DLC Location: Dragonbone Wastes

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In the Dragonbone Wastes you'll face a collection of cultists and dragonlings, including a "yellow" cultist mage and a "yellow" drake. You should find these battles to be about as difficult as the other battles in the DLC -- that is, not very difficult at all. Eventually, you'll run into a varterral (#3), some sort of lizardy, insect-like creature. It will summon dragonlings from time to time, and it'll do area damage to any character within melee range of it, but otherwise you'll probably find it to be disappointingly easy to kill. If you can defeat the varterral on the hard or nightmare difficulty, then you'll gain the "Varterral's Fall" achievement. The varterral won't drop anything when it dies.

Past the varterral, you'll come to the nest (#4). This is where you'll encounter Morrigan. However, you won't get to fight her; you'll only get to talk to her, and the conversation will change depending on how you played the OC. Regardless, Morrigan will warn you about her mother, and then she'll attempt to step through the Eluvian, which you'll discover is some sort of portal. You'll get a choice for how to respond to this -- by stabbing her, letting her go, or joining her -- but Morrigan will end up going through the portal no matter what you do, and you'll be left to ponder this teaser as you wait for Dragon Age II.

1 - Landmark Skull

2 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a Dragonbone Cleaver.

3 - Varterral

4 - Nest

  1. World exit.