DLC Location: Denerim Market

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"There was a time when I would have done anything for Marjolaine. And when she sought to expand the Orlesian game of intrigue to Denerim, I followed without question."

When you arrive in the Denerim Market (#1), you and your two companions Tug (shield-and-sword warrior) and Sketch (spiritual healing mage) will have three required quests that you'll need to complete for Marjolaine:
  • Defeat Bann Perrin's Guards. You'll find Bann Perrin and his two bodyguards in the northeastern corner of the district (#9). They'll attack you when you get close enough, and you'll find a Note from the Chantry and Suspect Underthings on Perrin's unconscious body. To complete the quest, you'll just need to leave the underthings somewhere visible -- either on the chanter's board (#2), or with Guard Captain Eams (#7). If you choose the former then you'll earn 1250 xp. Otherwise you'll earn 750 xp.

  • Kill the Loose Tongue. You'll find the "loose tongue" Jovi Merice in the northern part of the district (#8). He'll attack you when you talk to him, and you'll find a Bastard Thorn, a Masterwork Leather Piece, and Jovi Merice's Corpse when you loot his remains. To complete the quest, you'll just need to hide the corpse. There are two places for this: in the old well in the chantry (#2), or snuggled up to Guard Captain Eams (#7). If you choose the former then you'll earn 1250 xp. Otherwise you'll earn 750 xp.

    Note: The Masterwork Leather Piece is involved in the quest Orlesian Battledress.

  • Stealing in the Market. You'll find the three chests involved in this quest in and around the market stalls (#6). You'll have two options for what to do with the contents of these chests: you can simply rearrange them, or you can drape them over Guard Captain Eams (#7). If you choose the former then you'll earn 1250 xp. Otherwise you'll earn 750 xp.

    Note: You'll also find over 7 gold in the three chests.
You'll also have two optional quests:
  • Find the Mages' Cache. You'll trigger this quest if you loot the Mages' Collective bag in the southern side of the district (#3). Looting the bag will cause clues to pop up (#4), and following the clues will take you to a cache (#5). However, when you approach the cache, a mage named Severin Corwood will show up, and he'll summon a stone golem and then attack you. As always, you should focus on the mage first and then mop up the rest. Severin will drop a Mages' Collective Signet when he dies, and you'll find a Silver Cord, a Progenitor Crosscut, and 5 gold in the cache. Completing the quest will also earn you 1250 xp.

  • Marjolaine's Vendetta. Marjolaine will leave Guard Captain Eams slumbering near the Gnawed Noble Tavern (#7). If you want, you can add to his humiliation by leaving mementos from your other quests in the district, including Bann Perrin's Suspect Underthings, Jovi Merice's Corpse, the stolen goods from the market stalls, and the Mages' Collective Signet. If you leave all four items with Eams, then when you next talk to Marjolaine, you'll complete the quest and earn the Vendetta achievement plus 1500 xp.

    Note: Unless you need the achievement, you're better off ignoring the captain and keeping the Mages' Collective Signet for yourself.
After completing any one of the quests, the guards in the district will turn hostile, and they'll start attacking you on sight. If you kill enough of these guards, then a "red" night captain and three city guard elites will show up and begin hunting for you. Defeating this new group can be difficult. We'd recommend immediately running away from them (to possibly split them up) and to attack the elites before the captain. If you survive the encounter, then you'll find a Denerim Guard Shield on the night captain's corpse.

Note: After defeating the night captain, no more guards will spawn in the district.

After completing your tasks for Marjolaine, you'll just need to return to the northern part of the district (near where you encountered Jovi Merice at #8), and click on the sparkling shadow. This will cause Marjolaine and Bonny Lem to show up. Marjolaine will check to see if you're ready to move on to the Noble's Estate, but it's a good idea to say no and then do some shopping with Lem first. Among other things, you'll be able to buy a Dwarven Warrior's Belt and a Ring of Resistance from him.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Chantry Courtyard

You'll find three things of interest in the courtyard: a collection plate (which you can rob for 5 silver), a chanter's board (which you might need to use in the quest "Defeat Bann Perrin's Guards"), and an old well (which you might need to use in the quest "Kill the Loose Tongue").

3 - Mages' Collective Bag

Looting the bag will trigger the quest "Find the Mages' Cache" and also give you the quest-related codex entry for Raiding the Collective.

4 - Mages' Collective Clues

5 - Mages' Collective Cache

6 - Market Stalls

7 - Guard Captain Eams

You'll find Eams snoozing away here. You'll be able to add to his humiliation in "Marjolaine's Vendetta."

8 - Jovi Merice

9 - Bann Perrin