Inner Courtyard
Inner Courtyard

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You've restored the seal to one of the Water Dragon's fountains, but there's still one more to deal with. The second fountain won't be nearly as easy to restore as the last one, however, as the seal has been stolen by a sinister evil.

1 - Arrival

Restoring the first fountain in the Outer Courtyard caused these gates to open, so you should expect to have to restore the second fountain before being allowed to advance beyond this section of courtyard.

2 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

3 - Fountain

When you first arrive at the fountain, Abbot Song will point out that the fountain's guardian has been slain and the seal is missing. After a little speculation of what might have happened, a beast resembling a two-headed minotaur appears and claims the credit for "devouring the guardian" and stealing the seal for its Master. It calls itself the Minion of Suffering and it dares you to "traverse the Path of Demons" to the east and reclaim the seal.

You're going to have to do battle with this so-called Minion of Suffering, but Abbot Song suggests that you may need the help of a powerful essence gem located in the nearby monastery to the west. Since you'll probably want the gem regardless of whether you go after the minion now or later, we'll head there first.

Later, after you've defeated the Minion of Suffering in the Dirge Cave and obtained the second of the Dirge Fountain Seals, you'll be able to restore the fountain without incident. Its restoration will cause the gates to the Temple Courtyard to open.

4 - Scrollstand

The text on this scrollstand is entitled Abbot Song's Journal.

5 - Ceramic Urn

A Brilliant Gem of Balance can be looted from this urn.

6 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

7 - Ceramic Urn

This tucked away urn contains a Gem of the Infinite Spirit.

8 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

9 - Restless Spirits

As soon as you reach the top of these stairs, you'll be ambushed by a Lost Spirit and, if you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire, a Ghost Lord.

10 - Restless Spirits

Two more Lost Spirits need to be dealt with back here.

11 - Red Minister

This red-robed spirit has been trying to get past the wards protecting the gem beyond for twenty years. He will sense the mark of the Water Dragon on you and will attempt to devour your spirit so that he can finally obtain the gem.

The Red Minister really doesn't pack much of a punch, but he's accompanied by two Lost Spirits that make the battle harder than it should be. Add to this the fact that the Red Minister has the ability to siphon your Chi and you may wind up feeling a bit overwhelmed. Focus on the Lost Spirits first to get rid of their annoying ranged attacks, then finish off the Minister afterwards. When he falls, you'll automatically gain the Red Minister transformation style. If you've already been allocating points to other transformation styles, then you might not want to even bother with this new one so late in the game. In my opinion, the Jade Golem style is vastly superior.

12 - Gem Repository

With the Red Minister out of the way, you're free to pass through the wards surrounding this large container. If you're playing an Open Palm character, you'll find The Eye of the Dragon inside. If you're playing a Closed Fist character, you'll instead find The Eye of the Demon inside. Either way, you'll be awarded 3000 experience points for acquiring the gem.

13 - Horse Demon and Rat Demon

Your progress is slowed by the appearance of a Horse Demon and Rat Demon. Make short work of them and continue on.

It's also worth noting that you'll have to deal with another pair of demons here on your way back from the Dirge Cave.

14 - Rat Demon

You'll have one more Rat Demon to slay before you can reach the top of these stairs.

15 - More Demons

This section is patrolled by a couple of Rat Demons and, if you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire, a much nastier Rhino Demon.

16 - Ceramic Urn

Popping the lid on this trapped urn isn't worth your time. It's completely empty.

17 - Dirge Cave

Continuing to the north will bring you to the Dirge Cave, where the Minion of Suffering awaits.

18 - Exit

Once the gates are open, you're free to ascend up to the Temple Courtyard.