DLC Location: Denerim Market District

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Quest: Sneak Past the Ballistae

"Hold position, Vanguard, and command Shriek to advance by stealth."

You'll start out in the northwestern corner of the Market District (#1), pinned down by a trio of ballistae (#2). If you try to charge the ballistae, then you'll automatically get killed. To disable the ballistae, you'll need to enthrall the shriek standing next to you, order it to sneak, and then have it attack the soldiers operating the ballistae. The rest of your party should hold its position during this attack; even when the soldiers are fighting, the ballistae will still fire.

Shortly after defeating the ballistae, you'll probably get attacked by Ser Perth and a few soldiers, but they won't drop anything interesting when they die.

Quest: Kill Bann Teagan

"Another human lord commands this place, Vanguard. Break him."

You'll find Bann Teagan, plus Ser Landry and a few other soldiers, near the gate to the southwest (#6). If you have the ogre with you, then it's a good idea to start out with a hurl to knock everybody down. Then have your character take on Teagan, the ogre take on Landry, and the shriek make quick work of the rest. Afterwards, when you loot the corpses, you'll find a Redcliffe Shield and probably some Health Poultices.

Quest: Blow the Gate

"Genlock Sapper will destroy the alienage gate, Vanguard. Lead him there."

For this quest you'll just need to lead the sapper to the alienage gate (Exit A). It isn't necessary to enthrall the sapper, although since it can brew potions, you might want to add it for a while. It isn't possible for the sapper to gain approval. If the sapper gets killed, then a new one will spawn and begin following you.

Quest: Stop the Resupply

"Sapper will work now, Vanguard. But the humans bring new weapons. Destroy them."

When you reach the alienage gate (Exit A), the sapper will get to work, but you'll learn that the humans have brought new weapons into the district, and you'll be asked to destroy them. You'll encounter several soldiers on your way to the weapons cache (#7), including a pair of "yellow" knights, but these battles should not be too tough.

When you reach the weapons cache, you'll find Herren and Master Wade there, but you won't be able to kill them. They'll escape using some sort of magical means. To complete the quest, you'll just need to walk up to the weapons cache. The sapper will then show up and destroy it.

Quest: Slay the Healer

"Sapper has destroyed the gate, Vanguard, but a mage blocks the way. End her life."

When you return to the gate (Exit A), you'll find Wynne, Knight-Commander Greagoir, Cullen, and a few templars there. Normally we'd recommend taking down the mage first, but in this case, you won't be able to kill Wynne before she expends her mana, so you might as well deal with the others first. Put your character on Greagoir, the ogre on Cullen, and let the shriek massacre the templars. Then gang up on Wynne. Wynne will drop a Spirit Band when she dies.

Quest: Rampage to the Alienage

To complete this quest, you'll just need to exit the Market District (via Exit A) and travel to the Elven Alienage.

Optional Quest: Slaughter the Innocents

You'll receive this quest shortly after dispatching the ballistae near the district entrance (#2). To complete it, you'll just need to kill 10 innocents (including, possibly, Alistair's sister Goldanna). Innocents and soldiers will pop up all the time in the district, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding enough to kill. When you complete the quest, you'll gain the Death Blow talent.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Ballistae

3 - Gorim

Gorim will drop some Lyrium Dust when he dies.

4 - Gnawed Noble Tavern

Soldiers will spawn from the tavern every minute or so when you're nearby (giving you an opportunity to build up your approval if you're interested). Then after you've defeated Bann Teagan (#6), the next time you approach the tavern, Oghren and four (other) drunks will spill out and attack you. Oghren will drop a Forge Master's Hammer and Wine when he dies.

In the chest next to the tavern, you'll find 20 Flasks.

5 - Defenders

You'll encounter a group of defenders here, including a ballista and a Circle mage. Target the mage and the soldier at the ballista first, and then mop up the rest. When you loot the bodies and nearby chests, you'll find lots of alchemy supplies. But note: you won't be able to do anything with the supplies unless you enthrall the sapper (here) or the hurlock emissary (in the Elven Alienage).

6 - Bann Teagan

7 - Weapons Cache

  1. Gate to the Denerim city map.