DLC Location: Denerim Elven Alienage

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Quest: Burn the Vhenadahl

"This place must burn, Vanguard."

You'll start out at the southern edge of the district (#1). The elves will have some defenders set up to ambush you as you exit the bridge, but unlike the ballistae in the Market District, you can just charge at the defenders if you want. Or you can order your shriek to sneak up on them. The shriek will make short work of any lightly-armored enemy.

Next to the gate to the alienage (#2), you'll find a wooden crate containing 10 Fire Bombs. If you toss a bomb at the two barrels next to the gate (indicated by a quest marker) then they'll blow up and destroy the the gate, allowing you to enter the alienage. You can also use the hurlock emissary's fireball spell to blow things up.

When you enter the alienage, you'll be attacked by a handful of elven defenders, including a "yellow" elven elder, but these enemies should not pose much of a challenge to your party. To complete the quest, you'll just need to set fire to the locations marked on the map (#3), including the vhenadahl tree (#4).

Quest: Slaughter the Elves

"See, Vanguard? The elves now seek revenge. Give them death instead."

When you set fire to the vhenadahl tree (#4), a bunch of elves led by Zevran will storm out and attack you. The elves will start out in a big group to the northeast of the tree, and if you greet them with a hurl from your ogre, then the battle will be much easier. Zevran will drop a Crow Dagger and Antivan Leather Boots when he dies.

Quest: Rampage to the Palace

"This place is ash, Vanguard. Come, let us take this city's palace."

To complete this quest, you'll just need to exit the alienage (via Exit A) and use the Denerim map to travel to the Palace District.

1 - Starting Point

When you enter the district, you'll find that you now have a hurlock emissary following you. It's a good idea to immediately enthrall it. The emissary can cast a variety of spells (including heal), and it can also brew potions.

2 - Alienage Gate

3 - Burn Spots

4 - Vhenadahl Tree

5 - Wooden Crate

Inside the crate you'll find 30 Elfroots.

6 - Defenders

You'll find a group of defenders, including Valendrian, here. Valendrian will drop an Enchanted Dagger and a Tribal Necklace when he dies.

  1. Gate to the Denerim city map.