Elfsong Tavern (BD0030, BD0109, BD0110, BD0121, BD0122)

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1 - Officer Vida, Tanorm, and Unconscious Man

When you come upon this trio, you'll learn that Tanorm and the Unconscious Man are refugees who got into a fight, and that Officer Vida wants them thrown in jail for "causing a commotion." No matter what you say, Vida will ask you to go to the Flaming Fist Castle and bring back some reinforcements. To continue the quest, you'll have to agree to do this.

At the Flaming Fist Castle, you'll need to talk to Officer Jenks. You'll have two dialogue options with him: you can ask him to show leniency to the refugees, or you can ask him to "send a message" to them. Either way, you'll earn 1000 xp at the end of the conversation, and then when you return to Vida, you'll receive a Potion of Clarity and 500 more xp.

2 - Senna

At this spot you'll meet the moneylender Senna. She's involved in Teera's quest from the Ducal Palace.

3 - Halbazzer Drin

You'll find Halbazzer here surrounded by a mob of people trying to buy things from him. If you threaten him, or if you mention that you're working for the Council of Four, then he'll move you to the front of the line. Otherwise, you'll have to complete a quest for him first.

Halbazzer will tell you that needs an Empty Bottle Case, and he'll ask you to fetch it for him from a cabinet upstairs (#5). To help you out, he'll give you the Cabinet Key, which will allow you to open it. However, when you grab the case, you'll get attacked by thieves (see #5). After the battle, when you deliver the case (and the key) to Halbazzer, you'll receive 50 gp and 750 xp. If you mention that you thwarted a robbery, then Halbazzer will add in an Amulet of Protection +1.

When you're eventually able to use Halbazzer as a shopkeeper, he'll tell you a wide variety of ammunition, potions, scrolls, and wands.

4 - Kazzrem

Kazzrem is Halbazzer's cousin. He'll sell you a variety of items, including a Scroll Case, a Potion Case, Bracers of Perseverance, Sidestep Slippers, and a Peacock Cap.

5 - Cabinets

These cabinets will start out locked. To open them, you'll need the Cabinet Key from Halbazzer Drin (#3). Inside the cabinets, you'll find a Potion of Fire Resistance, a Potion of Heroism, a Potion of Invisibility, a Potion of Magic Shielding, and a Potion of Mirrored Eyes.

You'll also find an Empty Bottle Case, which you'll need for Halbazzer's quest (#3). However, when you pick it up, the thieves Kag (fighter), Sethyl (mage), Wistak (spider) and Yashna (ranger) will teleport into the room, and no matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. You'll earn over 850 xp for defeating them, and when you loot their corpses you'll find some Arrows of Fire, Bracers of Defense AC 7, some Darts +1, and a Knave's Robe.

6 - Shelves

If you loot these shelves, then you'll find scrolls of Protection from Cold and Protection from Electricity, plus a Cursed Scroll of Petrification.

7 - Zaviak

When you talk to Zaviak, he'll mostly ignore what you say, but as long as you keep the conversation going, he'll eventually give you his Spectacles of Spectacle. The spectacles will allow you to see and interact with extra-planar creatures. There are ten such creatures in the game. See the Zaviak's Vision Quest page for a list of the creatures and what you can do with them

8 - Bartender

The bartender here will sell you drinks.

9 - Lady Alyth Elendara

Alyth is the owner of the tavern. She'll start out here but eventually she'll start wandering around. Alyth is involved in Garachen's quest at the Ducal Palace. She's also the love interest of Garrick (#10).

10 - Garrick

Garrick will start out here, but eventually he'll move to the bar. Garrick will tell you a bit about Caelar Argent, but he'll decline to join you against her. After talking to Garrick, Lady Alyth (#9) will come up to you and give you a Potion of Agility.

11 - Irina

Irina will tell you that the Elfsong Tavern desperately needs more Ruby Wine, and she'll ask you to buy / borrow / steal some from Duke Belt's collection in the basement of the Ducal Palace. You'll have two ways to complete this quest:
  • If you're playing a dwarf, then you can tell Irina about a drink called the Tongueblister, and she'll decide that she likes it better than Ruby Wine.

  • You can agree to acquire some of Belt's Ruby Wine. Irina will tell you that you'll recognize it by its "sharp, spicy smell." If you demand payment so you can purchase the wine, then Irina will give you 50 gp.

    In the basement of the Ducal Palace, you'll find a few stacks of barrels. The one you want is by the doppelganger's cell. It'll have a "sharp, spicy scent." You can either just take a barrel, or you can leave 50 gp behind, and it won't make any difference in the quest. Then you'll just need to deliver the wine to Irina.
Either way, you'll receive a Battle Tankard and 500 xp as your reward.

12 - Safana's Room

When you come into view of this room, you'll witness Safana tossing Coran out of it and threatening to use a dagger on him. Coran will then make a hasty retreat, and he'll not-so-regretfully inform you that he can't help you against Caelar Argent. But he will give you a Water Opal on his way out.

When you talk to Safana, she'll agree to accompany you, and she'll join you as a companion.

13 - Storage Room

Inside a locked chest in this room, you'll find Lady Alyth's Supplies. You might need the Supplies for Garachen's quest at the Ducal Palace. To open the chest, you'll either need to pick its lock or get the key from Lady Alyth (#9).

  1. Entrance to Sorcerous Sundries.
  2. Stairs between the upper and lower levels of Sorcerous Sundries.
  3. Entrance to the Elfsong Tavern.
  4. Stairs between the upper and lower levels of the Elfsong Tavern.