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A Mountain Within
Effect: Body +5
The correct configuration in Lord Lao's Furnace produced the Mountain with. This technique provides an increase to your Body.
• Lord Lao's Furnace (Configuration of the Dragon) - Obtained by using a Vial of Sulfurous Water, the Clanking Cauldron, the Whirling Cogs, and the Tiger Button

Alloyed Body
Effect: Health +5, Focus +5
The Alloyed Body is Smiling Mountain's ultimate series of exercises, designed to offset some of the weaknesses the corpulent trainer saw in the exercises he develo0ped earlier in his career. Practicing these holistic exercises strengthens both health and focus.
• Two Rivers School - Given to you by Smiling Mountain for beating Kia Min's record

Balance of Nature
Effect: Focus +15, Chi +3
To be one with your art, it must be your entire world. You only Focus. But to lose yours in the world is also failing. If you balance the need of your art with the needs of your inner self, you can achieve true transcendence and clarity of purpose.
• Tien's Landing - Purchased from Darting Lynx

Belly of Iron
Effect: Health +3, Chi -1
A series of exercises developed by Smiling Mountain. Those who learn and use his Belly of Iron Techniques learn to take blows better, giving them more stamina in combat. The Strain of using these exercises in battle can slightly reduce a warrior's ability to channel their Chi.
• Two Rivers School - Purchased from Smiling Mountain

Boar's Strength
Effect: Health +7, Chi -3
The boar is a surprisingly cunning and resourceful opponent when encountered in the wild. Even the most experienced hunter can fall prey to it if he does not watch himself. The boar uses its natural strength and weight in battle. Learn from the lessons the boar can teach, and you will prove more difficult for you opponent to overcome.
• Great Forest - Purchased from Spear Catches Leaf

Bone Splinter
Effect: Health +15
In the battle against the elder horse demon that followed you out of the gateway in Dirge, a splinter off of its leering skull-like visage became lodged under the skin of your forearm. It causes you no pain or irritation, and it seems that some measure of the magic that sustained the elder beast has come with it.
• Temple of Dirge - Obtained after defeating Ancient Horse Demon

Calm as the Morning Breeze
Effect: Mind +5
Lord Lao's Furnace generated Calm as the Morning Breeze when a correct configuration was used. This technique provides a +5 increase to Mind.
• Lord Lao's Furnace (Configuration of the Snake) - Obtained by using a Bar of Nickeled Iron, the Clapper Chimney, the Conductor, the Cranking Cauldron, and the Tiger Button

Chaotic Strains
Effect: Health +5, Chi +5
Play by skilled hands, the Zither of Discord can be attuned to the chaos in a person's soul, making one stronger and better able to walk the Way of the Closed fist. Every so often you catch a hint of music carried on the breeze to remind you of this ancient artifact.
• Great Forest - Obtained after giving Scholar Six Heavens the Zither Bridge and allowing Bladed Thesis to siphen his soul

Cleansed Body and Mind
Effect: Health +15, Focus +5
Once a body has been purified in the correct manner, with all the forces and pressures of the body in proper balance, one will find one's strength greatly increased and more able to resist the hardships of life and the mind clearer, more ready to adapt.
• Imperial Arena - Purchased from Dr. An

Clear Mind
Effect: Focus +10, Intimidation -1
A clear mind can see truly where a clouded one cannot. Removing in imbalances from the body that distract the mind can greatly increase one's clarity and focus. This new thoughtfulness will make an individual seem slightly distracted to those who do not understand.
• Imperial Arena - Purchased from Dr. An

Communion of the Dragon
Effect: Health +5, Chi +15
With five of the ancient meditation wheels of Dirge Spinning as you meditated. You soon realized that, like the amulet, the wheels were merely a training tool. You feel closer to understanding the nature of the Water Dragon than before and with the understanding comes power. How you choose to use it remains to be seen.
• Temple of Dirge - Obtained by meditating upon the Mantra of Inspiration after both sets of cogs are in place

Communion of the Ocean
Effect: Chi +10
The spirit Monks have long used the meditation wheels lining the entryway of Dirge's inner temple to aid their meditations. Three of the wheels spun freely during your meditations, and you spirit feels more in tune with you heritage as a result.
• Temple of Dirge - Obtained by meditating upon the Mantra of Inspiration after only one set of cogs is in place

Conditioning of the Body
Effect: Health +7, Chi -3
The lithe grace of any serious physical artist, be they dancer or martial artist belies the strength of their body, through their art, all fat and useless muscle is burnt away, leaving only the hard muscle beneath.
• Tien's Landing - Purchased from Darting Lynx

Craftsman's Litany
Effect: Focus +5
Many craftsmen repeat litanies in their heads while they work, the repetition helping them focus. A warrior who has learned the power of such exercises can adapt their meditative nature to the battlefield with much the same results.
• Imperial City Market District - Purchased from blacksmith

Deadened Nerves
Effect: Health +10, Chi -3
Lotus Assassins often use a technique common to many martial arts, but in their fanaticism, they take it to an extreme. The beat their body continuously, first with ropes, then with wooden sticks, then finally with iron rods, until their bodies are completely deadened to the pain. They can resist all manner of physical attacks, but focusing so intently on the physical does little for their spirit.
• Lotus Assassin Fortress - Purchased from Acolyte Trainer Guang

Duchess of Ulmsbottom's Rules of Engagement
Effect: Mind +3
A worn copy of The Duchess of Ulmsbottom's Rules of Engagement. A leather-bound book, its cover emblazoned with two silhouettes of musketeers aiming large blunderbusses at each other in an upright stance. While virtually incomprehensible,, some of the diagrams provide excellent examples of the ways in which wars and battles should never be fought.
• Imperial City Scholars' Garden - Obtained after defeating Sir Roderick in battle and asking for a reward related to the mind

Eye of Inner Darkness
Effect: Chi +15, Focus +5
Looking out from the void inside the place in which the spirit resides, is a person's inner eye. a person at peace with their inner self gains great power and strength of mind from this eye.
• Lotus Assassin Fortress - Purchased from Acolyte Trainer Guang

Fearsome Visage
Effect: Intimidation +3, Charm -1
Training as a Lotus Assassin takes its toll. A Lotus Assassin sometimes deliberately deforms himself to present a more disturbing visage to his opponents and instill fear in his foes.
• Lotus Assassin Fortress - Purchased from Acolyte Trainer Guang

Fitness for the Upright Gentleman
Effect: Body +3
A worn copy of Fitness for the Upright Gentleman, a manual of regimented conditioning. This small leather-bound book with the outline of a man in some strange fighting style on the cover contains radical exercises that offer alternative training methodologies that allow you to gain in strength.
• Imperial City Scholars' Garden - Obtained after defeating Sir Roderick in battle and asking for a reward related to strength

Friends in High Places
Effect: Chi +5, Intuition +2
You helped Princess Sun Lian see that her father is behind the Empire's troubles. Whatever happens, you will always have an ally in court, an asset that cannot help but buoy your spirit.
• Imperial Palace - Given to you by Silk Fox just before meeting Emperor Sun Hai for the first time

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