The Necropolis

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Many of the Imperial City's deceased end up buried here in The Necropolis, regardless of their social status in life. Your primary quest and several side quests are tied to this area, so you'll most likely be visiting here often.

1 - Arrival

Once you've arrived from the Imperial City's Golden Way, you'll realize that this whole area is just one big graveyard.

2 - Gravedigger Shen

After dealing with the two Lost Spirits here (the first of many to come), you'll meet Gravedigger Shen. He's responsible for giving "proper" burials for the dead within the Necropolis. Since all the dead have been rising, though, Shen tells you that he can't afford to reimburse the families when their loved ones come back from the dead. Therefore, he wants you to help him "quiet them down."

There are three ghosts that are causing Shen the most problems - Miss Chan, Merchant Bai, and Mister Ren. Each of these ghosts is worth a reward from Shen, so at least there's something in it for you. Additionally, Shen has a selection of essence gems that he has "acquired" during his stint as the resident gravedigger. Included in his list are the Monk Gem and Superior Charm Gem, so you might want to have a look.

Once you've agreed to help Shen with his undead problem, he heads to his house down the road at area #3.

3 - Shen's House

Shen will be waiting for your return at his house. The first time you chat with him here, he'll tell you that a spirit has taken over his backyard and stolen all his tools. If you want to trade or collect your rewards from Shen, you'll have to go back there (area #4) and deal with it.

Once the ghost is dead, Shen will reveal that the "old bag" was his mother-in-law. Before you can reflect on what you just did, though, Shen hands you 500 silver pieces and, if you don't question his methods, The Mournful Soul essence gem as a reward. Not bad.

When you're done dealing with each of the three ghosts plaguing Shen's gravedigging business, make sure you return for your reward. For each one you deal with, Shen will give you 400 silver pieces and you'll earn 600 experience points as a result. When all three ghosts have dispersed, Shen asks you to go to the Market District to deal with the spirit of Tanner Fong. Apparently he rose up from his grave and walked all the way home, which resulted in his son demanding a refund for his burial.

If you were able to resolve the problem with Tanner Fong without bringing the father or son back to Shen, you'll receive a 500 silver piece reward and 600 experience points from the gravedigger. A successful Intimidation check will net you even more.

It's also worth noting that a cabinet in Shen's home contains 18 silver pieces and a random essence gem (such as a Scholar Gem or Warrior Gem. Might as well give him a taste of his own medicine.

4 - Ghost

The ghost plaguing Shen's backyard utilizes the Dire Flame style, so make sure you're ready to do some evading once combat begins.

5 - Headstone

Crush this trapped headstone to find a sizeable pile of silver pieces and, possibly, a random essence gem (such as a Warrior Gem).

6 - Lost Spirits

Expect a battle with one or more Lost Spirits every time you walk through this area.

7 - Scrollstand

The text on this scrollstand is entitled The Nature of the Spirit, Volume 3.

8 - Headstone

Check this headstone to uncover some more silver.

9 - Tomb of Ji Xin

You won't be able to enter this tomb until after you've spoken with Mad Wen Zhi in the Tomb of the Forgotten Scholar at area #21. After that conversation has taken place, you'll discover two thieves trying to steal from the tomb. After setting off a trap, Ji Xin will materialize in the chamber and steal the souls from both thieves before turning his attention to you.

Ji Xin describes himself as "evil incarnate" and tells you that he is capable of spreading corruption to living creatures through his undead touch. If you simply kill him, you can pluck the Preserved Liver from his corpse. This method will work, but the liver will be tainted with disease and will end up forcing you to make another decision later on. If you'd rather not use force, you'll have to make a successful Intuition check to convince Ji Xin that he can repent for his sins. This will also earn you the Preserved Liver, and this time it won't be tainted with disease. You will also gain some Open Palm points for pursuing this route.

10 - Bones

If you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire, you can grab the Ultimate Monk Gem from these bones. Unfortunately, none of the "Ultimate" gems exist in the Xbox version.

11 - Headstone

Smashing this headstone will earn you some more silver.

12 - Headstones and Bones

The two headstones (one of which is trapped) and pile of bones on this side of the pathway contain some silver and a random essence gem (such as a Scholar's Gem of Fate or a Greater Scholar's Gem of Fate).

13 - Spirit Fonts

Meditating at either of these two Spirit Fonts will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

14 - Jinlin

If you agreed to help Jinlin acquire the artifact in the Market District, then you'll find the little girl patiently waiting for your arrival here. After a short conversation, the large doors will open up and you'll be able to enter the tomb (100 experience points is yours just for showing up, too). Prepare to battle two waves of Mummies before reaching the tomb's inner sanctum.

Once you've dealt with the Insane Emperor Ghost and fought your way back to the entrance of the tomb, Jinlin will take a closer look at the artifact she picked up. As it turns out, the bowl actually contains the Configuration of the Tiger, which you'll automatically receive (along with 1500 experience points) when Jinlin reads it aloud. If you don't ask for anything in return for your help and just watch as Jinlin runs off to give the bowl to Purveyor Shouji, you'll receive Open Palm points. If you instead demand that she hand over the artifact as payment, the little girl will become frightened and run off. This earns you Closed Fist points.

15 - Chest

The large chest resting in this corner contains 1000 silver pieces and the Spirit Harvest essence gem.

16 - Ceramic Urn

This trapped urn contains a decent sized pile of silver.

17 - Insane Emperor Ghost

When you enter the tomb's inner sanctum, an Insane Emperor Ghost will materialize before you and accuse you of treading on his ashes in his "sacrosanct" tomb. With that, he and two Lost Spirits (and a Ghost Lord, if you're playing the PC version) will move in for the attack. This battle is fairly tough, so make use of your favorite tactics and utilize the Spirit Thief style whenever your Chi starts getting too low.

When the Insane Emperor is no more, you'll automatically receive The Wanderer's Jewel essence gem. You're not out of the clear yet, though. Several Mummies and Ghosts have returned in the corridor behind you and you'll have to fight your way back out of the tomb.

18 - Ceramic Urn

135 silver pieces is yours if you're willing to open this trapped urn.

19 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

20 - Lost Spirits

Expect a battle with one or more Lost Spirits every time you walk through this area.

21 - Mad Wen Zhi and Wen Si Wei

Entering the Tomb of the Forgotten Scholar, you'll discover a doctor named Mad Wen Zhi trying to save his dying daughter Wen Si Wei. His daughter's liver has rotted from within, but Wen Zhi has dicovered a way to replace the corrupt flesh with the flesh of another human. He asks you to find a perfectly preserved or fresh liver so that he can save his daughter, suggesting that the nobleman Ji Xin may be the best choice since his body was so well preserved after he died.

You have a few choices here. If you'd rather not deal with the nobleman, you can suggest that Mad Wen Zhi gives his own liver to his daughter. This route is only available if you've met Dr. An in the Imperial Arena. If that's the case, you can tell him about Dr. An and then return to the Arena and tell her what must be done. She will travel to the tomb with you and perform the surgery, which effectively kills Wen Zhi and puts Si Wei in the care of Dr. An. There is no alignment shift for choosing this method.

Your other two choices are to obtain the Preserved Liver from Ji Xin through dialogue or force. If you bring the liver back after obtaining it through dialogue, the operation is a success, you earn 550 silver pieces, and Ji Xin will appear to thank you for redeeming him. If you bring the liver back after obtaining it through force, then Si Wei will become diseased and Wen Zhi will beg you to sacrifice some of yourself to save her.

Should you decide to sacrifice yourself for his daughter, you will be able to force Ji Xin's "Evil Spirit" from her body and another fight will take place. When you're victorious, Wen Zhi will thank you for saving his daughter and give you 275 silver pieces. You will have also earned some Open Palm points and the detrimental Spiritual Sacrifice technique. However, you can meet up with the two back in the Market District afterward to receive the Theories of Medicine technique.

22 - Chest

Pop the lid on this chest to find 200 silver pieces and a Monk Gem.

23 - Scrollstand

The text on this scrollstand is entitled The Nature of the Spirit, Volume 2.

24 - Ghost of Miss Chan

Miss Chan has lost her baby and cannot rest until she's found him. Apparently Shen has taken him, so she asks that you do whatever it takes to discover her baby's whereabouts. If you'd rather not deal with the running around and are fine with earning Closed Fist points, you can just kill Miss Chan. Otherwise, you'll need to speak to Shen about the matter.

Shen tells you that Miss Chan died during childbirth and that her baby died with her. He buried the baby in one of the plots near his mother, though he can't quite remember the baby's name. The only thing he knows for sure is that it was a short name composed of less than three words.

Check the Chan family plot nearby and you'll discover four tombstones - Chan Han, Chan Li, Chan Ding Sheng, and Chan Tuo. Since we know that the baby was a boy and that his name was less than three words, a quick scan of the tombstones should reveal that Chan Tuo is the name of Miss Chan's baby (Chan Han is listed as a mother, Chan Li was named in honor of the Glorious Strategist, and Chan Ding Sheng's name is too long). If you tell Miss Chan that her baby is dead and point her to the grave of Chan Tuo, you'll earn Open Palm points and she will finally have peace. If you accidentally point her to the wrong grave, she will become enraged and attack you, though killing her in this manner doesn't earn you any sort of alignment shift.

25 - Ghost of Merchant Bai

Merchant Bai sold goods to the poorer sections of the city in life. A pair of brothers, Si Tsu and Si Ran, extorted money and goods from other merchants and eventually turned their eyes to Bai. When he wouldn't give them what they wanted, they made an example out of him and left him for dead in an alley.

They were eventually beheaded for their various crimes, but they've now been buried next to Bai and mock him even in death. Bai cannot rest quiet with them here and asks that you get rid of them. You can just kill him for Closed Fist points if you want, but if you decide to help him, you'll find that the two thugs have been buried in a communial burial ground called the Tomb of the Masses to the south.

When Si Tsu and Si Ran have been dealt with, you can return to Merchant Bai to earn Open Palm points, a negligible amount of silver, and a Cow Bezoar.

26 - Lost Spirits

Expect a battle with one or more Lost Spirits every time you walk through this area.

27 - Ghost of Ren Ming

To say that Ren Ming is angry in death would be putting it too lightly. The spirit seems to think that he died from poison that was given to him by his own wife. He wants revenge and asks that you find his wife in the Market District and bring her here so he can choke the life from her.

Simply killing Ren Ming will earn you Closed Fist points, but bringing his innocent wife here to die at his hands will earn you even more (and 350 silver pieces). However, if you help Ren Feng convince Ren Ming that he accidently died from a spoiled salmon, you can make him realize that she still cares about him. His spirit will not longer be restless and you'll earn Open Palm points. Alternatively, with a successful Intuition check, you can demand a reward for helping repair their relationship. This will get you 120 silver pieces, but no alignment shift.

28 - Ghosts of Si Tsu and Si Ran

Immediately after entering the Tomb of the Masses, you'll be attacked by Bai's tormentors, Si Tsu and Si Ran. Give them the true death they deserve, then ransack the nearby containers and return to Merchant Bai.

29 - Containers

There are four containers at the back of the Tomb of the Masses - two chests and two vases. The left vase is trapped and contains a pile of silver, the left chest is trapped and contains a pile of silver and the potential for a random essence gem (such as an Inferior Warrior Gem), the right chest will always contain 800 silver pieces and the Sixth Sense essence gem, and the right vase is trapped and contains a pile of silver and the potential for a random essence gem (such as a Greater Warrior's Gem of Fate).

30 - Bones

If you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire, you can earn the Demon Staff combat style by searching through these bones.

31 - Fading Moon

If you're working on the criminal bounties for Imperial Captain Sen in the Market District, then you'll encounter Fading Moon here. The crazy woman is skilled with the Dire Flame style, but some good evasion should get you in close enough for a quick kill. When she dies, you'll automatically receive the Gem of Pure Flame.

32 - Scrollstand

The text on this scrollstand is entitled The Nature of the Spirit, Volume 4.

33 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

34 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

35 - Lotus Assassin Fortress Escape

After defeating Grand Inquisitor Jia and escaping the crumbling Lotus Assassin Fortress, you'll wind up here. The Watcher and five Lotus Assassins will show up to question how you survived the collapsing structure while nobody else did. Without any good explanation, the lot of them will attack.

Once you've cleaned up the last of the assassins the order has to throw at you, you can make your way back to the Imperial City's Market District to report your success to your other followers. The collapse of the fortress has shifted the ground beneath you, though, so expect a few new battles with Lost Spirits and Mummies on your way there.

36 - Unfinished Bridge

This unfinished bridge was supposed to lead to what would eventually become Emperor Sun Hai's tomb. Construction has apparently been put on hold, though.

37 - Scrollstand

The text on this scrollstand is entitled The Nature of the Spirit, Volume 5.

38 - Lotus Assassin Fortress

If Sagacious Zu has already snuck away from your follower camp in the Market District, then you will witness him sneaking into this pagoda as you approach.

Inside the pagoda is the secret entrance to the Lotus Assassin Fortress. To gain access to the fortress, you'll need to place the Lotus Executioner Seal or the Lotus Inquisitor Seal on the Blessing Board inside. This will reveal a hidden stairway leading down into the fortress' depths.

39 - Slave Shipment

Once you start working with Master Gang inside the Lotus Assassin Fortress, you'll eventually begin plotting with him to get rid of Master Shin. One of the three requirements to make the murder look like an accident is to get rid of an incoming slave shipment, which you'll intercept right here.

The slave shipment is being led by Slave Driver Rong and another unnamed Lotus Assassin. As usual, you have a handful of options at your disposal here. For Open Palm Points, you can kill the two assassins and then set the slaves free. For even more Open Palm points, though, you can attempt to convince Rong to turn the slave shipment over to you (a successful dialogue check is required) and then set all the slaves free.

If you'd rather earn Closed Fist points, then you can tell Rong that the slaves are substandard and should be killed (a successful dialogue check is required). For even more Closed Fist points, though, you can instead kill the two assassins and then kill the slaves yourself afterward. Brutal.