Two Rivers (Return)
Return to Two Rivers

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Before Gao the Lesser fell to your hand, he had already convinced his father to conduct a full-scale attack on the village of Two Rivers. The only home you've ever known now burns to the ground before you.

1 - Arrival

After successfully navigating your way through the first of the game's Flyer Missions, you'll land Gao's mosquito flyer in the midst of the destruction on the Two Rivers beach.

2 - Bones

Apparently one of the Two Rivers villagers has already completely decomposed. Search the bones for 20 silver pieces.

3 - Gao's Mercenaries

Two of Gao's mercenaries are just finishing off a helpless villager when you arrive at this location. Get some revenge, then continue to the west.

4 - Bones

This second set of bones also contains 20 silver pieces.

5 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

6 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

7 - Kia Min Battle

As you approach this fork, you'll witness Kia Min fighting off two of Gao's mercenaries, the outcome of which depends on your actions at the Two Rivers School earlier in the game. If you gave her the Red Silk Grass Poultice earlier, she will win the battle and you'll automatically experience a shift toward the Open Palm. If you gave her the Bearded Tongue Grass Poultice earlier, then she will be struck down and you'll automatically experience a shift toward the Closed Fist. You'll also have to clean up the mercenaries that took her down.

8 - Gao's Mercenaries

Three more of Gao's mercenaries await you here in Smiling Mountain's old training area.

9 - Student Remains

Search this fallen student's remains for a nice pile of silver.

10 - Gao's Lieutenant

When you arrive at the school's sparring ring, you'll watch as Gao's Lieutenant strikes down yet another student. He will then turn his attention to you and you'll find yourself up against seven of Gao's mercenaries. When they're finished, Gao's Lieutenant will enter the ring with two more mercenaries and you'll be forced to do battle once again without any chance to rest up. You shouldn't have a problem taking out all ten of Gao's men if you stick to the basic tactic of staying out of melee range, moving in for a few quick attacks when it's convenient, and then evading out of melee range once again.

After the battle has concluded, a wounded Jing Woo will stumble out to the ring and explain that the attack was orchestrated by Death's Hand and his army of assassins before issuing his final breath. Sagacious Zu will try to make sense of the attack before revealing that he used to be a member of the Lotus Assassins. You'll more-or-less forgive him for his past life and the three of you will decide that your next destination should be the Imperial City. At this point, you'll be given the option of either participating in or evading the game's second Flyer Mission. Regardless of which option you choose, you will eventually crash land at the Dam Site outside of Tien's Landing, where you'll begin Chapter 2.