Baldur's Gate

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When you start out in Baldur's Gate, you'll be in the Ducal Palace in the middle of the night, and Imoen will be shaking you awake to let you know that she's heard some strange noises in the hallway. Imoen will then leave to investigate, and when you follow her you'll discover that there are assassins in the palace. Imoen will get poisoned, but with the help of a Flaming Fist captain named Corwin, you'll defeat the attack. Afterwards, you'll learn that the assassins were after you, and might have been working for Caelar Argent, so the Grand Dukes will order you to infiltrate her crusade to the north.

The only thing you'll need to do in Baldur's Gate is pick up a few companions so you can begin your journey. You'll find Minsc and Dynaheir at the Three Old Kegs, and Safana at the Elfsong Tavern. Eight previous companions -- Baeloth, Dorn, Edwin, Jaheira, Khalid, Neera, Rasaad, and Viconia -- plus four new companions will become available later in the game. Any companion not listed above either won't appear in the game or won't join you, so you might need to adjust your party. Companions will still leave you if their alignment doesn't match your reputation, so choose wisely.

You'll only find one shop in Baldur's Gate -- Sorcerous Sundries next to the Elfsong Tavern. You should head there first so you can sell your excess items and clear room in your inventory. It might also be your only option for identifying magical objects early in the game.

When you've completed what you want to do in the city, you should talk to Corwin in the Ducal Palace and let her know that you're ready to head out. She'll tell you to go upstairs and check on Imoen -- only when you get there you'll meet a strange Hooded Man, whose voice you might recognize if you've played Baldur's Gate 2. The man will say some cryptic things and let you know that he'll be watching you, and then he'll leave.

When you talk to Imoen, she'll tell you that she's still too weak to join you. Then in the middle of the night you'll get woken up again -- this time by Skie, who will tell you that she's joined the Flaming Fists under an assumed name so she can follow you against Caelar Argent. In the morning, your companions will be back in your room, and you'll need to talk to the Grand Dukes on the ground floor. They'll wish you good luck, and they'll direct you to Corwin just outside the palace.

Note: If you tell Entar Silvershield about his daughter Skie, then he'll give you a Ring of Protection +2.

Outside, you'll meet a few people:
  • Belegarm. He'll sell you a little bit of everything, including an Ammo Belt, a Bag of Holding, and a Buckler of the Fist.

  • Patrescus, Pfaug and Viconia. If you ask Viconia to join you, then she will.

  • Audamar, Corwin and Rohma. Audamar is Corwin's father. Rohma is Corwin's daughter.
When you're ready to leave, you'll just need to let Corwin know. This will end Chapter 7 and cause your contingent to head for the Coast Way Crossing. You won't be allowed to return to Baldur's Gate.