, and even some "yellow" steel golems. As much as possible, try to keep your party from running all over the place so you're not fighting everything at the same time.

8 - Gate to the Sewers

If you break open this gate (using the ogre's hurl ability), then you'll free a shriek.

  1. Gate to the Denerim city map.