DLC Quest: A Golem's Memories

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There are two ways to trigger this quest:
  • If you take Shale with you when you visit Caridin at the Anvil of the Void, then Caridin will reveal to Shale how he was created.

  • If you don't take Shale with you, then after meeting with Caridin, when you talk to Shale in the party camp, he'll ask you what happened, and you'll be able to tell him how he was created.
Either way, Shale will learn that he's really a female dwarf named Shayle from House Cadash, and this information will trigger the quest.


Shale will decide that exploring the Deep Roads might restore some of his memories, and he'll ask you to take him there. He'll then, either right away or when you reach the Deep Roads, remember where the Cadash Thaig is, and he'll mark it on your map.

You'll find the Cadash Thaig crawling with darkspawn, shrieks and deep stalkers, and they'll do their best to kill you, including springing a few ambushes on you (#3, #4, #5). But eventually you'll make your way to a golem monument (#7) guarded by a "red" ogre alpha (#6). The ogre will have some shrieks helping it, but it shouldn't pose a serious challenge to you. When the ogre dies, it will drop Cadash Stompers, a Remarkable Ruby, a Large Brilliant Spirit Crystal, and more.

When you click on the golem monument, Shale will regain his memories, and you'll receive a huge boost of approval from him. You'll also earn 1500 xp. Shale won't want to speak about his memories right away, but when you return to the party camp, he'll thank you for your help, and you'll get even more approval from him. "I followed you expecting to find answers to my questions, but I think I have found something better."

1 - Strange Crystal Clusters

Inside these three clusters you'll find a Small Brilliant Fire Crystal, a Small Brilliant Ice Crystal, and a Small Brilliant Natural Crystal.

2 - Hurlock Emissary

When the emissary dies, it will drop a Blood-Gorged Amulet, a Large Brilliant Natural Crystal, and more.

3 - Deep Stalker Ambushes

4 - Genlock Ambushes

5 - Shriek Ambush

6 - Ogre Alpha

7 - Golem Monument

8 - Broken Chest

Inside the broken chest you'll find a Dead Thaig Shanker, a Small Brilliant Lightning Crystal, and perhaps more.

T - Trap

$ - Treasure Chest

  1. World exit (Deep Roads).