DLC Location: Elven Ruins

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All you'll need to do in the ruins is make your way to the western end, where you'll find a Mirror Shard (#4). Along the way you'll have to battle shrieks (including some "yellow" shriek alphas), infected elves, and an infected key master (#3). None of these battles should be especially tough. The key master will drop a key that will allow you to open the locked doors in the ruins (#2).

Note: For some reason, this map crashed a lot for us (especially during the initial battle), so be sure to save frequently.

If the ruins were your second stop after the Circle Tower, then after acquiring the Mirror Shard, you'll be able to complete the scrying ritual (at #4). Otherwise, you'll next need to go to the Cadash Thaig and acquire the Lights of Arlathan.

When you initiate the ritual, you'll be attacked by some "white" and "yellow" lesser shades, and you won't be able to use Finn because he'll be busy with the ritual. Afterwards, Finn will announce that he's detected an Eluvian in the Dragonbone Wastes, and that's where you should head next.

1 - Landmark Corpse

2 - Locked Doors

3 - Infected Key Master

4 - Mirror Shard / Possible Scrying Spot

T - Trap

  1. World exit.