DLC Location: Deep in the Wilds

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You'll begin the DLC deep in the Korcari Wilds, right next to Flemeth's hut (#1). You won't be able to do much outside (other than choose a name for your mabari war hound), but when you go inside you'll meet Ariane, who will inform you that she too is looking for Morrigan, since Morrigan stole a book from her people. Ariane will then join your party, and you'll decide to head to the Circle Tower to try and learn why Morrigan wanted the book.

When you leave the hut, you'll get attacked by a group of darkspawn, including a "yellow" hurlock emissary. The battle shouldn't be very difficult, and none of the darkspawn will drop anything interesting.

1 - Flemeth's Hut

  1. World exit.