DLC Location: Cadash Thaig

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Your goal in the Cadash Thaig is to pick up four Elven Lanterns (aka the Lights of Arlathan). Unfortunately, you'll learn that the elves ensorcelled the lanterns, which means you'll have to jump through some extra hoops to acquire them. To detect the lanterns, you'll have to stand on vortices of magic (#2), which will allow you to see "the energy being drawn to the relics." Then when you're standing in the right place (#3), Finn will cast a spell using Ariane's blood to make the lanterns visible so you can take them. Each time you pick up a lantern, some ancient elven guardians (sometimes "red" and sometimes "yellow") will appear and attack you, but you shouldn't have any trouble defeating them.

Note: If you know where the Elven Lanterns are located, then you can skip the vortices completely and just run to the right spots.

While you're searching for the lanterns, you'll have to battle a variety of darkspawn, including shrieks, hurlocks, genlocks, and deep stalkers. You'll also find some old documents (#4-7) which will give you or update the Culture and History codex entry for Letters from the Past. They'll also trigger the quest "The History of Cad'halash." If you find all four documents, then you'll complete the quest and earn the achievement "A Time of Wood and Stone."

If the Cadash Thaig was your second stop after the Circle Tower, then after acquiring the Elven Lanterns, you'll be able to complete the scrying ritual (at #9). Otherwise, you'll next need to go to the Elven Ruins and pick up an Eluvian shard.

When you initiate the ritual, you'll be attacked by some "white" and "yellow" lesser shades, and you won't be able to use Finn because he'll be busy with the ritual. Afterwards, Finn will announce that he's detected an Eluvian in the Dragonbone Wastes, and that's where you should head next.

1 - Landmark Stone

2 - Vortices of Magic

3 - Elven Lanterns

4 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a worn note and more.

5 - Pile of Bones

Inside the pile of bones you'll find a worn journal and more.

6 - Pile of Bones

Inside the pile of bones you'll find a torn letter and more.

7 - Spear

You'll find a scrap of paper impaled on the spear here.

8 - Darkspawn

You'll face a small group of darkspawn here. The hurlock berserker will drop a Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering when it dies.

9 - Possible Scrying Spot

  1. World exit.