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The Teahouse is a nice change of pace, as the establishment offers a couple of interesting location-specific combat styles, a few new side quests, and the means to finish other quests you've picked up in the local area. The three new quests here revolve around helping Old Mother Kwan regain the Teahouse, soothing a sad ogre, and eating exotic food.

1 - Arrival

As soon as you enter the teahouse, Hui will approach you and try to continue the conversation you were having earlier. Before she gets a chance to tell you more, though, you'll be ambushed by several more sailors. What makes this battle unique is that it's the only one in the game where you can gain access to two temporary combat styles - the Improvised Ham and Improvised Table Legs styles. Simply smash through a table or a ham stand and you can pick either of these up to really teach the sailors a lesson.

When all of the sailors are lying on the floor, Hui will talk to you about Master Li's kidnapping, your newly acquired Spirit Thief style, the Dragon Amulet, and the nearby Ruins.

2 - Old Mother Kwan

Chat with Old Mother Kwan to learn that she no longer owns the Teahouse, after handing it over to Three Sheets Dutong based on the claims of a suspicious Imperial Writ. This begins a quest to investigate the matter. The first person you'll want to speak to about this is Steeper Yanru at area #3.

If you choose to return the Teahouse to Old Mother Kwan after discovering that Three Sheets Dutong is a fraud, you'll gain Open Palm points and 1000 experience points.

3 - Steeper Yanru

Once you've received the quest from Old Mother Kwan at area #2, tell Steeper Yanru that you believe the Imperial Writ is a fake. He'll then go over a plan to make Dutong drunk enough so that he confesses to his fraudulent deed. Dutong cannot be too drunk or too sober for you to pull this off; he must be precisely drunk enough to enter his sad and depressed stage. To get him there, he must drink 7 or 8 servings of wine. Peasants' Wine is worth one serving, while each shot of Imperial Seasoned Spirits is worth three. Therefore you'll want to ask Steeper Yanru to send over two Imperial Seasoned Spirits and one Peasants' Wine. If you miscalculate for whatever reason, simply send over a restorative to cancel out any alcohol that Dutong has already consumed.

When Dutong enters his sad and depressed state, you'll see a short cutscene that will let you know he's ready for conversation (and a confession).

4 - Three Sheets Dutong

Three Sheets Dutong doesn't have much to say to you until you're investigating the Imperial Writ he used to take over ownership of the Teahouse from Old Mother Kwan. If you've sent over the correct amount of alcohol from Steeper Yanru at area #3, you can ask Dutong about the Writ, and with a successful dialogue check, learn that it was a forgery. At this point, his guard gives him a restorative and Dutong realizes what he just revealed to you. He'll offer you a bribe of 1000 silver pieces to keep quiet, which will earn you Closed Fist points if you take it. If you refuse his bribe, Dutong will leave Tien's Landing and you can return to Old Mother Kwan with the good news that the Teahouse is now hers again (for some Open Palm points).

5 - Ru the Boatswain

Ru the drunkard will be here until you talk with Minister Sheng in Tien's Landing and get the quest to visit the pirate base. At that point, you can convince Ru to meet you at the docks and provide you transportation to the Lower Pirate Island. This will earn you 1020 experience points.

6 - Yaoru the Highly Self Regarded

Yaoru is one of the potential suitors for Ai Ling in the Boathouse. Until you've reached the end of the Baker Bei side quest from Seamstress Lan just outside the Teahouse, though, this "pompous ass" won't have much to say to you. At that point, you may have the option to pick an alternate suitor for Ai Ling, and Yaoru happens to be one of three possibilities. Chumin is obviously the better choice, though, unless you're intentionally trying to set Ai Ling up with the wrong husband.

7 - Dong and Zhong

Dong approaches you and explains he is having trouble with his Ogre laborer Zhong. Apparently Zhong accidentally killed an Ox he was fond of and now he feels guilty and doesn't want to go home. You can offer to talk to Zhong on Dong's behalf and try to persuade him to go back to the farm. If you pull off a successful dialogue check and convince the Ogre to leave peacefully, you'll gain Open Palm points. If you provoke him into fighting you, you'll slay Dong's much-needed laborer and earn Closed Fist points. Either way, you'll receive 350 experience points and 300 silver pieces from the Teahouse proprietor for getting rid of Zhong.

8 - Chai Jin

Before approaching this exotic chef, quickly take note of your Body, Mind, and Spirit statistics to see which is highest and lowest. Once you've determined that, speak to the chef and agree to pay him 300 silver pieces to participate in his challenge. He will offer you three dishes of increasing power, each of which damages one of your three stats. First, choose the dish related to your lowest stat, then follow it up by choosing the dish that relates to your second best stat, and finally pick the dish that will affect your highest stat.

If you're still standing (you're the only one outside of Shangdang county to consume that much...), he'll offer one final dish for 300 additional silver pieces that damages all three of your statistics. If you manage this one, he'll ask you about how it made you feel. If you say that it nearly destroyed you, he'll reward you with The Bronze Tongue essence gem, you'll receive 500 experience points, your alignment will stay neutral. However, if you lie to him and claim that it was harmless and that he should try it himself, he'll do so and die right on the spot, earning you some Closed Fist points. You'll earn 250 experience points taking this route, and can then loot The Bronze Tongue essence gem from his corpse.

9 - Kindly Yushan

Kindly Yushan is related to the Drowned Orphan's quest in the nearby Ruins. Once you've spoken with the two dead orphans, you'll need to come back here to Yushan. For Open Palm points, convince him to return to the orphans and bury their bones, giving all three of them the peace they're looking for. For Closed Fist points, you can kill him and bring Yushan's Head back to Maio. If you're looking for even more Closed Fist points, convince him to return to the orphans and then turn him over to Maio so she can kill him for letting her die.

10 - Exit

This door leads back to Tien's Landing.