DLC Location: Windswept Shore

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"It wasn't hard to find Marjolaine. She knew I would come. It's what she would have done."

When you arrive at the Windswept Shore (#1), you'll be attacked by a handful of soldiers. You'll see Raleigh and Marjolaine on a bridge nearby (#2), but you won't be able to reach them yet. Instead, you'll have to detour through the Canyon Path, where you'll encounter sand stalkers (#3), brontos (#4), and even a few soldiers (#5).

When you reach the Blighted Cliffs, Raleigh will sic a dragon on you (#6). The dragon will breathe fire, so try to avoid keeping your party bunched up in front of it. In fact, you should put Leliana behind the dragon so she can backstab it, while Silas keeps it occupied with Threaten or Taunt.

When the dragon dies, Raleigh will finally attack you himself (#7). He'll have a mage with him, so you should take down the mage first and then focus on Raleigh. Raleigh hits hard and has lots of hit points, but if you purchased health poultices and lyrium potions from Bonny Lem, then you should be able to keep everybody alive, and eventually wear him down. When Raleigh has taken enough damage, he'll stop fighting, and you'll be able to finish the job yourself, or allow Silas to do it.

After the battle, you and Marjolaine will have a conversation, but obviously you won't be able to resolve the situation. That will have to wait for the OC. "It was only a matter of time before you would betray me. That's what I would have done. So I did it first."

1 - Starting Point

2 - Raleigh and Marjolaine

3 - Sand Stalker Battle

You'll face two waves of sand stalkers here.

4 - Bronto Battle

You'll battle a pair of "yellow" trained brontos here.

5 - Soldier Battle

You'll encounter six soldiers here, including a "yellow" mage. The mage will drop Heaven's Wrath when she dies.

6 - Dragon Battle

7 - Raleigh Battle

  1. Path between the Windswept Shore and the Canyon Path.
  2. Path between the Canyon Path and the Blighted Cliffs.