Spirit Plain
Spirit Plain

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Welcome to the afterlife. Having been betrayed and murdered by your own master, your spirit has been called to these barren plains by the Water Dragon herself. Your objective is to reach the pillar of light to the south for an audience with the celestial being.

1 - Arrival

These cold, lifeless plains are where you awake after being slain by Sun Li the Glorious Strategist in Sun Hai's Throne Room.

2 - Bones

If you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire, then you can sift through thse bones near the overturned cannon to find the Demon Sword.

3 - Lost Spirit

A single Lost Spirit will materialize here, making your trek toward the pillar of light to the south a little more interesting. After you've dealt with it, the Water Dragon's voice will ring out and tell you about Master Li's betrayal.

4 - Lost Spirit

Another Lost Spirit will attack you in this vicinity. It will be accompanied by a Ghost Lord if you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire. Afterward, the Water Dragon will continue speaking about Master Li's betrayal.

5 - Lost Spirit

Yet another Lost Spirit to deal with. The Water Dragon continues to speak...

6 - Lost Spirit

This Lost Spirit is once again accompanied by a Ghost Lord if you're playing the PC version of Jade Empire.

7 - Lost Spirit

A lone Lost Spirit makes a final attempt to keep you from reaching the stairway leading up to the pillar of light. When you've taken it out, you'll automatically ascend the stairway and enter conversation with the Water Dragon.

8 - Water Dragon

After defeating all of the restless spirits along the barren plain, you'll finally reach the pillar of light and can speak with the Water Dragon. She will tell you all about Sun Li's betrayal and the twenty years he spent honing you into a tool he could use to steal his brother's place as Emperor.

Now that Li is tapping into the Water Dragon's power himself, you are the only one left that can stop him. The Water Dragon offers to transport you to her holy temple in Dirge, so that you can meet up with another one of her followers, Abbot Song, and cleanse the taint corrupting the temple. Only by restoring the fountains of Dirge can the Water Dragon restore you to life.

And with that, you're whisked away to the temple's Outer Courtyard.