Throne Room
Imperial Palace Throne Room

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An audience with Emperor Sun Hai is imminent. Much of what you don't know will finally be revealed, though you may not like all that is to be learned...

1 - Arrival

Having ascended the spire within Silk Fox's alternate Imperial Palace entrance, you have a short distance ahead of you before reaching Emperor Sun Hai's throne room.

2 - Imperial Soldiers

Two Imperial Soldiers will try to stop your progress toward the throne room. Put them down.

3 - Vase

5 silver pieces can be looted from inside this vase.

4 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

5 - Chamber Door

Silk Fox believes that the tombs of past leaders (Sagacious Tien, Khor Miah the Swift Arrow, Seng Si the Broken Bough, Prince Sun Li, and Prince Sun Kin) lie beyond this large door to the north. If you believe that Master Li is really Sun Li the Glorious Strategist, then it could be that what really lies beyond the door has been kept from the Emperor's daughter for years. Unfortunately, you won't know for certain until much later in the game.

6 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

7 - Bookstand

The text on this scrollstand is entitled The Righteous Siege.

8 - Vase

5 silver pieces can be looted from inside this vase.

9 - Imperial Soldiers

Two more Imperial Soldiers and a single Lotus Assassin will confront you as you try to round this corner.

10 - Follower Conversation

Before passing through this tunnel and entering the throne room beyond, you'll enter a conversation with some of your followers. In addition to receiving the Friends in High Places technique and 250 experience points, you'll be able to express your love for any follower you've been romancing up to this point.

11 - Emperor Sun Hai and Master Li

Entering the throne room, you will witness Emperor Sun Hai asking Master Li to "atone for his treachery." Silk Fox will confront him about everything that you've learned and he will finally admit that Master Li is indeed Sun Li the Glorious Strategist before flying into a rage. His ghastly form will be exposed and he will emit a burst of energy that sends everyone to the floor but you. After detailing his past assault on the Water Dragon, he will rush off to the north while two Imperial Guards, three Lotus Assassins, and a Lotus Inquisitor close in to finish you off.

This battle will test your endurance. As you kill off the initial six opponents, more guards will continue to pour in from the room's side portals. Use the large amount of space to your advantage and single out one or two foes at a time until the reinforcements finally come to an end.

12 - Vase

There's no trap on this vase because, well, it's empty.

13 - Vase

A trapped vase containing a sizeable amount of silver.

14 - Emperor Sun Hai, Again

As you continue to chase the Emperor to make him pay for the atrocities he has committed, he'll call forth four Lotus Assassin Masters in an attempt to stop your pursuit. These guys are fast, hit hard, have a lot of health, and are proficient with both the Tempest and Viper combat styles. Once again, use the large amount of space to single out one at a time.

15 - Ceramic Urn

1000 silver pieces are yours when you search this urn.

16 - Focus Shrine

Meditating at a Focus Shrine will restore all of your character's Focus.

17 - Chest

Pop the lid of this chest to find a nice stockpile of 4000 silver pieces.

18 - Ceramic Urn

Plunder this urn for a single silver piece and the Warrior of the Infinite Spirit technique.

19 - Spirit Font

Meditating at a Spirit Font will restore all of your character's Health and Chi.

20 - Ceramic Urn

This urn is trapped and contains 150-200 silver pieces and a randomly placed essence gem (such as a Scholar Gem).

21 - Emperor Sun Hai Confrontation

After labeling you as just a "defiant peasant", the Emperor finally faces you in a one-on-one battle. He'll typically switch between Tempest, White Demon, Viper, and a staff weapon style, each of which will make the Emperor immune to some of your own styles. If you've got a few points allocated to any transformation styles (such as your recently acquired Jade Golem style), make use of it. None of his immunities seem to work against your transformation styles, so they're probably your quickest route to victory.

When he reaches a minimal number of hit points, he will step back and, without healing, charge at you one last time. Land a few more blows on his living corpse and he will fall.

With the Emperor slain, Master Li will approach his altar and pluck the Water Dragon's shard up from the floor. As you may have already suspected, Sun Li the Glorious Strategist has been planning this all along. After noting that "everything has gone as it should", he launches the shard into the air and exposes the carefully laid trap he planted in your defenses. With just a few solid hits to your torso, he slays you where you stand.

All is not lost, however. Death is not the end for a Spirit Monk such as yourself, and you will awaken in the Spirit Plain to continue your journey.