DLC Location: Deep Roads Grotto

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Your goal in the DLC is to track down Jerrik Dace's brother Brogan, and to determine what happened to his expedition to Amgarrak. You can use any character from the OC or Awakening for the DLC, or you can create a new character, which will start out level 20. You'll probably have a much easier time if you import a character rather than create a new one.

You'll begin the DLC in the Deep Roads Grotto (#1). Jerrik and his pet bronto Snug will immediately join you. Jerrik is a rogue specialized for dual wielding. If you don't like this, then you can use the the Memoirs of the First Wardens (found in your inventory) to re-spec him. Unless you're playing a ranged character yourself, we'd suggest changing Jerrik's spec to bows. You'll find a bow near your starting position (#2).

Shortly into the grotto, you'll come to a mist-filled chamber (#3). After defeating some shrieks there, the mists will part and allow you to access a runic golem (#4) and its control rod (#5). When you use the control rod on the golem, the golem will become your companion, and you'll complete the quest "The Runic Golem," which will net you 2000 xp. Completing the quest will also cause the mists to shift again, giving you an exit (to the east) from the chamber.

Note: The golem will start out with three area-effect attacks: chain lightning, hurl, and quake. All three can hit friendly targets as well as enemies, and can cause some headaches during battles, so we'd recommend going to the golem's tactics page and turning them off. The golem is useful enough just with its melee attacks and healing ability.

A ways past the mist-filled chamber, you'll run into a "yellow" revenant, a "red" arcane horror, and a few ravenous corpses (#7). This will probably be a tough fight, but if you can take down the revenant quickly enough, then the cleansing aura from the golem will probably keep you healed enough to deal with the rest. The arcane horror will drop some runes when it dies.

After the battle, you'll find a useful chest to the north (#8), but otherwise there won't be anything between you and the entrance to Amgarrak (Exit A), and so you should proceed to the next part of the DLC.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Dead Dwarves

You'll find a Chasind Arm plus some runes on the dead dwarves. You'll only be able to use the runes at rune anvils (found at #5 and inside Amgarrak).

3 - Mist-Filled Chamber

4 - Runic Golem

Next to the golem, you'll find an old sack with a few runes in it.

5 - Golem Control Rod

Next to the control rod you'll discover a rune anvil, which will allow you to use runes.

6 - Maimed Corpse

On the corpse you'll find some potions and Mage's Running Boots.

7 - Major Battle

8 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find some potions and Wasp's Sting.

  1. Entrance to Amgarrak.