Tien's Landing
Tien's Landing

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Welcome to Tien's Landing, your Chapter 2 hub. This small harbor town is the source of several side quests and a few required objectives. I recommend staying in the town and finishing up all things related to Tien's Landing itself before exploring the outlying areas. If you move on to the areas around Tien's Landing too quickly, you may not get a chance to participate in some of the side quests.

1 - Arrival

After winding your way through the Dam Site, you'll finally arrive in the small harbor town of Tien's Landing. The follower who didn't accompany you after the crash will have already arrived and will present you with a Good Fortune essence gem that they discovered on their way.

2 - Chest

Ransack this chest for 100 silver pieces.

3 - Follower Campsite

Whenever you visit Tien's Landing throughout the game, this is where your followers will wait for you. You'll want to speak to them on a regular basis, as they all have semi-important information for you from time to time. Neglecting your followers will result in missed side quests and the lack of any sort of follower romance. If you want to experience everything the game has to offer, make sure you chat with each and every follower after any major plot developments in the game.

Once you've freed Kang and obtained the Marvelous Dragonfly from the Pirate Workshop and acquired the Wind Map from Lord Yun in the Great Southern Forest, you'll be ready to depart for the Imperial City. Make sure you've spoken to each of your followers one last time, then tell Kang that you're ready to leave. As expected, the flight to the Imperial City is plagued by enemies, so you'll have the option to participate in another Flyer Mission if you want.

4 - Yifong and Fuyao

As you approach this small bridge, a woman named Yifong will ask that you turn around and leave "this cursed and miserable town." She tells you that the Great Dam has opened and that it's causing the river to be too low for anyone to navigate. Therefore, the town has been cut off from the Empire and is suffering as a result. She and her daughter Fuyao are heading into the wilderness in search of a better life and no amount of coaxing will change their minds. This isn't the last you'll see of them, though...

5 - Merchant Jiang Attack

Should you choose to pursue the Open Palm route by closing the dam at the Dam Site, Merchant Jiang will show up with a couple of thugs to make you pay for ruining his wine business.

6 - Hui the Brave

When you first wander into this area, you'll witness a few of the local sailors threatening an unknown woman. Regardless of whether or not you stick up for her, you'll wind up fighting the trio. Luckily, between the help you receive from your follower and the fighting capabilities of the strange woman, these three should fall fast.

When the battle is over, Sagacious Zu will recognize the woman as Hui (if he wasn't your active follower, he'll run up from the campsite to point this out). Hui will mention a child she and Zu rescued twenty years ago (Dawn Star, perhaps?) before telling you about the role she plays in your journey and her commitment to Master Li/Sun Li. She will teach you a very valuable combat style called Spirit Thief, which happens to be the only way to significantly recover your Chi during battle (aside from a follower's support style, anyway). Take the time to map the style to your hotkeys right away, as you'll definitely be making use of it (and find yourself practically relying on it) throughout the game. The best way to improve this technique is to allocate points toward its speed only, while saving your other level up points on fully upgrading both your preferred weapon and martial styles.

After teaching you the new style, Hui heads inside the Teahouse, where she asks you to meet her to discuss more of the events taking place within the Empire.

7 - Bookstand

The text on this bookstand is entitled The Shadow in the Trees.

8 - Seamstress Lan

A woman named Seamstress Lan is sobbing near the western edge of the Teahouse. Talk to her to learn that her fiancÚ Baker Bei is being assaulted by thugs for no apparent reason and that she wants you to help him. You can find the baker and his assailants at area #32.

9 - Teahouse Entrance

These double doors will take you into the Teahouse.

10 - Bamboo Casks

These two bamboo casks are easily missed as you travel through Tien's Landing. The left cask contains A Bar of Nickeled Iron while the right one contains a nice pile of silver.

11 - Bamboo Cask

Pop open this bamboo cask to find several silver pieces.

12 - Gufu the Sweet

Although she isn't related to any quest, Gufu is willing to share a lot of information about the surrounding area. You can also extort money from her, should you be looking for Closed Fist points.

13 - Cook Teh and Dishwasher Wong

Speak with Cook Teh if you're interested in some general information about the area and to listen to him belittle his servant, Dishwasher Wong. There's also a chest here that you can search for a random essence gem (such as a Monk's Gem of Fate or an Intimidation Gem).

14 - Chest

Ransack this chest for a small pile of silver.

15 - Old Wei

At first it doesn't appear that Old Wei has any relation to a quest. He simply has a story to tell and is appreciative if you listen through it. However, during your visit to the Ruins you may happen across a Cameo Portrait plot item. Bring that back to Old Wei to learn that it's a picture of his wife who died in the flood. For Open Palm points and 800 experience points, simply give it back to him. For Closed Fist points, insist he pays you for it and hand it over for 450 silver pieces and 600 experience points. If you're looking for even more Closed Fist points, you can demand payment and then keep the cameo anyway. You still get the 450 silver pieces and 600 experience points, but Wei will obviously be outraged.

Just behind Old Wei, you'll also find a chest with some silver and the potential for a random essence gem (such as a Flawed Monk Gem or Flawed Warrior Gem).

16 - Merchant Chiu

Unfortunately, this merchant only sells seed, baskets, fishnets, and boat scrubbers, so you won't actually be able to buy anything from him. If you inquire about a wind map, though, he will at least tell you that some people believe Death's Hand is collecting all of the wind maps in the Empire. Could the Emperor himself be involved?

17 - Merchant Cheung

Merchant Cheung's shop will be closed until you perform a quest for him. Apparently a sailor named Tong has stolen a figurine from him and he wants you to get it back. Tong and his fellow thugs can be found at area #.

When you return with the Clay Figure, you'll receive some Open Palm points and Cheung will promise you a discount on his wares. He won't actually receive any stock, though, until you've closed the Great Dam. At that point, you can pick up the Storm Dragon combat style and some essence gems (such as an Inferior Charm Gem or an Inferior Warrior Gem).

18 - Messenger

This messenger has been sent on behalf of Lord Yun to find someone capable of stopping the sickness infecting the Great Southern Forest. As long as its trees are "sick" and its pathways are filled with ghosts, the forest cannot be opened up for travel to the public. The messenger promises a reward to anyone willing to help Lord Yun find a cure. Since this is the only way for you to obtain a wind map, you'll eventually have to take the messenger up on his offer.

19 - Exit

This pathway leads to the Great Southern Forest.

20 - Bookstand

The text on this bookstand is entitled The Airing of Grievances.

21 - Minister Sheng

You need to pay a visit to Minister Sheng at some point to get the Ruins Key needed to gain access to the Ruins through the locked door at the Dam Site (getting the key is worth 500 experience points). He will also give you a tip as to where you can find a flyer and who to see about going to the pirate base. That man would be Ru the Boatswain inside the local Teahouse, though you shouldn't worry about heading off to deal with the pirates until you've handled the dam situation. After you're finished chatting with Sheng, it's advisable to keep exploring Tien's Landing and finish the other side quests here before helping him with the town's problem.

Regardless of what you have planned next, you'll be approached by Merchant Jiang after you've finished your business with Minister Sheng. The wineseller is making a fortune by entertaining the sailors trapped in the town and he wants you to destroy the controls to the Great Dam, therefore leaving it open for good. If you do what he asks, he promises to pay you 20% of his profits to date. Should you choose to take him up on his offer, then you'll have to bring the Jade Heart from the Dam Site to area #33 and present it to him as proof that the Great Dam cannot be closed anymore. Of course, dooming the town will earn you Closed Fist points, but it will get you 2000 silver pieces for your 20% cut. The extra cash probably isn't worth it, though, as there are two merchants here in town that you cannot peruse if the Great Dam stays open.

22 - Lishun the Loquatious

This guy will talk your ears off.

23 - Chumin the Wood Craftsman

Chumin is a simple craftsman and part time philanthropist. If you decide to enter the Boathouse and finish the Baker Bei side quest (see area #8 to start it), you may be given the chance to choose an alternate suitor for Ai Ling. Chumin is the logical choice for this, and all you need to do is talk to him, after which you'll find yourself back in the Boathouse to complete the quest.

24 - Vase

Smash this vase for some extra silver.

25 - Bamboo Cask

This secluded bamboo cask will net you a random essence gem (such as an Inferior Charm Gem or a Slick Gem).

26 - Boathouse Entrance

This door will bring you into the Boathouse, but the guard outside won't let you in unless you're here to speak with Ai Ling as part of the Baker Bei side quest.

27 - Bamboo Casks

These two bamboo casks can be searched for a decent amount of silver. The right cask is trapped, though, so be careful.

28 - Big Tian

Big Tian is one of three possible suitors for Ai Ling in the Boathouse, but his IQ is probably in the single digits. Head west and speak to Chumin instead unless you're intentionally trying to set Ai Ling up with the wrong man.

29 - Bookstand

The text on this bookstand is entitled The Cataclysm.

30 - Mistress Vo and Jian the Iron Fist

Talk with these two to learn that Mistress Vo represents the way of the Open Palm, while Jian the Iron Fist represents the way of the Closed Fist. Each of them is willing to teach you a new combat style, but only if you've gained enough points toward their specific alignment and are able to defeat them in a sparring match. With enough Open Palm points, Mistress Vo will teach you the Stone Immortal style. If you've chosen the Closed Fist route, then Jian the Iron Fist will teach you the Tempest style once you've gained enough points. You probably won't have enough points to appease either of these two, though, until you've taken care of the Great Dam situation and are well on your way to acquiring a flyer and wind map.

After you've learned either style, Mistress Vo and Jian the Iron Fist will go their separate ways.

31 - Bamboo Cask

Pop the lid on this cask for some extra silver.

32 - Baker Bei

If you have the Baker Bei side quest from Seamstress Lan at area #8, you'll witness three thugs threatening him as you round this corner. They don't like how much interest you've shown in their work, though, and will turn their weapons on you instead. Wipe out all three of them and then discuss the situation with Baker Bei. After he explains what's going on, you can agree to talk with Ai Ling in the Boathouse for him.

33 - Merchant Jiang and Shipeng

Once you've listened to Merchant Jiang's proposal after receiving the Ruins Key from Minister Sheng, he will be standing here awaiting your return. If you pursue the Open Palm route and closed the dam, though, then he and a couple of his thugs will be waiting for you at area #5 when you return to Tien's Landing.

If you took the Closed Fist route and plucked the Jade Heart from the Great Dam's controls (therefore sabotaging it), you can turn it over to Jiang for 2000 silver pieces and the Gem of Purpose. The wineseller will continue to serve the sailors their drink of choice, but you'll notice that Captain Ing (from area #34) is now desperately lost. With a successful dialogue check, you can convince Ing to kill Jiang for even more Closed Fist points.

Regardless of how you end up killing Merchant Jiang (either at area #5 or via Ing), his former assistant Shipeng will offer you an assortment of items for sale now that his master is no longer around. Included in his stock are the Flawless style, a Cow Bezoar, and a variety of essence gems (including a Monk's Gem of Forethought and an Intimidation Gem).

34 - Darting Lynx

Darting Lynx is a traveling acrobat that's able to teach you the Balance of Nature, Hawk's Elegance, Conditioning of the Body, and Swallow's Grace techniques if you have enough silver available. She also has a couple of low level essence gems for sale if you can't quite afford the techniques.

35 - Captain Ing

Captain Ing and his pirate crew are landlocked here in Tien's Landing and it's causing some dissention among the ranks. Therefore, Ing offers you a reward if you can close the Great Dam. Once you've done that, he'll send a runner to hand you 2300 silver pieces for your trouble (and you'll gain 600 experience points). This is the Open Palm option as opposed to Merchant Jiang's sabotage Closed Fist option.

36 - Bookstand and Chest

Board the ship to find a bookstand called The Undertow and a chest containing a hefty 1200 silver pieces waiting to be plundered.

37 - Vase

Smash this vase for a fistful of silver.

38 - Scholar Six Heavens

This mysterious man will only speak to you if you're decidedly Closed Fist. If so, he'll offer you a quest to find the two parts to the Zither of Discord - the Zither Case and Silk Strings. The strings you probably already have from the tower in the southeast section of the Dam Site. For the case, you'll find that after you defeat the main boss at the pirate base (no spoilers quite yet), in that same room.

When you have both pieces, return to Scholar Six Heavens and he'll send you to the Great Southern Forest for the final piece - the Zither Bridge. This will lead to an encounter with a ghost called Bladed Thesis, which we've documented on that walkthrough.

39 - Bamboo Cask

Some more silver can be had by propping the lid of this bamboo cask open.

40 - Tong

Once you've spoken with Merchant Cheung at area #17 above, confront Tong about the figurine. Using your best conversation skill (check your stats in the first menu), you can retrieve the Clay Figure from him peacefully to earn 20 experience points and some Open Palm points. Otherwise, you may simply fight him for it, though this route won't earn you any Closed Fist points.

41 - Ru the Boatswain

Once you're able to book passage to the pirate base with Ru the Boatswain in the Teahouse, you'll find the shirtless drunkard standing on this dock waiting to take you over on his barge. When you're ready to leave for the pirate base, simply let him know and you'll find yourself standing on the shore of the Lower Pirate Island.