DLC Location: Fort Drakon

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Quest: Protect the Archdemon

"One of the Wardens still lives, Vanguard. He must not find me."

You'll start out at the entrance to Fort Drakon (#1). You won't be attacked here, so you can catch your breath and perhaps choose some different darkspawn to enthrall for the final battle. We'd recommend going with an ogre, a shriek, and a hurlock emissary. Then when you're ready to proceed, head up the stairs to the roof (Exit A).

When you reach the roof, you'll find the archdemon being attacked by Alistair, Leliana, Morrigan, a mabari war hound named Barkspawn, and a bunch of werewolves. To win the fight (and the DLC), you'll need to defeat Alistair before the archdemon dies. The fight can be chaotic, but it should not be too difficult. Just try to keep your party alive while you whittle away the health of the four main adversaries. The werewolves will just keep re-spawning, so there isn't any point in attacking them.

We'd recommend selecting your entire party and focusing on one of the main adversaries -- Morrigan is a good choice for this -- while the archdemon and your other allies keep everyone else busy. The archdemon has a ton of hit points, so it'll be able to take care of itself for a while. Then once you've killed one adversary, move on to the others one at a time, eventually focusing on Alistair. Once you've knocked down a couple of the main adversaries, the tide of the battle will swing in your favor, and your allies will probably be able to finish it up on their own, but until then you'll have to cast heal as much as possible, and make judicious use of what health poultices you might have. When Alistair dies, the DLC will come to an end.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Riordan's Corpse

On the corpse you'll find a Warden's Longsword.

3 - Archdemon

  1. Stairs between the entrance and the roof.