DLC Location: Noble's Estate (Second Visit)

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"I had returned to the arl's estate with every intent of making things right. And then it all went wrong."

You'll start out in Raleigh's bedroom (#1), but when you pick up the papers, you'll hear guards in the distance. Marjolaine will then disappear again, and so it'll be up to you, Tug and Sketch to fight your way out of the estate. You won't be able to use the window this time. Instead, you'll have to make your escape via the servant's entrance (Exit A). Along the way, you'll have to deal with several guards, but none of the battles should be difficult, except for the optional one in the armory (#3), where you'll find another Masterwork Leather Piece.

When you meet back up with Marjolaine in the garden (#4), she'll stab you in the back -- literally and figuratively -- and Commander Raleigh will toss you into The Dungeons.

1 - Raleigh's Bedroom

2 - Locked Door

You won't be allowed to return this way.

3 - Armory

Inside the armory you'll encounter a weapon master and three mabari war hounds. The battle against them can be difficult. We'd recommend taking down the war hounds first, and then ganging up on the weapon master. This is the only tough fight in the estate, so feel free to use whatever health poultices you might have. If you can kill the weapon master, then you'll find The Spellward on his corpse, plus a Masterwork Leather Piece in an armor stand. You'll need six Masterwork Leather Pieces for the quest Orlesian Battlesress.

4 - Garden

  1. Servants' Entrance.