Creature Pens
Creature Pens

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You'll find that most of the seedy characters in the Heart of the Empire Tavern like to conduct their business down here in the creature pens. Along with some side quest-related activity, you'll also find that the north end of this map is where all of the Imperial Arena battles are hosted.

1 - Arrival

Descending the southern stairs on the second floor of the Imperial Arena will bring you to these pens.

2 - Judge Fang, The Black Whirlwind, Lucky Cho, and Iron Soldier

If you managed to lure Judge Fang down into the creature pens (as part of the Lotus Inquisitor's mission in the Market District), then this is where the battle will take place. Keep in mind that killing Fang and his two guards is against the Inquisitor's wishes and will not earn you the recognition you need to join the Lotus Assassins.

Also, after you've spoken with Kai Lan the Serpent in the Imperial Arena and been interrupted by The Black Whirlwind, your follower will lead you down here to dissuade you from aligning your goals with his archenemy. Before your conversation can take place, Lucky Cho will come down to the creature pens in an attempt to teach The Black Whirlwind a lesson for embarassing Kai Lan. He shouldn't stand much of a chance against the two of you, though.

When Lucky Cho has been cut down, The Black Whirlwind will tell you more about his past here at the arena and how it eventually lead to him having to kill his own brother. Once the dialogue concludes, you'll receive 3000 silver pieces and the Strong Arm essence gem from Cho's corpse.

Finally, you may also get the opportunity to meet with Iron Soldier down here in the creature pens. This meeting only takes place if you had Crimson Khana poisoned at the end of the Bronze Division, though. If that's the case, Iron Soldier offers you a deal when you reach the final round of the Silver Division. He wants to retire from the arena and is willing to throw the fight with you so that he can win a nice chunk of money when Pretty Li-Li places a large bet on the fight.

He's even willing to cut you in on the proceeds if you do him a favor and kill General Stone Kao out in the Market District. If you accept and kill Kao for him, he upholds his part of the bargain and will more-or-less stand there and take a beating when the two of you meet in the arena. After the fight is over, Pretty Li-Li awards you 1000 silver pieces as your part of their winnings.

3 - Cao Zeng

Cao Zeng is linked to Prefect Jitong's quest out in the Market District. After convincing Zi Bao to set up a meeting with the slave traders for you on the second floor of the Imperial Arena (or by simply following him), you'll find yourself in a meeting with the slaver. After a quick dialogue session, you'll be forced to do battle with Zi Bao and a few other slavers.

Once they're cleaned up, Cao Zeng will realize your talents. He'll offer to pay you a significant sum of silver if you help him implicate Songtao and free Chandler Ling. If you choose this route, you'll gain Closed Fist points and Cao Zeng will present you with the Forged Slaver Documents needed to falsely prove Songtao's guilt to Prefect Jitong.

If you'd rather pursue the Open Palm route, just refuse Cao Zeng's offer and kill him in the battle that erupts afterward. When he's dead, you'll automatically receive the proper Slaver Documents needed to prove Songtao's innocence.

4 - The Arena

Once you're set up with Qui the Promoter on the second floor of the Imperial Arena, you can begin challenging other arena combatants. All of the battles you participate in will take place within this auditorium, surrounded by a bloodthirsty mob of Imperial City citizens. A full list of the battles you'll face (and their rewards) can be found below:

Qualifying Division

  • Arena Battle #1: One Ogre (300 silver, 300 XP)
  • Arena Battle #2: Four Students (400 silver, 325 XP)
  • Arena Battle #3: Timed Dragon Statue Destruction (500 silver, 350 XP)
  • Arena Battle #4: Hapless Han (500 silver, 400 XP)

  • Bronze Division

  • Arena Battle #5: Five Cannibals (400 silver, 450 XP)
  • Arena Battle #6: Pit of Pain (500 silver, 480 XP)
  • Arena Battle #7: Toad Demon (600 silver, 500 XP)
  • Arena Battle #8: Crimson Khana (700 or 900 silver, 1050 or 550 XP, Possible Weapon Style)

  • Silver Division

  • Arena Battle #9: Elephant Demon (600 silver, 600 XP)
  • Arena Battle #10: Four Guild Assassins (700 silver, 650 XP)
  • Arena Battle #11: Three Golems (800 silver, 700 XP)
  • Arena Battle #12: Iron Soldier (1000 or 1200 silver, 750 XP)

  • Gold Division

  • Arena Battle #13: Seven Phoenix Assassins (1000 silver, 850 XP)
  • Arena Battle #14: Sung Brothers (1250 or 1450 silver, 1000 XP)
  • Arena Battle #15: The Imperial Engagement (1500 silver, 1300 XP)
  • Arena Battle #16: The Ravager (2000 silver, 1600 XP, Weapon Style)

  • Final Confrontation

  • Arena Battle #17: Kai Lan the Serpent (3500 silver, Superior Warrior Gem)