Zaviak's Vision Quest
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You'll meet Zaviak in the Elfsong Tavern in Baldur's Gate. No matter what you say to him, he'll give you his Spectacles of Spectacle. Receiving the spectacles will trigger the quest.


Wearing the Spectacles of Spectacle will allow you to see extra-planar creatures. They'll look like ghosts. However, to interact with the creatures, you'll have to use the spectacles on them to "pull" them into the Material Plane. You can encounter ten extra-planar creatures during your travels, but you'll only be able to use the spectacles three times, so you'll have to choose carefully. The extra-planar creatures are listed below:
  • Al-Alai, a fire elemental in the Elfsong Tavern (Chapter 7). He'll attack you and you'll earn 6000 xp for defeating him.

  • Gauth, a beholder at Coast Way Crossing (Chapter 8). He'll attack you and you'll earn 6000 xp for defeating him. You'll find a Ring of Fire Resistance on his corpse.

  • Greater Shadow located in the Bugbear Caverns in the Forest of Wyrms (Chapter 9). You can ask it to kill bugbears for you (and since bugbears won't be able to damage it, it'll slowly but surely remove them for you), or you can kill it for 3000 xp.

  • Nazramu, a genie in the Coalition Camp (Chapter 10). He'll sell you an Amulet of Protection +2, Bracers of Defense AC 5, Bracers of the Shuttered Lid, a Cloverleaf, a Dervish Crescent +2, a Dusty Rose Ioun Stone, Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, a Necklace of Form Stability, a Ring of Free Action, a Ring of Purity, and a Wizzard Hat. If you kill Nazramu (which is more difficult than it might look since he'll keep regenerating), then you'll earn 10,000 xp and you'll find Jester's Bracers on his corpse.

  • Raeanndra, a tiefling in Dead Man's Pass (Chapter 10). She'll be fighting a Greater Earth Elemental. You'll be able to interact with one or the other:

  • Vidyadhar, a rakshasa at the Underground River (Chapter 10). You'll have two choices with him. If you answer his riddle ("bees"), then he'll give you a Modron Heart. But if you kill him, then you'll receive the Modron Heart, a Scimitar +3, a scroll of Protection from Magic, and 10,000 xp. Vidyadhar might attempt to flee once you've done enough damage to him. If so, then you'll earn 5000 xp when he starts to leave, but you'll still be able to kill him and earn the other rewards if you can finish him off quickly enough.

  • Zhadroth, a lich in Kanaglym (Chapter 10). He'll give you a Ring of Regeneration for freeing him. If instead you kill him (which is tough to do), then you'll earn 22,000 xp, and you'll find the Ring of Regeneration plus a Robe of Arcane Aptitude on his corpse.

    After your encounter with Zhadroth, when you attempt to leave Kanaglym you'll run into an Endless Watcher. If you killed Zhadroth, then he'll reward you with an Astral Crossbow +2. But if you freed Zhadroth, then he'll attack you. The Watcher is much easier than Zhadroth, and you'll earn 9000 xp for killing him, unless Zhadroth helps you out and casts Maze on him, and then you'll only earn 5500 xp. You'll find the Astral Crossbow +2 on the Watcher's corpse.

  • Idyletia, an angel in Avernus (Chapter 12). No matter what you say to her, she'll summon a Green and Red Abishai to attack you. You'll earn 17,000 xp for defeating the summoned creatures, but then Idyletia will teleport away. If you manage to kill her before she leaves -- good luck -- then you'll earn an additional 15,000 xp, but you won't find any equipment.

  • Xhost, a demon in Avernus (Chapter 12). He'll attack you right away, but shortly into the battle he'll offer you the Gift of the Demon +5 to stop fighting him. If you agree then he'll give you the weapon and teleport away. Just note that the weapon starts out +5 but loses +1 on each hit until it's just +1. If you kill Xhost -- like Idyletia, good luck -- then you'll earn 12,000 xp, but you won't find anything on his corpse.
You won't receive a reward (other than the extra-planar creatures) for completing the quest.