Imperial Palace (Return)
Imperial Palace (Return)

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Death's Hand has been destroyed or bound to your will, resulting in the destruction of the massive golem army that was sent to Dirge. The only thing left to do is to infiltrate the Imperial Palace and make your old master pay for his twenty-year deception.

1 - Arrival

Infiltrating the Imperial Palace won't be as easy as it was the last time. Listen to what your followers have to say about the upcoming battle, then prepare yourself for the battles ahead.

We've started a new chapter, which means Zin Bu has replenished his stock of items. Since this is the final leg of the game, his most valuable trinkets are now available for purchase. For the hefty price of 50,000 silver pieces each, you can pick up the powerful The Path of the Warrior, The Path of the Monk, and The Path of the Scholar techniques. If you don't have enough cash, sell every essence gem you won't be using here in the palace. There's no reason to keep them anymore.

2 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

3 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

4 - Welcoming Party

As soon as you pass through the massive entrance door, eight Lotus Elites will run down the stairs to challenge you. This is a tough fight, but feel free to use up all of your Focus and Chi to keep the battle in your favor. A Spirit Font and Focus Shrine lie to the south, so you can just meditate at them when the battle is over.

5 - Ceramic Urn

This urn contains a Superior Warrior Gem.

6 - Ceramic Urn

Plunder this trapped urn for a couple hundred silver pieces.

7 - Ceramic Urn

A couple hundred silver pieces can be looted from this trapped urn.

8 - Ceramic Urn

Jackpot! The 5000 silver pieces in this urn can be used toward Zin Bu's new techniques.

9 - Ceramic Urn

Another trapped urn, another couple hundred silver.

10 - Ceramic Urn

Yet another trapped urn, and yet another couple hundred silver.

11 - Palace Spire

Once again, you've reached the palace spire. Before you can use the platform to descend to the next level of the palace, the Water Dragon appears to offer some additional advice. She tells you that you still have time to "alter things to your favor" and to "set us all on the path of rebirth." When she's done speaking, all of your followers (aside from the one tagging along next to you) will decide to take a separate route to your next destination - the supposed tombs of the empire's past leaders, just to the west of the Throne Room.