Korlasz's Tomb (BD0120, BD0130)

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1 - Entrance Room

This is where you'll start out in Siege of Dragonspear. You'll learn from Imoen that you're hunting for Korlasz, "the last of Sarevok's followers." However, if Imoen was in your party before, she won't be in it now (she'll just be an NPC), and you'll receive Safana in her place -- unless you were playing a thief, and then you won't receive a replacement at all.

You'll also meet some Flaming Fist Mercenaries and a Flaming Fist Healer here. The healer will give you advice about fighting the undead, and she'll act like a temple shopkeeper, complete with a variety of potions and scrolls for sale.

Note: As you make your way through the tomb, Imoen and the Flaming Fists will follow along after you. If you have trouble with a fight, you can sometimes retreat back to them so they can help you out.

When you exit the room, you'll spot a man named Porios. He'll warn you that the sword is gone, and then he'll retreat (to #5).

2 - Ammon

In this room you'll meet Ammon. She'll tell you that she's "creating a magical concoction to reveal magically concealed writings," and she'll ask you to find her some Cobalt Moss (#6). If you don't believe her story and attack her, then you'll earn 350 xp, and you'll find 40 Darts +1, 20 Darts of Wounding, a scroll of Chromatic Orb, and a Wand of Monster Summoning on her corpse.

However, if you bring the moss to Ammon, then she'll tell you that she plans to reveal some hidden text in a tome in Candlekeep's library, but that she doesn't have a valuable tome that she can use to gain admittance. She'll then reason that revealing text in a tome is just as valuable as giving a new tome, and she'll ask you to sign a letter so she can sway Candlekeep's guardians to see that point of view. If you help her, then you'll receive 3000 xp, a Wand of Monster Summoning, and 50 gp. If you refuse, then you'll only earn 50 gp. You can also demand payment when you give the moss to Ammon, which will net you an additional 50 gp.

Also in the room, you'll find a Bottle of Wine, an Elixir of Health, a Gem Bag, scrolls of Identify and Protection from Cold, and Orders from Korlasz. The orders will let you know that Korlasz is trying to spirit Sarevok's sword out of the city, and that she's planning to flee to Zazesspur.

3 - Sarcophagus

When you open this sarcophagus, you'll get attacked by a Tattered Skeleton. Inside the sarcophagus, you'll find a Cursed Scroll of Monster Summoning and a scroll of Invisibility, 10' Radius. In the nearby shelves, you'll find a Potion of Invisibility.

4 - Fanegonorom's Room

The door to this room will start out locked. To open it, you'll need to pick the lock or acquire the Tomb Key from Porios (#5).

Inside the room, you'll find a sarcophagus. When you open it, the mummy Fanegonorom will appear. He'll inform you that he likes Sarevok's followers about as much as you do, and he'll ask you to defeat them. After dealing with Korlasz (#18), when you return to Fanegonorom, you'll receive 3000 xp and the Shield of Egons +2. Fanegonorom will then disappear.

If you attack Fanegonorom, then he'll summon a pair of Skeleton Archers, and he'll unleash his Aura of Fear, which will probably cause half of your party to panic and run around randomly. Still, Fanegonorom shouldn't be too tough to kill, and you'll earn 5000 xp when he dies, plus 500 xp more for the archers. Fanegonorom won't drop anything, though.

Inside the sarcophagus, you'll just find some gems and gp. Fanegonorom will attack you if he spots you looting it, so it's best to wait until after you've completed his quest.

5 - Porios

Inside this room you'll meet Porios again. He'll initiate a conversation with you when he spots you. If you select the "you jest" dialogue option, then you'll have to fight Porios and his men. Otherwise, they'll surrender and drop all of their equipment before leaving. You'll get the same reward either way: 2375 xp, plus 8 Arrows +1, 10 Arrows of Biting, a Cloak of Minor Arcana, an Oil of Speed, a Potion of Healing, and a Tomb Key. The key will allow you to enter Fanegonorom's room (#4).

6 - Barred Room

The door leading to this room will start out barred. To reach the room, you'll have to descend to the lower level of the tomb and then use a rope there (Exit C) to climb back up. Once you've gained access to the room, you'll be allowed to open the door from the inside.

Inside the room you'll discover two sarcophagi. In one you'll find Cobalt Moss plus some gems and gp, but a Tattered Skeleton will attack you when you open it. In the other, you'll find a Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness and a Potion of Fire Resistance, but five Angry Spirits and an Unsleeping Guardian will attack you when you open it.

7 - Skeleton Battle

You'll encounter a variety of skeletons here, plus a Shadowed Soul. A fireball or two will clear away a lot of the trash and let you close in on the Shadowed Soul, who will predominantly cast Drain Life (to damage you and heal it) and Shadow Pact (to damage it and heal one of its allies), making it fairly annoying. You'll earn over 4000 xp for the battle.

8 - Library

Inside this room you'll find scrolls of Free Action and Protection from Poison. You'll also find a Crusader Pamphlet to remind you that Caelar Argent is gathering an army.

9 - Beetle Chamber

Inside this chamber you'll encounter a large group of Boring Beetles and Fire Beetles. After defeating them, you'll find a corpse holding a Morning Star +1, Plate Mail, a Wooden Staff, and 267 gp. When you pick up the staff you'll discover that it's broken. Later you'll learn that it's also part of a quest (see #14).

10 - Brazier Room

When you enter this room, you'll get attacked by a large group of Ghasts, Wights, and Zombies. On a trapped table in the room, you'll find a Potion of Defense and a Wand of Fire. In the shelves in the room, you'll find 20 Arrows +1, a cursed Potion of Healing, and Splint Mail +1.

You might also notice three braziers in the room. They're involved in a puzzle to open a secret door (see #13).

11 - Green Globe

Hanging on the wall here, you'll spot a globe filled with a green liquid. If you break it open (by clicking on it twice), then you'll get attacked by a pair of Ochre Jellies, but you'll find an Amulet of Protection +1.

12 - Secret Room

If you loot all of the containers in this room, then you'll find Full Plate Armor, a Helm of Unwavering Purpose, a Potion of Fire Giant Strength, a Potion of Invulnerability, and a Sword of Ruin +2. However, when you loot one of the chests in the room, a group of skeletons, including a Bladed Skeleton and a Shadowed Soul, will show up and attack you. If you leave most of your party in the previous room (#13) and draw the skeletons to you, then the battle should not be too tough.

You'll also find a Page from Sarevok's Notes in the room. This will give you a hint about a former Temple of Bhaal, where the numbers 3, 1 and 4 are somehow important.

13 - Room

When you enter this room you'll get attacked by Shadows, Wights, and an Unsleeping Guardian. You'll earn about 6000 xp for defeating them. In the trapped sarcophagus in the room, you'll find a scroll of Chaotic Commands. In the shelves in the room, you'll find 20 Bolts +1, a Buckler +1, a cursed Antidote, and a Cursed Scroll of Weakness.

Finally, in one of the torch holders on the eastern side of the room, you'll find a Burned-Out Torch. It's part of a puzzle. If you look at the other torches in the room, then you'll see that the Burned-Out Torch should be burning purple. To light it that way, you'll need to take it to the purple brazier in the room to the northeast (#10). After lighting the torch properly, when you return it to its holder, you'll open the nearby secret door.

14 - Corpse / Sarcophagus / Restless Spirit

On the corpse here you'll find a Potion of Clarity and a Potion of Defense. You won't find anything inside the sarcophagus, but when you click on it a Restless Spirit will appear. He will tell you that his staff was his constant companion in life, and that he won't be able to rest until he has been reunited with it. You'll find the staff in two pieces (at #9 and #18). When you put the pieces into the sarcophagus, you'll receive 3000 xp, and you'll find 8 Shandon Gems, 10 Water Opals, and 10 Waterstar Gems. The spirit will then disappear.

15 - Skeletons

At this spot you'll run into some Burning Skeletons and a Skeletal Mage. You'll earn 2400 xp for defeating them. Near the skeletons you'll find two weapon racks containing a bunch of basic weapons plus a Battle Axe +1.

16 - Room

In this room you'll encounter Mercenaries, Followers of Sarevok, and an Ogre Berserker. One of the Mercenaries is a spellcaster, and another will quaff Potions of Invisibility so he can creep up behind your spellcasters and backstab them. For best results, you should fight the enemies while you're on the bridge leading to the room. That way your melee fighters will block the backstabber from getting behind you. You'll earn about 2500 xp for the battle, and you might find some Arrows of Biting and Potions of Invisibility on the corpses.

Inside the trapped sarcophagus in the room you'll find a scroll of Hold Undead and a Wand of the Heavens.

17 - Device Room

When you enter this room, you'll discover that it is being guarded by a pair of mercenaries. You can either convince them to leave or fight them. Either way, you'll earn 800 xp, but if you kill them then you might find some Darts +1, Darts of Wounding, Potions of Healing, and Potions of Invisibility on their corpses.

The device in the room will allow you to open the big doors to the Main Chamber (#18). On a table near the device, you'll find an Elixir of Health, two Potions of Healing, and another Crusader Pamphlet.

18 - Main Chamber

The doors to this chamber will start out closed. To open them, you'll need to activate a nearby device (#17).

When you go into the chamber, you'll meet Korlasz. No matter what you say to her, she'll summon some Mercenaries and Skeletons, and she'll attack you. Korlasz will quaff a potion and use a scroll (Protection from Fire) when you approach the chamber, and she'll trigger a Minor Sequencer (for Mirror Image and Shield) when the battle starts, so she'll be well protected. Still, you should focus most of your attacks on her. Her allies are weak -- you might be able to kill most of them with a single Fireball -- and it's better to disrupt her or finish her off before she can start casting annoying spells like Confusion and Haste.

Once you've done enough damage to Korlasz, she'll surrender. If you accept, then she and her remaining allies (if any) will drop their gear and head over to Imoen to be arrested. If you don't accept, then you'll have to finish off the battle like normal. Either way, you'll earn about 5000 xp for the encounter, and you'll receive Bracers of Defense AC 6, a Cloak of Protection +1, 80 Darts +1, a Knave's Robe, a Quarterstaff +1, and Korlasz's key. The key will allow you to enter Korlasz's Chamber (#19).

After dealing with Korlasz, Imoen will talk to you. This will complete the main quest for the tomb, which will grant 5000 xp to each character in your party. Imoen and the Flaming Fists will then head over to the exit rope (Exit A) and wait for you there.

Note: If you have any trouble with Korlasz, then you can always retreat back into the previous room (#16) and let the Flaming Fists help you.

Finally, if you loot all of the (trapped) containers in the room, then you'll find 20 Arrows +2, 20 Arrows of Biting, 20 Arrows of Fire, 20 Bolts +2, 20 Bolts of Biting, 20 Bolts of Lightning, an Oil of Speed, a Potion of Extra Healing, and a Potion of Hill Giant Strength. You'll also find an Ornate Headpiece in a chest. You'll need it for the Restless Spirit's quest (#14).

19 - Korlasz's Chamber

This chamber will start out locked. To open it up, you'll need Korlasz's Key (#18). Inside the chamber you'll find Bhaal Research, Korlasz's Journal, scrolls of Animate Dead, Minor Sequencer, and Secret Word, and 3000 gp.

  1. Exit Rope. You won't be allowed to use this rope until you've dealt with Korlasz (#18). When you use the rope (by talking to Imoen), you'll end up in the Ducal Palace. This is a one-way exit. You won't be allowed to return to the tomb.

    Important Note: When you exit the tomb, the inventory -- but none of the equipped items -- of your entire party will transfer to a chest in the Ducal Palace. Only 11 of the main game companions (Baeloth, Dorn, Dynaheir, Edwin, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Neera, Rasaad, Safana, and Viconia) will continue on, and some of them will have their equipped items reset. So you might want to unequip most items from your companions so you're guaranteed to have them available later in the game.

  2. Passage between the upper and lower levels of the tomb.

  3. Rope between the upper and lower levels of the tomb.