Temple of Dirge (Dead)
Temple of Dirge (Dead)

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Purging the evil from the Water Dragon's temple will provide her with enough power to restore your life and grant rest to all of the Spirit Monks trapped in Dirge.

1 - Arrival

Having traveled through the Temple Courtyard, you've finally entered the Water Dragon's temple where Emperor Sun Hai struck her down so long ago.

2 - The Nameless Evil

When you reach the center of the temple, maniacal laughter will ring out and three identical versions of your character will manifest in front of you. The first (Aspect of Despair) wields a pair of blades, the second (Aspect of Sorrow) makes use of the Dire Flame style, and the third (Aspect of Rage) goes with the Ice Shard style. Each of these doppelgangers is a formidable opponent, but together they prove to be one of the toughest battles in the game.

Your best bet in this battle is to take advantage of your Focus ability and use it to drop one of the three manifestations immediately. If you have enough Focus and a strong enough weapon style (or transformation style, like Jade Golem), you may even be able to take two of them down before your Focus ability wears off. After that, just keep using evasion tactics and moving in for a barrage of attacks whenever possible until all three are finally dead.

With all three Aspects destroyed, a cutscene will commence that shows the result of your victory. Beams of light will travel out of the temple and through the courtyard, burning all of the Imperial Soldier spirits and granting true ascension to the loyal Spirit Monk spirits.

When the cutscene finishes, the Water Dragon will appear in the temple and thank you once again for what you've done. She makes good on her promise to return you to the mortal world, but requests that you destroy her body in the Imperial Palace before facing Sun Li so that her power can dissipate and she can finally be reborn. With a final warning that maddened spirits may follow you to the other side, she resurrects you on the floor of the Temple of Dirge in the mortal world.

At this point, you'll witness another cutscene showing your followers agonizing over your death in the Great Southern Forest. The Water Dragon will send a spiritual message to Dawn Star that will prompt her to gather the others and take off for Dirge.