Lower Pirate Island
Lower Pirate Island

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Along with meeting a new follower here, you're finally getting closer to a face-to-face meeting with someone you've heard about for quite awhile... Gao the Greater. Your main goal is to make it to the exit leading to the Pirate Workshop area. On the way you'll face several groups of pirates, many with weapons that can hit for a lot of damage in close quarters. Use your area effect often to avoid getting overwhelmed.

1 - Arrival

Ru will be waiting here to take you back to Tien's Landing whenever you wish.

2 - Pirate Cutscene

Just a short distance from where you arrive, you'll witness a cutscene of some pirates ridiculing one of their servants on the dock to your west. A seemingly innocent slave sweeps the dock during the whole event.

3 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

4 - Pirate Cheung

The pirate at the receiving end of the ridiculing at area #2 will be standing here making plans to get back the swabbies on the dock. A lone cannon is suspended above the dock, but Cheung isn't strong enough to loosen the rope and wipe out everyone in the cannon's path. Helping Cheung with the rope doesn't seem like a bad idea, but remember that there's an innocent slave among the intended victims. Therefore, pulling the rope gets you some Closed Fist points. Leaving the rope alone and fighting the pirates for the slave's freedom nets you the equivalent to a pat on the back, but no Open Palm points unfortunately. Cheung appears above the pirates after the battle if you decide to fight them.

5 - Pirates

These pirates are a nasty lot, but you only have to fight them if you decided against pursuing the Closed Fist route at area #4. When all three of them are dead, the slave thanks you for saving him and runs off.

6 - Pirate Cheung Again

After dealing with the pirates at area #5, Cheung will compliment you on your tactics and then proceed to tell you quite a bit about Gao the Greater, the Lotus Assassins, and what else you can expect during your time on this island.

7 - More Pirates

Seven pirates will try to stop your progress when you reach this platform. Again, I recommend using area attacks to avoid getting overwhelmed.

8 - Scrollstand

The text on this scrollstand is entitled The History of Flight, Volume 1.

9 - Vase

This vase contains 200 silver pieces and a random essence gem (such as a Gem of Evil Thought or an Inferior Intuition Gem).

10 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

11 - Sky and Yifong

After a brief cutscene and a battle with four pirates, you'll meet a man named Sky who apparently has the same agenda as you. Since you follow a similar path here, Sky will join your group and will help you open the security door to the next section of the island.

You'll also find that Yeung Yifong (whom you met shortly after arriving in Tien's Landing) is among the slaves that Sky just rescued. She will tell you that her daughter Fuyao has been taken to the pirate base's upper levels and will ask you to do what you can to save her.

12 - Bones

Sift through these bones to turn up a small pile of silver.

13 - Security Door

Once Sky is in place, you'll be able to open up Kang's security door. Careful, though... four pirates await you on the other side.

14 - Chest

This trapped chest will provide you with some more silver.

15 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

16 - Assassin Plans

When you reach the side of this building, you'll witness a cutscene in which two important Lotus Assassins and Gao the Greater reveal some new information about the current situation on this island, the Imperial City, and elsewhere. When the cutscene finishes, Gao the Greater will have ran off to grieve over the death of his son, Gao the Lesser.

17 - Pirate Battle

Entering this building triggers a quick cinematic showing several pirates approach you for obviously painful purposes. Before they can attack, though, Kang the Mad will toss out an explosive and a few of them will be engulfed in flame. When the cinematic ends, you'll only have to do battle with four of the remaining pirates.

Once all of the pirates have been dealt with, Kang the Mad will tell you about the Marvelous Dragonfly that he's been working on. If you agree to "stage a combat-related accident for Gao", Kang promises to get the Dragonfly up and running and whisk you away from the island (and, later, to the Imperial City).

18 - Chest

Pop the lid on this chest to find 175 silver pieces and an Inferior Intimidation Gem.

19 - Bridge Lever

Activating this lever drops the small bridge along the western side of this building. There's no real reason to be wandering back here, though.

20 - More Pirates

When you reach this platform, you'll have to deal with four more bloodthirsty pirates.

21 - Chest

A reasonable amount of silver can be added to your pockets by looting this chest.

22 - Fuyao

Fuyao is being held in this room by her slaver captors, so expect a fight after a brief amount of dialogue. Afterward, Lun the slaver will attempt a plea bargain with you, which offers a few options. If you say she's not for sale, you'll receive Open Palm points. If you let her fight for her freedom, you'll receive Closed Fist points. If you instead sell Fuyao as your own property, you'll get the most even more Closed Fist points and will even earn some extra silver, but this nets you the least amount of experience points.

If you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire, then you will automatically receive the Iron Palm - The Forge plot item if Fuyao goes free (this includes the Open Palm route and the "fight for your freedom" Closed Fist route). Should you choose the Closed Fist route in which Fuyao is sold into slavery, then you will instead receive the Fang of the Viper plot item. Choose carefully, as the outcome of this encounter will ultimately decide whether you unlock the Iron Palm or Viper combat style during the game.

23 - More Pirates

These four pirates are trying to figure out why Gao the Greater was so distraught with anger and sadness when he recently ran past. Interrupt their discussion by spilling their blood, then continue on.

24 - Exit

Ascending this ramp brings you to the Pirate Workshop.