Temple Courtyard (Alive)
Temple Courtyard (Alive)

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Your followers are enroute to Dirge, thanks to a telepathic message sent from the Water Dragon to Dawn Star. If you've been romancing one (or more) of your followers, then you'll finally have the chance to spend the night with them before the Sun Li's army reaches the temple gates.

1 - Meditation Wheels

Just outside the Temple of Dirge, you'll discover some Meditation Wheels. They're still in working order, but the system of gearing that connected them is missing. There are two pieces of gearing that you can use to repair the wheels - the Machined Cogs from the Temple of Dirge and the Beveled Cogs from the stairs at the south end of the courtyard.

If you repair the wheels with just one of these two items and meditate on the Mantra of Inspiration, you will receive the Communion of the Ocean technique. If you repair the wheels with both of the items, you'll instead receive the Communion of the Dragon technique when you meditate.

2 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

3 - Imperial Soldiers

The spirits of four Imperial Soldiers will appear when you reach the bottom of these stairs. After blaming you for their curse, they'll immediately attack.

As soon as you've defeated the lot of them, you'll watch as the Marvelous Dragonfly flies into Dirge and lands on the platform to the southwest. Your followers await.

4 - Bones

These bones contain one of five Pages from the Tome of Release.

5 - Imperial Soldiers and Bones

After dealing with another set of three Imperial Soldier ghosts, you can search the nearby bones for one of five Pages from the Tome of Release.

6 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

7 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

8 - Imperial Soldiers

Another trio of Imperial Soldiers will attempt to ambush you as you attempt to approach these steps.

9 - Bones

These bones contain one of five Pages from the Tome of Release and the Beveled Cogs.

10 - Follower Campsite

All of your followers have been called to Dirge by the Water Dragon, but they didn't expect to see you alive once again. Once their amazement has passed, they tell you that Sun Li has taken over the Jade Empire and has sent his entire army after you here at Dirge. There is no way to escape the siege, so everyone decides that fortifying your position and making a stand against the army is your best bet.

Since the army won't actually reach you until tomorrow, you can take some time to finish up any loose ends here at the temple before retreating to your tent for the night. If you've been (successfully) romancing Dawn Star, Silk Fox, or Sky, then they will stick around after this initial meeting and you'll be able to finalize the romance plot by spending the evening together. This will automatically bring you to the following day, so make sure you've wrapped up the Tome of Release and Meditation Wheels side quests before speaking to your romantic interest.

Once you've retired to your tent for the evening, you will be contacted by Sun Li through a vivid dream. In the dream, you will find yourself back in the burning village of Two Rivers. Three of your fellow students there - Jing Woo, Student Wen, and Student Lin - will be sitting outside Master Li's home when he suddenly appears and engulfs them all in flames. Blaming you for their deaths, you'll be forced to battle a charred version of all three students. As each is destroyed, they will realize that their death wasn't your fault (as Sun Li tries to suggest).

In the morning, you will awaken to the sound of the approaching army. Scores of Siege Golems, Jade Golems, Clay Golems, and Lotus Assassins are finally reaching the top of the mountain and will be assaulting Dirge shortly. Your followers will have gathered in the Outer Courtyard to discuss what course of action to pursue next.

11 - Bones

These bones contain one of five Pages from the Tome of Release.

12 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

13 - Imperial Captain Ghost

After you've spoken with your followers and they've begun fortifying the area, you'll have to do battle with an Imperial Captain Ghost if you attempt to travel back toward the temple. This captain hits harder and has more hit points than the other Imperial Soldiers you've been dealing with, but he shouldn't prove to be much of a problem given the fact that he fights alone.

14 - Dirge Defense

During your second day at Dirge, you will find yourself controlling The Black Whirlwind and Henpecked Hou as they fend off a seemingly infinite number of Lotus Assassins and a single Jade Golem. For every twenty Lotus Assassins that you cleave, a voice will ring out celebrating the blood you have spilt. If you avoid the Jade Golem and keep hacking down assassins until your counter reaches 100, the voice will actually tell you to "just kill the golem already." Funny stuff.

15 - Hidden Urn

While in control of The Black Whirlwind during your second day at Dirge, you can search this area to uncover a hidden urn. Inside you'll find the Maker's Bane and Placid Guiju weapon style.

16 - Dirge Conclusion

Having dealt with Death's Hand and Sun Li in the Temple of Dirge on the second day, you will find all of your followers waiting for you near the stairs. If you bound Death's Hand to your will, expect some defiance from your other followers. Should you be following a Closed Fist route, you may need to bind some of them to your will to get them to accept your decision for the fate of Death's Hand. Bound followers are more obedient anyway, though... right?

Thus begins Chapter 7. Speak with all of your followers once again for a sense of closure with each of them, then tell Kang to prepare the Marvelous Dragonfly for a return flight to the Imperial Palace. Your final confrontation with Master Li is imminent.