Dirge Cave
Dirge Cave

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Having wiped out all the opposition along the "Path of Demons", you're now ready to face the Minion of Suffering and reclaim the fountain's stolen seal.

1 - Arrival

The northeastern exit in the Inner Courtyard will bring you into this strange cave.

2 - Horse Demon

A single Horse Demon will attempt to put a stop to your advance here. Crush him.

3 - More Demons

You'll either be facing two Horse Demons or a Horse Demon and a Rhino Demon here, depending on which version of Jade Empire you're playing.

4 - Minion of Suffering

And so you meet again. After listening to the Minion spew some propaganda about his master, you'll find yourself locked in battle with the beast.

The Minion will continuously fire electrical globes at you, even when you're in melee range. Its powerful area attack can cause devastating damage as well, so you'll probably want to utilize your Focus ability during this fight to slow things down a bit. If you have any points in the Jade Golem transformation style, go with that. A handful of well-placed attacks in that form will easily take the beast down.

When the beast falls, its master will speak to you from the altar to the northwest. The entity will relinquish the second of the Dirge Fountain Seals to you, but not without challenging you to a battle within the Temple of Dirge. There, it claims, you will understand its "true nature and despair."

5 - Ceramic Urn

This urn contains a power-up. Unfortunately, it's the only "loot" you're going to find in this cave.

6 - Bamboo Cask

This trapped cask is totally empty.

7 - Ceramic Urn

This trapped urn is also empty.