DLC Location: The Dungeons

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"Betrayed, beaten, I knew the rules had changed. Or perhaps Marjolaine had played a different game from the start."

When you wake up in your cell (#1), you'll hear a voice coming to you from above. The woman won't tell you who she is, but she'll try to build up your confidence -- "others need you, even at your lowest" -- and she'll toss you down a small rucksack. Inside the rucksack you'll find a Pelerine Slip-Knife and your cell key.

As you explore the dungeons, you'll have to turn three cranks (#2) to open up three grates (#3), and you'll also need to reconnect with your companions and your gear (#4). Unfortunately, you'll find that you're too late to save Tug (#5), but you'll meet up with another sword-and-shield warrior named Silas to take his place.

When you escape from the dungeons (via Exit A), you'll arrive in the Chantry, where you'll meet the woman who spoke to you.

1 - Your Cell

2 - Cranks

3 - Grates

4 - Sketch, Silas, and Your Gear

Sketch and Silas will join you when you enter the room. You'll find your gear in a footlocker in the back.

5 - Tug's Remains

Near Tug's body, you'll find a weapon rack containing a few weapons, including the gift version of Tug's Edge. If you give this gift to Silas, then it will transform into the weapon version of Tug's Edge, and you'll complete the quest "Honoring Tug," which will net you 3000 xp.

6 - Barracks

If you loot the containers in here, then you'll find a Knight-Commander's Shield, a Masterwork Leather Piece, and more. You'll need six Masterwork Leather Pieces for the quest Orlesian Battledress.

7 - Prisoners

You'll meet three prisoners here, who will eventually escape from the dungeons thanks to your kindness. You'll also find a footlocker in the room that will give you some more gear for Silas. "I will teach my children of humans like you. You're a light in this dark place."

  1. Dungeons exit.