DLC Location: Chantry

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"Freedom was small comfort. Marjolaine had forced me to see how ugly the game could be. I felt like a pawn."

When you wake up in the chantry (#1), you'll meet up with Revered Mother Dorothea, the woman who helped you escape from the Dungeons. Dorothea will reveal that she was tricked by Marjolaine as well, and that she was the source for the Orlesian documents you delivered to Commander Raleigh. She'll then encourage you to correct your mistakes by going after Raleigh. "Help Orlais, and yourself."

You won't be able to do much in the chantry, just talk to your companions (#2, #3) and do some more shopping with Bonny Lem (#4). When you're ready to continue, talk to Dorothea by the door (#7), and she'll send you off to the Windswept Shore.

1 - Starting Point

Inside this room you'll find a desk containing a Masterwork Leather Piece. If this is your final piece, then you'll complete the quest Orlesian Battledress, which will net you 3000 xp and the Battledress of the Provocateur.

2 - Sketch

3 - Silas

When you talk to Silas, you'll receive the quest-related codex entry for Silas.

4 - Statue of Andraste

When you click on the statue, you'll receive the quest-related codex entry for An Introduction. "She's beautiful."

5 - Bonny Lem

Lem will have some new items for sale again, including a Tome of Physical Technique and a Tome of the Mortal Vessel.

6 - Sister Hildegard

7 - Revered Mother Dorothea